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St. Olibartus Church

  1. You begin this mission amidst the streets as you head for the church. Move along the road and you’ll see an enemy up ahead. If you’re quick you can put a shot in him with the Welrod. Now take cover behind the burning vehicle.
  2. Look up along the right side of the street ahead and you’ll see a sniper perched on a balcony. As you move forward however, you’ll notice that the church bells will start to ring. Use this to mask the sound of your shot. Take out the sniper, then all the enemies occupying the street. When they’re gone, crawl to the yellow marker that leads inside the building. It’s best to crawl, since there’s a tank.
  3. Before you head inside the building, watch out for the sniper on top of the church. He’ll be a bit distorted due to the smoke, but you should be able to get him when the smoke clears from time to time. Now move through the building from the bottom floor. You’ll head out into an alleyway.
  4. In that alleyway are a lot of enemies. Most will be patrolling the alley, while you can see one inside one of the buildings through a hole in the wall. There’s really no way through it without making some noise, at least in my experience, because the bells have stopped ringing in this area. So you’ll just have to pick your target and set up traps when they come toward you.
  5. Stay in cover because if you head out and head toward the tree close to the street, a sniper will most surely spot you from the top of the church. When the alleyway enemies are dead, focus on the sniper, then shoot him through the tree branches.
  6. Other guards will be looking for you, but that’s okay. Head through the building with the hole in the wall, where that lone guard was holding position. Move through the building by crawling under the windows to avoid the tank’s vision. Follow the windows that run parallel with the street. You’ll reach the front door. There might be an enemy there, so take him out quietly.
  7. Now turn toward the staircase, walk past it, then head through the door on the first floor. Hang a left inside the house. You’ll see some windows that you can walk through with two blazing fires up ahead. Before you head down, move up the rubble in the building to find a gold bar and a crate.
  8. Now head through the windows into another alleyway. As the alleyway spills onto the street, you’ll see two guards up ahead patrolling. Take them both out, then watch out for the sniper just ahead of you, on top of a building, to the left of the wall ahead, where the smoke plume is in the distant alleyway.
  9. When he’s down, head toward the building where the sniper was, then head up the rocky rubble and climb into the adjacent building. You’ll climb past a machine gun. Take out the enemy immediately in front as soon as you climb up. Move through the building across the wooden planks. It will lead into the next building. You’ll most likely make some noise, so take out the guards that come as you take cover.
  10. When the infiltration guards are gone, you’ll see the church up ahead. Take the stairs down, then make a break for it. There will be a wall to your left as you make it to the church entrance, so you should be relatively safe from fire, unless you attract the tank.
  11. When you enter the church, you can take the left path or right path. The right path has you crawling under some rubble. It will also give you an advantage against an enemy occupying the first floor. When the enemy is gone, make your way up the church by walking up ramps and climbing up platforms following the yellow marker.
  12. As you reach the package to find a brand new gun, the Gewehr 43, in a cut-scene, be ready to fight your way out. Your new objective is to survive the three waves of attacks. Since you have a small sniper nest here at the bell tower, take out the enemies and trucks that arrive.
  13. When the wave is finished, you’ll need to backtrack and fight your way out of the church. Each wave will be marked by yellow markers. During the second and third waves, there will be an armored vehicle and a tank, respectively, so you’ll need to take some cover. Remember, you can shoot their gas caps to take them out in one hit.
  14. Also, as you make your way down, enemy troops will infiltrate the building, so you’ll have to take care of them too. The heaviest number of in-church troops will be as you head back down to the first floor.
  15. After you’ve taken care of the flood of enemies, run out toward the entrance of the church to finish this hectic mission.

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Never heard a dumber story…


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Your an idiot. Just saying. This is the worst walk through I have ever read. Completely inaccurate.

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U must use a panzer to blow it away