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Tiergarten Flak Tower

  1. The mission begins on the top floor of a warehouse. Move forward and you’ll see two enemies up ahead. Wait for one of them to split up, then take out the one smoking. When he’s down, go for the other enemy who decides to patrol inside the stairwell.
  2. Move down the water logged stairwell and you’ll hear some gunshots. The Germans are fighting the Reds. You can try to stealth through the level, but with the lack of cover as you head down, floor by floor, it’s a bit hard to manage because, eventually, you’ll get spotted.
  3. When the bullets are aimed toward you, fire back, and keep heading down the warehouse building. Search the bodies of the enemies you killed for ammo and traps. When you exit the building, you’ll hear more gunshots. You’ll see more fighting up ahead.
  4. Take out the enemies ahead of you as they battle in a courtyard. When all is clear, head to the courtyard. The first thing you’ll notice is a metal staircase to your left and a long road that leads up a path to the right. They both lead to the entrance of the flak tower. I prefer using the left side, since there will be a cover from the ruined buildings.
  5. Either way, as you get closer to the flak tower, you’ll start to hear explosions, which will mask your shot. Tag as many enemies as you can see and time your shots as you clear the front yard.
  6. Search the enemies that you sniped, then head inside the bottom floor of the flak tower. Take either staircase up as you pass by a comm center. Head up another set of stairs and take out the enemies in the room ahead. After they’re down head into the room with the metal door to grab a gold bar.
  7. Make your way up the stairs, but watch out for patrolling guards on this floor. Take them out with the Welrod. The floor, marked by a yellow stripe is shaped like a rectangle. Follow the hallways around and search the rooms for a gold bar. After you searched the entire floor, head up the stairs to the next floor.
  8. This floor is marked by a red stripe. Take out the guard directly in front of the door in the hallway. Inside this floor is a communications center in the middle of the room. You can take out each enemy in here one by one. There’s also a room here with a lot of metal shelves that contains a gold bar.
  9. Keep moving up and you’ll reach the second to the top floor. You’ll see a multitude of flak cannons around this fortress. Make your way to the yellow marker. As you approach it, you’ll need to climb some stairs to get to the very top. You’ll also notice that the flak cannons fire repeatedly, so your gunshots will be masked fairly well.
  10. Take out the enemies on the rooftop silently, then head across it to reach the winch room. You’ll need to go down some stairs to reach it. As you head inside, you’ll see the winch turning. Head down the stairs and you’ll see a hole in the stone wall, and your target, in cut-scene.
  11. Zoom out to the tower across the way and you’ll spot Muller. Focus in on him, then take the shot. As the bullet reaches his head, get ready to fight your way out, just like the church. When Muller is downed, the alarm is sounded and it’s time to exfiltrate, by backtracking through the flak tower. It’s cover shooter time. You’ll immediately be on the floor with the red stripe. Shoot your way down as you follow the yellow markers.
  12. When you reach the flak tower entrance, more troops will be outside. Stay by the doorway and pick them off one by one. When all of them are downed, run down the stairs along the hill, then make a left down the road to finish the mission.

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Never heard a dumber story…


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Your an idiot. Just saying. This is the worst walk through I have ever read. Completely inaccurate.

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I disagree, but we’re always working to improve our guides. Some details might help the next gamer that comes along. Can you point out some specific instances you’re having trouble with?


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U must use a panzer to blow it away