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Karlshorst Command Post

  1. You’ll need to head to the command post for this mission to find out where Wolff is. This mission features a crashed airplane and a lot of ruined buildings, most of which can be used to hide as you head toward the said command post.
  2. If you open the map, you’ll notice that you’re on the north east side. Using the buildings as cover, you can navigate through the level in an “L” shape by heading west, then south past the crashed airplane. You’ll be moving through some patrolling guards, but the buildings will prevent any kind of line of sight on you.
  3. When you reach the crashed plane, however, you need to head out onto the street, then enter the adjacent building to continue your path south. You’ll soon come across an open road that leads into the command post. You’ll see a machine gun and enemy troops inside the building hiding in the shadows. There is also a tank.
  4. I found that it’s best to fire a shot out into the shadows where the enemies are hiding so the tank makes rounds around the road. That way it will come to you while you’re in cover. When this happens, however, the patrolling enemies that you snuck past will come at you, so place traps in this room and hide back into the corridor that lead into the room.
  5. When the enemies are gone and the tank has been destroyed, head into the command post building. Go down the stairs and take cover. A horde of enemies will appear. Take them all out. An officer will be left. Take him out, then take the documents.
  6. Head back out through the long hallway and you’ll be informed that you need to take out the elite Russian sniper team. Two will appear down the hall. Take them out, then head outside. The yellow markers represent the general vicinity of where the snipers are.
  7. Since this mission has plenty of ruins to take cover and hide in, move slowly and let the snipers show themselves. While you search for the snipers however, foot soldiers will spawn behind you, so be careful, and take out your Thompson when it happens.
  8. When you have eliminated all the snipers in the area, the mission ends.

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Never heard a dumber story…


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Your an idiot. Just saying. This is the worst walk through I have ever read. Completely inaccurate.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On January 23, 2013 at 9:22 am


I disagree, but we’re always working to improve our guides. Some details might help the next gamer that comes along. Can you point out some specific instances you’re having trouble with?


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U must use a panzer to blow it away