Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Act I
  • Act II
  • Act III
  • Communication Breakdown

    1. Begin by moving forward, climb up the little ledge and follow Diaz up the path. Crouch and move up so that you are in firing position behind the sandbags. Pull out your sniper and take out the lone guard smoking a cigarette to the right of the shed.
    2. Hit the left arrow to switch to thermal, zoom in on the shed and fire a shot at the heat signature through the planks of wood. Follow Diaz across the stream. Once you reach a rock to take cover behind, there will be two passing guards. Originally, Diaz will order a kill, but then he’ll realize there’s too many, so don’t fire.
    3. Follow Diaz through the next stream and hold your position under the bridge when you reach it. After they cross continue forward. After you pass the boat, follow Diaz up the nearby path.
    4. Crouch when you reach the tree and sneak up behind the nearby guard and perform a stealth attack. Get to the lookout point and go prone. After the boat passes, follow Diaz’s instructions to pick off each solider without being detected. The first guy will be on the bridge to the left. If you ever wonder which guy to take out, look for the crosshairs on your screen that’s flashing red.
    5. After you take out all five guys, advance with Diaz. Once you reach the water, snipe the guard on the bridge to the right (again, look for the flashing red crosshairs if you’re unsure).
    6. Once again, follow Diaz under the bridge. After the coast is clear, follow Diaz up onto the ledge. Move around the corner with him and perform a stealth kill on the lone guard. Drop off the ledge and it’s back through more jungle wilderness.
    7. When you reach the crashed plane, drop down into it and walk to the back. Go prone and use the right arrow to pull out your binoculars to get a feel for the area. You’ll then have to follow Diaz’s instructions to kill the six guards in this area one by one. His orders will be fairly easy to follow, but again, you can look for the flashing red crosshairs above each target to confirm if its the right one or not.
    8. After you eliminate the last guard, the plane will collapse. Swim up to the surface and follow Diaz across the swamp. When you reach land, crouch, wait for the one guard to turn his back to you, then quickly take both of them out.
    9. Follow Diaz and climb up onto the house area. Head for the white on-screen icon and plant a C4 charge on the crates (there’s a red med kit to the left if you need it). Drop back down into the water and follow Diaz under another bridge. When you gives you the OK, follow the on-screen instructions and blow the C4.
    10. After the blast, follow Diaz to land and up the trail. He’ll lead you through an Indiana Jones-esque tunnel where there will be another med kit and some ammo. When you reach the other side, join Diaz in the shrubs, move to the edge and snipe the lone guard under the overhang.
    11. Head down to the railroad tracks and perform a double-kill on the two guards with Diaz. Head down the tracks and then up to the lookout point on the left. Blow the highlighted fuel tank on the truck to the right with a single shot.
    12. Follow Diaz down the other side of the hill. After the group of guards passes by, advance. Kill the lone guard under the large rock overhang and continue forward. Once you reach the end of the path, look right and take out the sniper in the bell tower way off in the distance. This will be a tough shot, so take your time with your aiming.
    13. Stay prone and use your binoculars to survey the area down between the two large rocks. There is a total of five guys here. You don’t have to wait for Diaz’s orders here, so just make sure you make each shot count. None of the guards should ever be too close together, so don’t worry about alarming the others. However, you should probably start with the guys on the outside first.
    14. Head down to the water with the area clear. Swim across the water and make sure you stay submerged until the boat passes, then continue to swim through the tunnel. Once you reach the cave, perform a stealth kill on the guard by the fire.
    15. Head outside and follow the path up to the church tower. Follow the white on-screen icon and take the stairs up to the tower. At the top, you can switch snipers if you want, then take position in the “sniping spot” on the ledge to the right.
    16. You’ll be back to following Diaz’s instructions here. Wait for his command to take out the targets in order to clear the area for extractions without creating a firestorm. Once the chopper shows up, hold your fire or you’ll blow the mission.
    17. After the chopper leaves, fire a shot at one of the three guards on the platform with the jeep and your team will take out the other two. You’ll then have two quickly take out one guards nearby behind the crates and another up on the platform to the left before he sounds the alarm.
    18. You’ll then have a few more assigned targets to eliminate. The final part of the mission will be to suppress enemy fire as your team advances up the hill toward the enemy base.

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    On December 12, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    starting out how do you get the spotter instead of a gun for a spotter


    On November 19, 2014 at 10:18 am

    Is there a walkthrough for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 – Siberian Strike?