Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Walkthrough

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  • Act I
  • Act II
  • Act III
  • Out from Nowhere

    1. Hit the left arrow button to use your night vision and proceed forward through the stream toward the first checkpoint. After you get through the tunnel (about 35 clicks out), crouch, sneak up behind the lone guard and perform a stealth kill.
    2. Head down the slope. When it begins to turn left, take cover and take out the three guards ahead of you (take out the guard walking directly toward you first). Proceed forward and cross the bridge.
    3. Head up the short ramp, go past the first crate, turn left and jump down onto the bridge. Move through the cave. Once you spot the exit of the cave, snipe the lone guard and continue forward. Walk to the edge and set yourself up in the “sniping spot.”
    4. Pull out your binoculars and follow the white icon from spot to spot to survey each area to locate the hostage. It will be up to you to help your team either provide cover or take out key targets along the way. Listen for instructions and look for icons to locate targets. Also, keep in mind that all targets will be far away, so after you lock onto a target and hold your breath in preparation for a shot, wait for the red dot to appear to show where your bullet will actually go, because it won’t be through the center of your scope.
    5. ACHIEVEMENT: Kill the first sniper on the roof and you’ll earn the “Worlds Apart” achievement for killing an enemy from a distance of 1 km or greater.
    6. After taking out several enemies around the area, you’ll probably pick up an ACHIEVEMENT for killing 50 enemies while holding your breath (“Kill with Still”). Eventually, you’ll need to fire a shot at a large fuel tank near the helipad to create a diversion.
    7. Once the chaos begins, cover your team by taking out targets on the rooftop terrace. ACHIEVEMENT: With them down, you’ll then need to make a precise shot at the guard holding the hostage guard as they walk out through the door onto the terrace to get the “Guardian Angel” achievement.
    8. With the area all clear, go left, pick up some ammo, hop over the rocks and head for the caves. Walk up the ramp and perform a stealth kill on the lone guard. Continue up the ramp quietly to sneak past the other two guards.
    9. When you reach the waterfall, crouch in the nearby bushes and kill the guard straight ahead, just to the right of the waterfall on the bridge. Stay low and creep around the rock to your right. Even though your radar detection will be blinking, stay low and wait for it to stop. Then quickly peek out around to the right and kill the sniper up on the makeshift rock bridge.
    10. Turn left up the path, then go right across the bridge. Head down into the next cave. Once you reach the save point (about 100 clicks from your next checkpoint, look through your scope. There will be two guards to take out. One will be stationary and the other will be walking toward you—wait for they bodies to in front of each other and quickly perform a shot through their chests for an easy double kill.
    11. Kill the third guard who comes over to inspect and proceed forward. Turn left and jump down onto the ramp and follow it up and around to the left to exit the cave.
    12. Quietly make your way up the steps to the home on the left. Perform a stealth kill on the guard talking on his phone. Hop over the ledge, sprint across the courtyard and head through the entrance of the house across the way and up the stairs.
    13. Head into the great room (med kit on the left before the large entrance). Get crouched, turn left and kill the guard smoking on the deck outside. Head to the edge of the deck, get on the pallet and pull out your binoculars to get the lay of the land down below.
    14. There will be a patrolling guard around the building. You can either follow Vance’s instructions and just wait for him to turn the corner, or you can take him out. ACHIEVEMENT: After you kill the other four guards in the area, you’ll probably earn the “Fisher King” achievement (assuming you’ve had your night vision goggles on the entire time).
    15. Climb down the roof with the area clear and head down the stairs. Continue down the long trail. Turn right and head inside the structure. Quietly walk to the back and perform a stealth kill on the sniper, then lay down in position.
    16. Kill the lone guard behind the jeep, then turn around, go right and head down the trail toward the house. As the trail winds around, there will be three guards approaching you. Look through your scope, hold your breath, wait for all three to be lined up and then hit them with a single shot. If you miss the third guy, he’ll hide in the bushes to the left, so don’t let him ambush you.
    17. Take cover once you spot the observatory building. Take out the five enemies in this area (one on the roof, four on the ground), before continuing forward and onto the trail on the left. About halfway down, kill the lone guard with his back to you to create a distraction.
    18. Sneak around to the left. Kill the guard on the second roof of the observatory. Turn back around and follow Anderson’s advice by shooting the grenade on the hip of the guard on the right to take them both out.
    19. Head up several different flights of stairs to reach the lookout point at the top of the observatory.
    20. Following the time-elapsed cutscene, pull out your sniper rifle and follow Diaz’s orders by clearing the enemies on the dock and the yacht. ACHIEVEMENT: At some point through this sequence, you’ll probably earn the “Distance Matters Not” achievement for killing 20 enemies from a distance of 600m or greater.
    21. After being asked to knock out the power by hitting an electrical box, you’ll have to clear the area by the pool of enemies. There will then be a rare cutscene.
    22. Following the cutscene, the intensity will pick up. No clear objective here, just help your team by giving suppressing fire. Eventually, another cutscene will kick in and the mission will come to an end.

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    Is there a walkthrough for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 – Siberian Strike?