Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Act I
  • Act II
  • Act III
  • Leave No Man Behind

    1. Head up the trail and into the jungle. Head for the white icon and stet up shop at the ledge overlooking the beach. There will be six guards to kill here, but you’ll only be able to see four from your vantage point.
    2. After you take out the first four, turn back around and follow the trail to the right. Peek around the rock and kill the the fifth guard in the hut. Continue along the trail, which will take you back down to the other side of the beach. You can skip the sixth guy since you won’t have a visual on him, and turn left back into the jungle.
    3. Follow the trail around to the left. After you turn right around the rock formation, pull out your sniper and take out the five guards in this area. Head through the structure (med kit and ammo if you need it), then head toward the white icon on your screen.
    4. Once you reach the wall, move along it until you are prompted to climb up and over it. Crouch and move back into the corner behind you. Wait for the patrolling guard to pass in front of you (to the right of the stairs) and take him out.
    5. Move slightly to the left, look through the whole in the crates and kill the guard on the other side of the gate off in the distance. It should be clear to head up the stairs. Next, hop up and cross over the makeshift bridge.
    6. Hop down off of the roof and continue forward. Move behind the crates and take out the two guards up ahead before heading downstairs. Continue forward and climb up the stacks of crates on the left at the end.
    7. Go up the stairs and head toward the path on the right. Crouch behind the iron-bar railing and take out the two snipers (first one on the deck on the house to the left and the second on the deck of the lower house on the right). Continue forward to the edge for you to jump off of.
    8. After a quick cutscene, come up for air and swim toward the white icon near the shore. Turn back toward the house and switch to infa-red to get a better view of your targets. Kill the three guards, then swim across and get up onto the pier on the right.
    9. Walk around the pier to the right and up the trail. Head up through the building and into the cable car. Use the controls to take the car up to the cable car station. Before you reach it, pull out your sniper and take out the lone guard before you reach the station.
    10. Exit the car, turn left, head into the office and go prone near the whole in the wall to survey the area down below. Kill the five guards here, then drop down and sprint to the next lookout point.
    11. Following the cutscene, perform a double kill on the two guards holding Diaz hostage. Follow Diaz and kill the other two guards than he will encounter.
    12. Cut left through the foliage to get to the next lookout point. Kill the two guards firing at Diaz. For the next group that shows up, hit the RPG to the left (look for the flashing red crosshairs logo) first, then kill the other three guards.
    13. After Diaz takes out the humvee, there will be a short cutscene. You’ll then come under intense enemy fire. ACHIEVEMENT: Follow Diaz as you run your ass off to eventually complete the mission and earn the “Operation Quarterback” achievement for completing Act I.

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    On December 12, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    starting out how do you get the spotter instead of a gun for a spotter


    On November 19, 2014 at 10:18 am

    Is there a walkthrough for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 – Siberian Strike?