Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Walkthrough

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  • Act I
  • Act II
  • Act III
  • And Justice for All

    1. Follow Merinov, who will lead you over to the building. Head down the hallway and take cover behind you make the turn to the left. After Maddox gives you the order, peek around to the left and snipe the guard in the window in the other building.
    2. Head around to the doorway and either use your handgun or perform a stealth kill on the guard with his back to you. There will be another guard to kill stealthily around the next doorway, but he’ll be hard to see in the dark corner of the room.
    3. Head upstairs. Maddox and Merinov will hold their positions, but you need to turn left and head up the next flight of stairs. Walk to the end of the hallway, peek around to the right and quickly snipe the unsuspecting guard and Maddox will kill the one down below.
    4. Meet back up with them and head through the next room and up a couple flights of stairs. Follow Merinov up another flight of stairs, then take the lone guard out by the window.
    5. Following the cutscene, use the analog stick to move the camera lens around to the four eye icons. When the lens focal points light up green, press the trigger button to take the photo.
    6. Following another intense cutscene, follow Merinov out of the building. Take cover behind the car to the left, then turn around and follow Merinov toward the gate. After you make your way through the turned-over bus, stealth kill the nearby guard.
    7. Head up the stairs and take cover behind the dumpster. Kill the four guards across the way, but keep in mind that as soon as you kill the first one, the other three will know your location, so make sure you stay behind your cover.
    8. Follow Merinov around the outside of the complex. Wait for Maddox, then perform a stealth kill on the guard near the railing to the left. Look right where an armed guard will come running around the corner and take him out.
    9. Follow Maddox into the building (med kit on stack of crates as soon as you turn right). Switch to night vision and head down the stairs. Stealth kill the guard woking on the control panel, then follow Merinov up the stairs and through the doorway.
    10. After Merinov foolishly goes to talk to the two guards outside, quickly take out the solider on the right when after he aims his rifle at Merinov, but don’t miss or they’ll kill Merinov (and if you aim for his head, make sure you don’t hit his helmet).
    11. You’ll then be ambushed. There will be five enemies on the ground as well as two snipers up on the freeway overpass. Use the wall in the room you are in as cover to kill the guards on the ground first, but don’t wait too long behind your cover because they will eventually collapse on your position. When the ground is clear move out, and look for the icons on the screen to take out the snipers through the smoke.
    12. With the area clear, follow Maddox and make your way toward Merinov. Follow Merinov across the area and then down through the dark spiral staircase.
    13. When you get to the entrance of the underground parking garage, go prone and climb to the crates just in front of you. Wait for the patrolling guard to turn back around to the right, then continue left through the shadows, past the broken-down cars.
    14. Go all the way to the corner, turn right and perform a stealth kill on the lone guard. Stay crouched as you make a straight shot to the fuse box. Open it and cut the cords. Switch to night vision and quietly make your past the guards to the other end of the garage. Perform a stealth kill on the guard blocking the way to the exit ramp, then head up it with Merinov and Maddox.
    15. After you cross the war-torn area and begin to walk down the pathway toward the park, kill the sniper that spots you up on the building to the right. Follow Maddox down the stairs and go prone when you get to the bottom so the wall can protect you from enemy fire.
    16. As you climb toward the next set of stairs, you’ll have to quickly take out another sniper that will spot you on the roof up ahead. Next, kill the three guards in the area down the stairs and follow Maddox.
    17. After going prone again, another sniper will spot you on the building to the right—make him pay and take him out. Grab the med kit and ammo on the table to the right, then turn right up the stairs.
    18. After Merinov gets hit, peek around the wall to the left and take out the standing sniper on the third floor. Follow Maddox down the pathway. Stay crouched and close to the wall after you drop off the ledge to avoid being spotted.
    19. Once you reach the doorway in the corner of the area, head inside and stealth kill the guard standing over the table. Head back outside and up the stairs. Kill the guard Maddox orders you to take out and he’ll eliminate the other. Head up the makeshift ramp and through the rubble.
    20. After Merinov drops you off at the lookout point, pull out your binoculars and look across the way to spot Vladic in the courtyard. After you switch back to your rifle, Maddox will save your life.
    21. Once you get back up, move slightly to the left and kill the sniper on the roof across the way. There will be another through a window in the lower white building in the middle of the area and a third on the roof on the building to the right.
    22. Look down and kill the two oncoming guards by the red railcar. Reload, then with one shot, kill Vladic, who will be standing in the window of the short white building on the far left. It will be hard to get a clean visual on him, but the window is located just between a space in the trees.
    23. Once he’s dead, follow Maddox down the stairs. Get to the corner of the blown off second story and while looking through the window, take out the five enemy reinforcements for a cutscene and the end of the mission.

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    On December 12, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    starting out how do you get the spotter instead of a gun for a spotter


    On November 19, 2014 at 10:18 am

    Is there a walkthrough for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 – Siberian Strike?