Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Act I
  • Act II
  • Act III
  • Ghosts of Sarajevo

    1. Grab the pistol on the box, head up the stairs and through the door. Quietly turn the corner to the left and head up another flight of stairs. Perform a stealth kill on the guard at the end of the room, then turn back around and go left through the door.
    2. After that guard gets his head blown away by some friendly fire, head for the doorway on the opposite end of the room. Go prone upon exiting through the doorway and cross diagonally under the boarded-up door across the hallway. Repeat this process in the next room.
    3. Grab your gear, some ammo and the med kit on the table in front of the window. Turn back around, crouch under the planks, look left through the hole in the building and take out the sniper on the roof across the area.
    4. Head back down the hallway. After you walk through the doorway, switch to your pistol, crouch behind the desk and kill the guard that comes walking through the closed door. Enter through the doorway.
    5. After you get hit by a mortar, head up the steps to the right, then stealthily make your way down the stairs. Quickly shoot and kill the guard at the bottom, then look right and kill the other guard who will come running up the stairs.
    6. Turn left through the doorway and crawl diagonally across the room to avoid being spotted by enemies outside. Hop the ledge, then turn left and head down the pathway. Head up the stairs at the end of the path, turn left and stick to the wall as you move forward to avoid being spotted.
    7. Climb up the brick wall at the dead end and move around the rubble. Crouch as you quickly but quietly make your way down the ramp and into the foliage for cover. Turn left past the big truck and then quickly hop up on top of the crates lining the wall of the building and slip behind the second truck. Peek around the corner and wait for the guard who will hop out of the third truck to walk away.
    8. Go prone and crawl under the truck. After you cross under the mangled beams, wait for the patrolling guard in front of you to walk away. Hide behind the stack of crates on the right, peek around and when the guards’ backs are completely turned, head for the stairs.
    9. Stealth kill the guard, then pull out your sniper and take out the guard having a smoke just up ahead before advancing. Take cover behind the broken brick wall, switch to pistol and take out the guard who will come walking around the corner.
    10. Turn left up the pile of rubble and into the library. Switch to sniper and quickly take out the sniper in the window of the building across the way. Advance, turn left and sprint behind the bookcases to avoid getting hit by sniper fire.
    11. After you turn left at the dead end, go left again in this next room. After you turn right, go prone to avoid getting picked up by the group of enemies down below. Crawl all the way to the pair of columns just before the next right turn. Wait for the guard to come up the stairs and use you pistol to take him out once he comes around the corner.
    12. Turn the corner and kill the other guard. Crawl forward and head into the next room (despite your radar detection blinking, you should be OK here). Turn right through the collapsed bookcases, wait for the guard to pass, then take him out with a pistol shot.
    13. Turn left and drop off the ledge outside. Cross diagonally through the doorway and head up the stairs. Turn right through the doorway, then head through the middle doorway.
    14. Head over the dead body through the destroyed wall and go left through the doorway. Pick up the ammo and med kit on the table, then turn right, quickly jump out through the hole in the building and take cover behind the car to the left.
    15. It will be hard to get a good visual on the sniper firing at you here, so sprint forward and turn left through the break in the wall when you reach it. Move up toward the chasm and help ally fighters kill the group of enemies straight across from you.
    16. Head down into the chasm and head through the doorway. Follow the hallway around. When you reach the stairs, stealthily walk down them, peek around the corner at the bottom and perform a double kill on the two guards. Stay low, advance and head up the stairs.
    17. Make a quick left and then a right, and when you hear the woman agonizing in horror, head for wall in front of you and climb up it. Crawl through this space and drop down into the next room over. Head forward and turn right through the open gate to take you back outside.
    18. Crouch behind a barricade when you get to the top. Wait for the guard near the gate to walk away, then head through it, turn left and use your pistol to take out the guard just up ahead.
    19. As you get close to the stairs on your left, some guard over to the right will yell something out in Russian. After he does this, hop up on the park bench to the left and snipe the guard in the area down below.
    20. Turn right and as you head down the stairs, wait for the one guard to break off to the left, then snipe his partner. Crouch up the stairs, turn left and perform a double kill on the two guards talking. Sprint down the stairs and then make a right up the next set.
    21. Cross the war-torn area and head up the stairs and into the rubble. Ascend the makeshift ramp and stealth kill the guard at the top. From the lookout point, take out the six guards in this area, starting with the closest first (the guy cleaning the tires on the truck).
    22. Grab the mid kit to the right, then drop of the ledge to the left. Head down the rubble, cross the street and enter the hotel. Head to the back and then climb several flights of stairs.
    23. Following the cutscene, you’ll have to kill that traitor Maddox! The humvee he is in will turn directly at you after it turns around the fallen-over train cars; when it does, aim through the windshield and fire a couple shots to take him out and complete the mission. ACHIEVEMENT: Complete this task to earn the “Operation Archangel” achievement for completing Act II.

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    On December 12, 2013 at 4:14 pm

    starting out how do you get the spotter instead of a gun for a spotter


    On November 19, 2014 at 10:18 am

    Is there a walkthrough for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 – Siberian Strike?