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Sonic Generations Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Act 2

    1. Push forward at the beginning of the level and bounce off the bumpers ahead, then use a homing attack to launch yourself through the rightmost rainbow ring. Land on the rightmost platform and continue boosting forward, then stay to the right and dash across the surface of the water.
    2. When you see the loop ahead, make a left just before it and underneath the curve. Make a right onto the beach and enter the cannon, then fire yourself upward and using homing attacks to push yourself to the left.
    3. Jump up the ledges and bounce off the next enemy, then use a homing attack to the left and collect the red star ring. Push yourself to the right by using launching off the wall behind the star ring and again off the next wall to move through a red ring.
    4. When you land in the next area above, jump up the ledges ahead and boost forward through the tunnel to launch off the ramp. Continue moving forward into the next series of rainbow rings to launch yourself onto the boosters at the next piece of the track.
    5. Sidestep back and forth to stay on the narrow pathway, then bounce vertically off the bumper and land on the next ledge above. Reach the wide square platform and use a homing attack to ride the zipline against the left wall.
    6. When you land on the next ledge, move forward and use homing attacks to bounce between the bumpers and launch through the red rings above. Hit the boosters to launch up the ramp and land on the next ledge, then jump across the moving platforms and use a homing attack to enter the tunnel ahead.
    7. Grind the rail and approach the stone barrier ahead, then using homing attacks on the enemies to cross the gap and stay along the ledge to the right. Move forward and continue jumping across the gaps to bounce off the next line of bumper, then land on the ledge above and dash down the path ahead.
    8. Move through the loop and enter the cannon, then fire yourself across the gap to land in the racer. Steer yourself through the arches and around the spikes until you hit the barricade with red x’s. After disengaging from the car, make a left and bounce vertically off the bumpers.
    9. Use a homing attack on the enemy above and move through the booster on the right, then grind the middle rail and reach the area where you are running along a wall. Drop off the bottom of the wall and land in the sandy area, then boost forward through the rocks and around the loop.
    10. Launch to the right off the wall as soon as you hit it and continue forward, then jump onto the next ledge and eliminate the enemy. Jump across the gaps and using homing attacks on the two enemies above, then land on the statue head and pass through the rainbow ring in front of you.
    11. When you land on the next ledge, jump across the gap and into the wall. Jump back and forth between the gap to land on the next ledge to the right, then continue forward down the hill and jump across to the next ledge just before reaching the water.
    12. Move forward and ride upwards on the two moving platforms above, then eliminate the enemy to your right and jump across the next gap. Boost forward down the road and sidestep to avoid the series of wheels rolling in front of you, then bounce off the killer whale and enter the temple at the top of the stairs to complete the level.
    13. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: SEASIDE HILL Restored! (Bronze): Restore the SEASIDE HILL Stage Gate.

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    2 Comments on Sonic Generations Walkthrough


    On December 25, 2011 at 11:09 am

    What about the ring issue? I keep running out of rings before I can hit him, and even when I do get close enough, I don’t see my lock-on target,e ven when I’m playing as Modern Sonic.


    On December 25, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    I get the same problem you do Ash, Time Eater, when I’m hitting him, I dodge the attacks and smash his orb. Orb gets really cracked to almost 1 more hit and dies, then I can’t even get near him and ring count is dead almost instantly.