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Sonic Generations Walkthrough

Table of Contents


    Act 1

    1. Spin dash forward at the beginning of the level and jump repeated to collect the rings, then bounce to the left off the awning against the next wall ahead and land on the middle platform. Bounce off the balloons to the left and land on the next platform above, then eliminate the enemy on the ledge beside you and jump on the rooftop against the wall.
    2. Jump across the green platforms above to your right and land on the next ledge, then bounce off the enemy ahead and again off the cluster of balloons. Land on the blue platform attached to the zipline and ride it downward, then continue jumping and riding the series of platforms ahead until you reach the next rooftop.
    3. Drop onto the blue platform and ride the zipline downward, then fall to the ground below and spin dash forward. Move through the opening at the bottom of the next wall and pass into the checkpoint, then continue forward and wait for the bed of spikes to drop behind you.
    4. Jump on top of the bed of spikes and ride it upwards, then jump to the next bed on your left and ride it to reach the ledge above. Eliminate the enemy and move left, then jump over the spikes and gaps while eliminating the enemies until you reach the wall ahead.
    5. Bounce off the series of balloons above you to reach the next ledge, then move left and eliminate the enemy. Jump across the platforms and avoid the swinging blades, then bounce to the right off the series of yellow springs on the next ledge to launch yourself into the background.
    6. Spin dash forward and jump over the ledges while staying under the swing blades, then launch over the gap off the ramp ahead and land on the streets below. Continue forward and jump through the red ring to enter the castle, then smash through the floor when you reach the wall to drop into the next area.
    7. Sprint forward to stay ahead of the rolling barrel and move against the wall ahead, then wait for two barrels to smash through the ground behind you before following them. Chase after the second barrel as it moves down the ramps and jump over the next ahead, then bounce off the next two enemies and pass through the checkpoint.
    8. Jump back and forth between the ledges above to reach the uppermost one, then eliminate the enemy at the top and drop down to eliminate the next enemy. Move forward and eliminate another enemy, then jump to the next raised ledge above and the green platforms on the left.
    9. Ride the leftmost platform upwards and jump to activate the blue switch on the left, then move back across the green platforms and bounce vertically off the yellow spring. Land on the ledge above and eliminate the enemy, then continue forward and vault over the large barrel to reach the ground below.
    10. Spin dash forward to hit the side of the ledge and jump up onto it, then launch yourself forward off the springboard and land on the next section of the track. Move through the loop and bounce vertically onto the ledge via the yellow spring, then spin dash forward up the wall ahead and bounce off a red spring to land on the green platform above.
    11. Jump across the gap and bounce off the balloons to land inside the tower, then jump across the gap and bounce off another cluster of balloons. Drop over the ledge ahead and continue forward, then spin dash forward to launch yourself across the gap and up the next wall.
    12. Land on the ledge to your left and continue forward in that direction, then bounce off the yellow spring and land on the ledge above to the right. Spin dash forward and bounce off the yellow spring, then continue to the left and bounce off the next red spring to launch yourself up the vertical ramp.
    13. After landing on the ledge above, continue forward and quickly jump up the green platforms to avoid the laser fire. Bounce off the yellow spring and spin dash through the opening on your left, then land on the ledge to your right and pass through the checkpoint.
    14. Jump up the green platforms to the right and bounce off the yellow spring, then spin dash up the wall ramp to the left and push yourself towards the right to grab the giant hand of the clock. Ride the rotating clock hand as it revolves and move back and forth between the pegs to avoid the explosives, then drop into the gear at the base of both hands and wait for the cut scene to activate.
    15. Afterwards, move forward to eliminate the enemies and smash the lid off the access hatch. Drop into the hatch and spin dash forward off the end of the airship, then continue forward when you hit the ground to complete the level.

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    2 Comments on Sonic Generations Walkthrough


    On December 25, 2011 at 11:09 am

    What about the ring issue? I keep running out of rings before I can hit him, and even when I do get close enough, I don’t see my lock-on target,e ven when I’m playing as Modern Sonic.


    On December 25, 2011 at 7:23 pm

    I get the same problem you do Ash, Time Eater, when I’m hitting him, I dodge the attacks and smash his orb. Orb gets really cracked to almost 1 more hit and dies, then I can’t even get near him and ring count is dead almost instantly.