Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Act 2 – Beneath the Sands

    1. Use the metal container ahead to reach the platform above on the left and bounce off the spring to land in the oil slide, then land on the ground below to break open the nearby ring boxes and continue moving forward across the quicksand.
    2. Bounce upward off the next series of springs ahead to land on the ledge above and grab Tails to fly across the pit in front of you infested with snakes, then activate the checkpoint on the metal platform below and continue moving forward to climb over the ramp in the track.
    3. Cross the quicksand to make your way down the next incline and continue moving forward to bounce off a series of springs, then land on the ledge above on the right and use a homing attack to eliminate the enemy ahead.
    4. Dash up the next steep incline to cross a platform and make your way down a second incline, then bounce off the series of springs ahead to land on the ledge above and continue moving forward.
    5. Head down the next incline to bounce off the spring at the bottom and strike the lowermost enemy on your right with a homing attack, then drop over the ramp below you to fall into oil slide and reach the sandy ground again.
    6. Sprint forward to activate a checkpoint and enter the next booster to cross the quicksand without being hit by the mechanical snakes, then bounce upward off the spring at the end and push yourself over the bed of spikes above.
    7. Grab Tails to fly forward above the quicksand, gaps and enemies ahead, then land on the next ledge and jump to the platform in front of you after the snake recedes into the ground.
    8. Step into the field of quicksand in front of you to sink beneath the wall ahead and start moving forward against the grain, then press jump continuously to keep Sonic’s head above ground and allow him to sink slightly while pushing past the spiked ceiling.
    9. After passing the first spiked ceiling, jump up to get your feet on the ground and sprint forward across the top of it to activate the checkpoint ahead.
    10. Launch yourself up the ramp ahead to land on the ledge above and sprint forward to climb the next wall by hitting a series of boosters along the way, then follow the curves in the track at a consistent speed to ride across the ceiling portions.
    11. Hit the last ramp at the top to land on the left-side ledge and break open the ring box beside you, then jump across the gap to your right and activate the checkpoint above.
    12. Drop into the series of oil slides ahead and ride them downward to reach the ledge below, then move to the right across the gaps in the track and jump up the next set of falling platforms above.
    13. Land on the uppermost ledge to your right and sprint to land on the next falling platform below, then jump to the ledge above and continue moving forward to complete this act.

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