Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Walkthrough

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    Act 1 – The Tornado Takes Off

    1. Read the instructions that appear on screen to learn the plane’s flight and combat controls, then test out these maneuvers while collecting the rings ahead and eliminate the next three enemies with homing attacks.
    2. Continue eliminating the enemies blocking your path and use homing attacks as well to smash through the crates ahead, then collect the extra life and smash your way out the other side of the structure you’re within.
    3. Activate the next checkpoint below and continue taking out the enemies ahead, then keep an eye on the blue jet flying in the background and move out from under the smaller red planes that emerge from it.
    4. As the plane begins accelerating to a higher speed, steer it into the lines of rings ahead and execute a boost maneuver to smash through the next wall of crates blocking your path.
    5. Wait for the enemies riding the hover turtles to appear and maneuver between around them or eliminate them with homing attacks, then keep an eye on the blue jet in the background as it begins to launch fireballs in your directions.
    6. Move back and forth across the screen to stay out from under the falling fireballs, then jump on the next platform below to activate a checkpoint and dodge another line of projectiles that drop towards you.
    7. Jump back onto Tail’s plane so that it suddenly accelerates forward and follow each line of rings that appears in front of you to successfully dodge the oncoming rockets.
    8. Boost through the next wall of crates in front of you and dive down towards a second barricade of containers to smash through them as well, then rise above the hover-platforms again to boost through a third wall of crates and fly through the next series of rings.
    9. Smash through the next wall of crates above to continue following the line of rings and navigate into the narrow opening between the two sets of hover platforms ahead, then boost through another container barricade to exit this structure.
    10. Dive down to activate the next checkpoint and jump off the plane to land on the hover platforms below, then move forward between the narrow opening ahead and walk to the end of the rightmost ledge to wait for the hover-turtles to appear.
    11. Use homing attacks to eliminate the enemies in front of you and land on the uppermost hover-turtles shell to wait for the next line of creatures t6o arrive, then execute two more homing attacks and drop to the lowermost line of turtle shells below.
    12. Continue moving forward through the clouds by eliminating the turtle enemies and riding on the shells they pilot, then land on the next ledge above to walk across the platform ahead and jump back onto the wing of the plane.
    13. Position the plane at center-screen and keep an eye on the blue jet in background until it begins launching cannonballs in your directions, then strike these projectiles as they fall down on you to launch them back at the enemy vessel in the distance
    14. Watch the path of the projectiles falling from above and assess whether you should be dodging the various obstacles or striking the cannonballs so that they hit the enormous blue plane, then use boosts and spin dashes to eliminate the smaller red jets that emerge next.
    15. Push the plane forward against the right side of the screen to stay out of the path of falling projectiles and to dodge incoming hover-turtles, then jump to the next platform below and walk across the ledge ahead.
    16. Wait for the next cannonball to be fired and drop below screen, return to the wing of Tail’s plane to ride it forward and continue dodging the falling projectiles from above,
    17. Navigate the plane back and forth slightly to stay out of the path of fireballs, then eliminate the waves of enemy red jets that appears as well and continue launching cannonballs into the enormous blue jet until it is destroyed to complete this act.

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