Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Walkthrough

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    Act 1 – A New Frontier

    1. Spin dash forward to collect coins and hop onto the next ledge above you, then bounce off the spring ahead to clear the gap and continue moving forward along the elevated track.
    2. Jump the next gap and approach the neon wheel in front of you, then spin against this device to get it turning and drop down the next wall ahead.
    3. Hop your way up the ledges ahead and stop in front of the boost contraption standing beside the loop-de-loop, then use tail to ascend straight up into the air and land on top of the track structure.
    4. Break open the ring box and launch off the spring in front of you to clear a gap through a waterfall, then use homing strikes on the next four flying enemies to land on the ledge ahead and continue forward.
    5. Launch off the next spring ahead to land on a series of springs below that will bounce you off the floor and ceiling, then use the boost contraption to dash straight up the wall and grab onto tails while in mid-air.
    6. Fly over to the next ledge above and drop to the ground, then dash forward to run straight down a wall and across a lake of water.
    7. Jump onto the enemy ahead and land in the boost contraption to continue dashing across the surface of the water, then hit the next ramp to launch yourself into the air and push forward to clear the spike trap below.
    8. Use homing strikes while in mid-air to attack the next three flying enemies ahead and land on a checkpoint marker, then enter the boost contraption to dash forward and around the loops in the track.
    9. After you pass through a log tunnel, use another spin maneuver to turn the neon wheel ahead and drop down the next wall above.
    10. Continue forward into the next opening to pass through the booster and speed around the loop ahead, then using homing strikes to attack the enemies floating above the water and grab onto Tail to reach the opposite ledge.
    11. Turn the next neon wheel ahead to open the ceiling columns above, then jump up between the ledges and land on the golden platforms.
    12. As the two golden platforms cross each other, jump to the uppermost one and wait for the block to appear on your right.
    13. Use the block that extends to reach the next ledge on the right and continue forward, then enter the next booster to dash straight up the wall ahead and through a series of log tunnels to complete the act.
    14. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked:The Adventure Begins (Bronze): Clear SYLVANIA CASTLE ZONE, Act 1.

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