Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Walkthrough

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  • Act 2 – Sunken Ruins

    1. Spin dash at the start of the level to make your way down the hill and smash through a series of barricades, then hit the next ramp ahead to fly into the air and push forward to clear the spikes below.
    2. Land in the water to sink to the ground below and approach the wall ahead, then grab Tails and ascend straight up to reach the ledge above.
    3. Drop down through the shaft ahead, then move back and forth between the ledges below until you are launch forward off a spring in the wall.
    4. Make your way across the uneven ground and collect the 10 ring box along the way, then land on the uppermost ledge ahead by hitting the shark enemy above with a homing strike.
    5. Jump across the next gap to move forward through the opening below and ride the jet-streams to break through the unstable columns ahead, then land on the uppermost ledge at the end and drop down through the shaft in front of you.
    6. Take out the shark directly in front of you and continue forward, then jump over the ledges and spike trap ahead to eliminate a second shark enemy.
    7. Ride the jet-stream below to ascend and land on the ledge above to your left, then jump into the next booster to dash around the loop in the wall ahead and approach the face statue to the right.
    8. Wait for the statue’s mouth to open, then jump over the arrow within before it can be fired and land on the next ledge above the face.
    9. Continue forward and jump over the next statue before it’s mouth can open, then use a homing target to take out the shark above and land on the spring ahead to bounce upward.
    10. Use a homing strike to hit the second spring above and launch straight upwards out of the water, then bounce off two more springs to reach the next ledge and continue forward.
    11. Drop on top of the ring box to break it open and to duck beneath the arrow coming from ahead, then continue forward and jump onto the next ledge above.
    12. Sprint forward to hit the checkpoint marker and make your way straight down into the water again, then bounce off the spring and land on the platform floating at the surface.
    13. Jump above the platform you’re standing on and hit it with a homing strike to flip the whole thing over, then land on the exposed rounded side to bounce straight up into the air.
    14. Push yourself forward in mid-air to land on the platform to the right, then drop between the two platforms ahead and sink into the wide water-filled chasm below.
    15. Ride the jets emitted from the stone faces as you sink to the ground below, then take out the shark enemy ahead and jump up the next set of ledges above.
    16. Continue forward and jump in the third jet-stream ahead to rise upwards, then push yourself into the booster ahead to sprint up the wall in front of you.
    17. Bounce off the spring above to launch forward and ride the next two jet-stream over towards the left, then grab Tails and ascend to land on the spring against the wall to your left.
    18. After you are launched forward off the wall-spring, use homing attacks to strike the line of enemies ahead and the ten ring box behind them.
    19. Land on the ledge above the stone face and enter the booster ahead to dash up the wall in front of you, then launch straight into the air and push yourself forward to hit the checkpoint marker on the uppermost ruin.
    20. Dash downhill to launch off the spring at the bottom and push yourself against the opposite wall, then bounce back and forth between the next series of springs below.
    21. Launch forward off the loop at the bottom to dash across a straightaway as the water around you recedes, then hop over the tree stump ahead and hit the floating platform across the gap with a homing strike to flip it over.
    22. Land on the turned-over platform to launch straight up into the air and push yourself forward to reach the ledge on the right, then drop over the edge ahead to fall through the water and sink to the ground below.
    23. Move forward to jump over the spikes and grab Tails for a ride, then ascend upward to break out of the water and continue rising until you hit the ceiling above.
    24. Land on the platform floating below and wait for the water to rise beneath you, then jump to the ledge on your left and bounce off the nearby springs to launch into the air.
    25. Push yourself forward to clear the ledges above and land on a straightaway, then continue dashing forward to complete this act.

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