Sony Acknowledges That Releasing PS4 Too Far After Competition Would Be Dumb

Confirming what everyone in the entire world who isn’t working for Nintendo already knows*, Playstation Europe’s Jim Ryan said in an interview with Eurogamer that it would be “undesirable” for Playstation 4 to come out significantly later than their competition’s next-gen consoles. The comment was in reference to an admission that Xbox 360′s year head start over Playstation 3 put Sony at a disadvantage, a fact particularly newsworthy now because of the impending 2012 launch of Wii U, and the rumored early 2012 unveiling of the next Xbox console.

Ryan did add that there’s still a lot of life left in Playstation 3. “If you look at PlayStation 2, now in excess of 150m units installed globally, a huge majority of that was done at price points of £120 or lower,” he said. “We’ve only just hit £199 in the UK, so clearly there’s a considerable untapped part of the market there.” So, yeah, regardless of when Playstation 4 comes out, we can expect Sony to repeat their infuriating continuation of Playstation 2 into the 3 era. And that means, yep, that we won’t be able to download PS3 games on PSN like ever.

Seriously, Sony, your stupid console only does everything, including costing more than $400 even now. I can’t believe it’s not possible to download ANY PS2 game to play on my PS3.

*Nintendo’s problem, of course, it releasing new consoles and gaming devices too soon, and then having nothing but crappy games to play on it.

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3 Comments on Sony Acknowledges That Releasing PS4 Too Far After Competition Would Be Dumb


On November 25, 2011 at 2:56 pm

Bring out new consoles so these ty dead minded devs can think about producing more next gen games then the ty old Dx9 which is gone paased its prime at over 10years old now. Next Gen means new API and New and improved Engines which require better hardware for consoles which will inspire the devs to bring out more impressive games. The only good thing the ps3 is good for is BluRay player and Media functionalities and that’s all I use mine for. Xbox…. The 360 controller is more useful then the actual console as it can be used on a pc. The Wii its a toy for children and there’s actually no decent games on the things its not even HD or Semi-HD like the other 2 consoles. (When I mean semi-HD its HDMI lead, PS3 is truly hd for Bluray but im talkin gaming here, 1080p output – supposedly with textures and AntiAlising from the stone age – there is clearly no clear or crisp HD in the games its all Jagged edges and bad shading) So people who don’t think we need newer technologies now – OFF. Go play with your PSOne, PS2 or Atari or something. The world is trying to evolve and its you console s holding the devs back! Be a PC gamer you cheap bastards who probably claim benefits.


On November 25, 2011 at 7:39 pm

PS3 release is the worst console release not just for Sony but for business strategy in history. Business school will be studying the PS3 case as “How you can lose a massive lead and goodwill in one generation.”

Sony had a massive lead with PS2 and lots of loyal customer eagerly waiting for PS3. The whole strategy of releasing a console later then the competition is suppose to do just one very important thing: Let your competitor show their hand first so you can offer a better value.

PS3 could have been awesome and maintained Sony’s lead in the console war but instead reset the market share where its now a tie. And we the consumers are the winner for Sony’s boneheaded release. Sony got so arrogant and thought ppl would buy their PS3 no matter what. Could you imagine how how bad Sony would have behaved if things turned out differently?


On November 28, 2011 at 6:46 pm

Sony should fire a couple of people in their personnel and start fresh with PS4. PS3 is a good console that should be great and awesome since it was launched, but because of really really bad decisions and not doing things it should do, ….. well you now how it when for them.