Sony’s PlayStation 4 Will Cost $399

Which next-gen console will be better? Game Front gives the definitive opinion with our massive Xbox One vs. Playstation 4 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide.

Sony has just dropped the mic by announcing its pricing scheme for the PlayStation 4, which was rumored to be on parity with it’s rival, Microsoft’s Xbox One. Ending the show at E3, Sony just announced a pricing scheme of 349 GBP, 399 Euros, and $399USD for the next-gen console. The price is exactly $100 less than Microsoft’s announced pricing scheme for the Xbox One, which is tagged at $499.

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14 Comments on Sony’s PlayStation 4 Will Cost $399


On June 10, 2013 at 8:17 pm

“Dropped the mic” is pretty accurate. $100 cheaper, and no always-on internet, and no curbing of used games. So, now MS has a choice. Carry forward by charging more and adding restrictions while hoping people are too in love with their 360 to leave, or they can actually get their heads on straight and pay attention to what people are saying.


On June 10, 2013 at 8:31 pm

When everyone screamed during the online requirements, used games and price I my pants.


On June 10, 2013 at 10:17 pm

Honestly… Yes, Playstation probably won abroad. At home in the US? No, I think Microsoft will still win in the long run. For now though, yes Playstation won. Lower price point is pretty much the only key there IMO. In the end, people will swallow the DRM, or it will get dropped eventually. And the always online thing is a none issue as the world becomes even more connected then it already is. Yes I understand that there are people who still cant, but I knew there are rumours out there of a one time use code for people in the military that Microsoft is playing with the idea for. Its feasible they might eventually expand that.

In the end though… Doesnt matter to me, Im still getting an Xbox One. its everything I want, and I honestly just dont care about the DRM or Always online. I always buy new, and Im always online, both are None issues to me.


On June 11, 2013 at 1:34 am

@Antilles – your last line says it all. You’re basing this purely on the consumer decision that you already decided on months ago. The reaction of the gaming community at large, however, is very different. Microsoft has kicked up a massive sh**storm over its policies while Sony has unquestionably won over a large section of alienated gamers, many of whom were Microsoft fans who were pushed too far. This goes way beyond any tribal allegiance you think you have with Microsoft. This is something that hugely affects the entire industry, and gamers now have to make the decision on what matters most to them – i.e. being treated like children or being treated like consumers. I hold out hope that the majority will choose the latter and therefore Sony will win handsomely both domestically and worldwide, but as long as there are still “shut up and take my money” people such as yourself around I won’t hold my breath.

PS4 is the better console and Sony is showing itself to be the more intelligent, pragmatic company. Deal with it.


On June 11, 2013 at 10:12 am


I hold no issues with the Playstation or Sony, I in fact have owned one of every of their consoles and thoroughly loved the Playstation 2 so much more than I did the Original Xbox. Its just IMO, the Xbox One is a better console for how I game, and what I want. I am pretty much the exact target audience MS is aiming for with their new console, and that is fine by me. Because I like it. There is no blind ‘Shut Up and take my money.’ The exclusives are a huge draw to me, so are the some of the cool new features, and that awesome looking controller, because honestly, Dualshock just sucks to hold.

The only reason Sony is looking so amazing with their decisions right now is because they never announced everything, choosing instead to wait until after Microsoft had made their announcements to see what they did. Smart business decision? Yes. Good way to get the vocal minority on your side? Most definitely. In the end will the majority of consumers pay attention to all this? I doubt it. Especially in a years time at the next E3, it will be just a none issue.

In reality, both consoles will sell out this holiday season, and everything will blow over. What happens after that remains to be seen.

Ron Whitaker

On June 11, 2013 at 10:17 am

@Antilles: I’ll be interested to see how it shakes out, because in my eyes, Sony had the more impressive game lineup yesterday. Their exclusives looked better, the multiplatform games seem to be gravitating the exclusive content their way, and the exclusives that MS does have are games that don’t intrigue me.

I also think that you (and everyone at Microsoft) are underestimating the percentage of people who don’t want anything to do with used game blocking. We shall see.


On June 11, 2013 at 11:21 am


I will admit, I am a bit biased in the Used games area since I dont purchase them. But that is mainly because of how bad I think arguably the biggest Used Games dealer (Gamestop and child companies) treats the actual consumer on used games. Just a little over a month ago I traded in 2 copies of Modern Warfare 3 for PS3 and 360, they gave me 3 and 4 bucks respectively, while over on the shelf it was selling for 39.99 Used. Its just a horrible rip off for those actually trading in the games.

In the end, people will get what they want though, no changing that and no stopping it. It is all about personal preference.

I just wish people would stop bashing (Not here, but other places, like IGN and Reddit) people who still want the Xbox One over the PS4. <_<


On June 11, 2013 at 11:48 am

I have to agree with ron antillies. The xbox one has allot that is just plain customer unfriendly.

You like their exclusives eh? What will you do when you can’t play them when the next consoles releases after the xbox one? It will almost be like a generation of gaming is wiped off the map, a part of your soul now dissinent.

You seem to think everyone has and will have perfect internet connections but this is far from the truth. What about service members, would you begrudge them their entertainment? Supporting an always online console only serves to hurt that gaming community. If microsoft wanted to, they could snap their fingers and make the console offline as well. Truth is, always online isn’t about enhancing the gameplay or providing and addition exciting experience. It’s about control of content and control of you. They decide whether your games work, whether your system works, what games you can/can’t sell, and they have legal protection. Everything you buy on the next xbox is a rental and will evaporate whenever microsoft sees fit.


On June 11, 2013 at 12:09 pm

I have no illusions that everyone will have the perfect internet connection all of the time. I do know the truth is far from it with a large chunk of rural centers even in the US having poor internet support. As for service members, last I heard, there was a rumour floating around that Microsoft is playing with teh idea of a One time use code to allow those in the Forces to use the console abroad with little to no connection. Something which, if they do, I think will eventually be expanded to all users, not just Military personnel.

As for content control and control of you… This is why you buy hardcopies of games, not digital downloads. Microsoft cannot take away a disc from you. And if they stop you from being able to play said disc without a valid reason such as cheating or hacking or something, it just opens them up to a lawsuit.

As for what will I do when the next console eventually comes out in 5-8+ years form now and I cant play my Xbox One titles on it? Easy… I’ll keep my Xbox one. Just like Im going to keep my 360. Just because a new console is coming out doesnt mean your old one will suddenly stop working. What alot of people dont seem to understand is that Xbox One is an entirely new architectural system that is NOTHING like the Xbox 360. To have made the Xbox One backwards compatible without use of something like a cloud system the Playstation is doing would just have cost them alot of money, and made the console either larger, bulkier, or more expensive.

Ron Whitaker

On June 11, 2013 at 12:14 pm

@Antilles – At some point they’ll take Xbox One authentication servers down, and there won’t be any more playing games on XB1, though. That’s my hangup. I can play my 360 without the net. I can play my NES or SNES or Genesis or whatever today. 20 years from now, the XB1 is likely a paperweight because the servers are gone and you can’t authenticate.

I agree that backwards compatibility is not a big deal. The architecture changes on both systems make it tough to do, and a cloud streaming solution is the way to go. Smart on Sony to acquire Gaikai for that.


On June 11, 2013 at 12:25 pm

Thats a good point on the authentication servers. But by that time… I honestly think that Microsoft will have stepped back from the daily check in, and the DRM things. I’d say give it a year from the release date of the console for them to actually start considering it in earnest.

Ron Whitaker

On June 11, 2013 at 1:47 pm

Let’s hope you’re right, but in the meantime, I feel like it’s going to hurt them pretty badly in the market.


On June 12, 2013 at 12:39 am

Thanks for the thoughtful reply antillies!

As for buying a hardcopy of the game, as ron said, won’t make much of a difference. The xbox one requires authentication servers to be up in order to run games on the console.

Backwards compatibility should be built into the console though. You xbox 360 will only last so long, capacitor aging takes extreme effects after 6 years. Older consoles were less affected by this but current gen. consoles won’t last long in the closet. All of a sudden you have a bunch of games you can’t play unless you get a PC to emulate it. Which raises another question. If some random people can get together to make an emulator(dolphin, pcsx2), why can’t a major company do it, eh?

One day you’re going to be old and tell your grandkids: “those were the good old days”, except unlike your own grandpa, you won’t actually have anything to show them because microsoft was too cheap.

The way I see it, you might as well get a PC if each generation is going to reduce the game library back to 0 each time, what a load of crap.


On June 14, 2013 at 3:22 am

It’s not rocket science, PS4 is worse than Xbox One so they sell it for less. Basic business.