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Sony E3 2009 Press Conference Talks God of War, Ratchet and More


electronicentertainmentexpoThe Sony press conference for E3 2009 is set to prepare gamers for the return of a juggernaut. Sony’s had a tough year for its PS3 console, but things are looking up. This is Sony’s year to make the most expensive console on the market profitable. With God of War III, Heavy Rain, Batman Arkham Asylum, Modern Warfare 2 and MAG on the horizon, this year’s E3 press conference promises to give gamers a reason to pick up a PS3. I’ll be blogging live as Sony wows gamers with 364 new PS3, PSP and PS2 titles. Check out the running commentary after the break.

2:11 EST – The Sony intro has One Vision of Queen which has me excited already. After looking at Wii games, the PS3 graphics are fantastic.

2:18 EST – PS2 has 100 new games headed its way in 2009.

2:19 EST – Playing inFamous nonstop since last week? Guilty as charged, except when Shawn gets it first.

2:20 EST – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves multiplayer starts tonight at midnight. It’s intense action multiplayer in the most gorgeous game I’ve seen on a console.

2:26 EST – MAG is unveiled for the first time with 256 man multiplayer running on the game floor.

2:34 EST – PSP getting makeover for younger audience with a Hannah Montana bundle. Rock Band is also in the works.

2:35 EST – PSP is going pocket sized with the PSP Go. It still has integrated WiFi and plays all PSP games on disc or downloaded from the PSn network. It does not replace the PSP 3000 or the UMD which will continue to be supported.

2:40 EST – New application for the PSP is Sense Me which matches your music to your mood.  Sony is also lowering the tool kit price which means more, less expensive PSP games on UMD and digital distribution.

2:41 EST – PSP Go launches October 1st in NA and Europe and November 1st in Japan.

2:42 EST – Video service will be native to the PSP. Showtime, Starz TV,  T.N.A. and tons of anime launch today.

2:44 EST – The full Gran Turismo game will run on the PSP Go at 60 FPS. It includes legacy cars and the works. PSP exclusive features include 4 player multiplayer and the ability to trade cars with your friends.

2:45 EST – Surprise! Hideo Kojima makes an appearance to announce Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for the PSP. It takes place in 1974, ten years after Metal Gear Solid 3, so it’s a true sequel. Peace Walker will use all the PSPs capabilities.

2:47 EST – Fantastic trailer I’ll have to get up soon. Solid Snake becomes the world’s next deterrent for peace. You’ll love the box at the end. It’s an inside joke.

2:58 EST – Resident Evil coming to PSP with an original game. Little Big Planet, Hannah Montana, Harry Potter, Persona and many more are on the way.

3:05 EST – Final Fantasy VII is available PSN as of today!

3:11 EST – The sheer number of games both exclusive and cross platform is mind numbing. Brutal Legend, Ghostbusters, Dragon Age, and Singstar Queen for the PS3 are just a few I’m looking forward to. There are quite a few kid friendly games mingles with God of War, and Modern Warfare.

3:15 EST – Rockstar bringing Agent to the PS3. The shadowy world of the super spy is coming at you.

3:18 EST – Assassins Creed 2 Renaissance Italy and Florentine noble Enzio take flight with DaVinci’s flying machine gliding through Italy to reach new heights. New assassination techniques are smooth as silk with the double blades and distractions like smoke bombs. New A.I. archetype Seeker. 30 weapons in your arsenal.

3:22 EST – Final Fantasy XIII this spring combines man, machine and magic in an adventure that has a distinctively Sci-fi touch. Familiar summons are back including Shiva. It’s as beautiful as FFXII but feels more traditional.

3:26 EST – Final Fantasy XIV is coming in 2010 exclusively for the PS3 as a new online adventure.

3:28 EST – Motion control gaming gets a boost with the Playstation motion controller. Live technology demo of  the motion controller engineering prototype working with the PlayStation Eye. One to one movement that brings virtual peripherals into the game itself. Use flashlights, rackets, swords, and golf clubs. First person mode allows guns, and whips. You’ll be able to draw, write, and spray paint.

Character control is demoed in an arena type melee battle with Sword and shield style gladiator combat. The most impressive demo is the one for archery using full body motion. I can imagine an MMO using this. People could get a good work out.

3:40 EST – The Playstation motion controller launches Spring 2010.

3:42 EST – William Ho introduces ModNation Racers. Think LittleBigPlanet with race cars only the track environments are much more realistic looking. Design your terrain, track, obstacles and weapons. You can manipulate lighting and it looks like weather as well.

3:50 EST – Following Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian is on the way. The main character is a boy with his very own luck dragon that looks like a four legged bald eagle with a hyena head. Very bizarre.

3:56 EST -  Gran Turismo 5 gives you racing anyway you want it; on the track, in the dirt, through city streets and cross country.

3:59 EST – Concluding with a live demo of God of War 3.

  • Not as visually stunning as Uncharted but intensely violent on a mythically massive scale.
  • Harpies with middle aged boobs. Hope they censor that.
  • Hey when did Kratos sprout wings?
  • Awesome Chimera design. However the Titan looks great but didn’t do much in the demo.

Still GoW3 seems to be everything you want from a series finale.

The Big Wrap up… no price break too bad but all in all an incredible showing by Sony. The motion control demonstration was the highlight.

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4 Comments on Sony E3 2009 Press Conference Talks God of War, Ratchet and More


On June 2, 2009 at 3:10 pm

Hey Eva,

Did you notice the car damage in the GT5 preview? That’s lookin pretty sweet!


Shawn Sines

On June 2, 2009 at 3:24 pm

Yeah.. deformation in a GT game is cool.. and long awaited..


On June 2, 2009 at 3:26 pm

For sure Shawn, I’m PSYCHED!



On June 2, 2009 at 3:30 pm

Finally we get to see those designer cars crumple. Talk about a satisfying crunch!