Sony Pokes Fun at Microsoft’s Ever-Changing Xbox One Policies

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During Sony’s press conference at Gamescom earlier, Sony President and Group CEO Andrew House shot a little poison dart in Microsoft’s direction.

He was talking about how cool the PS4 is, “cool things, blah blah, neat ideas we’re great,” then here’s the dart:

“This means that great game worlds will be more ubiquitous, powerful and accessible than ever before. And while others have shifted their message and changed their story, we were consistent in maintaining policies and a model that is fair and in tune with consumer desires.”

It’s in the above trailer at about 00:35.

He’s not wrong. Microsoft did change their Xbox One policies. But does that really matter? They changed their policies for the better, remember?

What do you guys think? Is Microsoft’s change in course something you see as a weakness, or a strength? What about in comparison to Sony, which has been clear and consistent in its message all along — but also let Microsoft take a lot of the risks, and then responded afterward?

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7 Comments on Sony Pokes Fun at Microsoft’s Ever-Changing Xbox One Policies


On August 20, 2013 at 12:18 pm

I don’t think you can fault Sony for wanting to jab at it’s competitors thumblings. They want to remind everyone that they were the ones who weren’t doing what MS was doing. They were the ones “protecting your rights.” Whether you buy into that is up to you as a person. End of the day, Sony could have said “NO” to DRM back at the february reveal, especially after the patent that was filed in december three months earlier. But they didn’t and you have to wonder if it’s because they just weren’t sure if they should commit or if they wanted to see what MS would do first.

What if it had happened the other way around? Financially, Sony just just couldn’t risk going in the direction MS went originally. Look at how much MS is spending right now to right the ship. A up like this for PS4 would have ENDED Sony. In conclusion, kudos for being shrewed Sony. You played the game well. Now let the games talk.


On August 20, 2013 at 1:25 pm

Personally, I dislike it when companies poke fun at other companies instead of just promoting their own products. I tend to lose respect for companies that do it (Samsung’s Galaxy 4 commercials are the only exceptions I can think of off the top of my head, and those were more directed at the users than the company; they were also hilarious). Most of the time though? It’s disrespectful, and frankly juvenile, not to mention poorly thought out. Point out what’s good about what you have instead, because if your competition is screwing up that badly, you won’t need to point it out.

In this case? Embarrassingly bad jab that just promotes what MS is doing well . . . not really a smart move imo.


On August 20, 2013 at 1:41 pm

that MicroSoft is changing for the better is a good thing (for those interested in the xBox anyway)… but that they outright lied to its customers deserves to be remembered.

How many times did MicroSoft claim that their console won’t work without feature x or y and look at it now… all those “it’s part of the hardware and can’t be removed”-features are removed one by one

But Sony needs to be careful. Bashing your competition without end can backfire and hurt Sony in the end.


On August 20, 2013 at 1:46 pm

It’s very good that microsoft is listening to consumer feedback but I feel that sony is going to use that as much as they can. Even though Sony is just as scummy of a company, microsoft’s console was just appalling when they showed it off. Req. internet, always on cam, and higher price? Microsoft has fixed allot of these issues but they can’t fix customer confidence. People don’t know what to expect out of the next xbox and I wager that it will haunt the xbox until it’s able to convince people that they want this console. Due to the nature of consoles, that will have to be through games or price. As of right now they have a higher price and their game catalog is, subjectively, slightly less on par with sony’s.

Chip It

On August 20, 2013 at 2:15 pm

Unfortunately, Microsoft is probably going to end up looking like they care about their customers because they changed so much, when in reality the fact that they HAD to change so much was because they totally misread what their audience wanted and had nothing to do with consumer loyalty so much as quelling the flames. On the other hand, Sony hasn’t had to make any changes to PS4 because they already listened to what their customers wanted and got it right from the start, but this may actually end up working against them if Microsoft are canny enough to twist it in their favour. Stuff like this, while humorous, doesn’t really help Sony’s cause that much. I’d rather Sony just ignored Microsoft completely now, at least within their marketing. Constantly taking jabs at Nintendo didn’t really help Sega much in the long run.


On August 20, 2013 at 2:50 pm

Sony was smart to capitalize on Microsoft’s weak issues at E3. However, now Sony is starting to come off like a douche. It’s like making fun of a guy because he is overweight. Then making fun of him a second time when you see him trying to get fit.


On August 21, 2013 at 2:43 am

Not entirely correct AxΣtwin, it is more like making fun of someone because they are stealing candy from babies and continuing to mock him for ever doing it regardless that he stopped.

Microsoft deserves the ridicule because what they did was wrong not because they have a compulsive disorder.