Sony Won’t Drop The $ Of Older PS3s For Some Reason

So now that PS3 has revealed their slimmer, cheaper new version of the PS3, you’re probably thinking all the models are due for a price cut, right? WRONG, YOU SILLY SILLY PERSON. They’ve pretty much ruled out making their other, less-crummy models more affordable.

“There’s no price drop formally,” SCEA VP John Koller said to Engadget, which just sounds maddening. He also thinks that what consumers want is either cheap and crappy, or really expensive. “But the thing that’s been happening in the market over the last year or so is that there’s been so many retail price promotions, and so many different gift card offers and all those things, being done by all of us (Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony), that we’ve heard from our consumer, ‘Enough with all these weird price moves. What we really want is content and games and value.’”

Yep. People HATE being able to afford new tech, and if they can, they especially hate for it to work. Which is why it just makes sense that the new model is being made on the cheap, won’t contain a hard drive, and probably has a poorly functioning disk drive. Also, So obviously, this cheaper model is going to be a win win for the consumer. Really, it’s no wonder Sony intends to keep supporting Playstation 3 well into 2015. They’re certainly making it the only rational choice for their customers.

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5 Comments on Sony Won’t Drop The $ Of Older PS3s For Some Reason


On September 24, 2012 at 5:59 pm

I’d like “they are idiots” for $1000 Alex? Maybe decisions like this explain why they’re taking monster losses in several areas of their business.


On September 25, 2012 at 3:11 am

Who the hell has ever in their entire life has gone:
“Oh! No. no. That’s far to cheap and convenient for me. I’ll wait till I can pay more. Thank you though.”


On September 26, 2012 at 4:31 am

Haha. Hahahahahahaha XD. Oh Sony, you’re so soulless and stupid and greedy and evil. Hahahahaha XD. You’d be worrying, with your horrible designs on tracking players through biometrics etc, but you’re so BAD at it. So greedy you won’t even lower prices THIS LATE in the console wars. So greedy you won’t actually make a slim console and make it GOOD. Cheap, nasty, and not good XD. So I own a PS2. Check the number. It was the last time you had that Soul I mentioned, and the last time I bought one of your products.

Jim Sawyer

On September 26, 2012 at 4:50 am

quicktooth – I hope you’re trying to mimic the blinkered 360 fanboy mentality with that comment, because otherwise you’re a complete idiot. PS3 is selling AT A LOSS. That means that bringing the price down would mean selling it AT A BIGGER LOSS. It’s not hard to work out. I’ll readily admit that I think the PS3 Super-slim is totally unnecessary to begin with, but why would you drop the price of the older console when it hasn’t lost any ground on the competition? The Super-slim is JUST a slimmer PS3, making it pointless, but also making it totally pointless to lower the price of the older versions when they do the exact same thing.

As for ‘soulless, evil company’? I strongly suggest you do some research – even five minutes of Google searching would suffice – to see just how badly Microsoft have f’ed their customers in the a’ compared to Sony. ‘Soul’ and ‘company’ for a corporation as big as Sony or Microsoft is not a combination with any merit. Their entire practice is around making money, the games and the consoles are a means to an end. But again, I’ll politely remind you that PS3 sells AT A LOSS.

So yeah, a pretty vapid attack on Sony, and a pretty poorly researched and ideologically biased article from Ross Lincoln, who’s steadily ruining the good reputation he earned through his Mass Effect 3 editorials.


On September 26, 2012 at 6:55 am

@Jim Sawyer-
Did I say I was a 360 fanboy? Or like Microsoft? Or in fact own a 360? Dude, you also never actually said that Sony HAD a soul; you said *Microsoft* didn’t. Just saying. As for soulless; remember Sony has had the most expensive console since the PS3 launched. And baffling all in consumerspace, they’ve rigidly kept prices as high as possible. Nintendo has made fun games that are fun, with the cheapest console. So… given the TEN BILLION DOLLARS (with a B) they lost in (what was it) the first year of the PS3′s life, I’d suggest people don’t… LIKE… the price gouging. There’s an easy answer to “I can’t”, and that is “they can”. Probably followed by comical cash register noises and the Nintendo logo, then sounds of Sony’s bank balance shattering on hitting the floor. But no! That’s not all! They’ve been (you didn’t argue this either I see) hauled before congress to explain how they ED MILLIONS OF CUSTOMERS with their SH!TTY SECURITY. That’s a lot of credit cards man. Need I point out that Sony Online Entertainment is the monster behind Starwars Galaxies, and the sh!tstorm that led to actual player riots? If you want to talk evidence, fine. Just don’t expect it to favour Sony.