Soul Calibur 5 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Story Mode
  • Episode 11

    1. Welcome to the first serious challenge of Story Mode. You won’t be playing as Pyrrha anymore, instead, you’re Pyrrha Omega.
    2. She’s far more advanced than her previous incarnation, providing extended range and damage-dealing potential at the expense of ease-of-use. Pyrrha Omege can be devastating, but she can also put you into situations where your attacks can be guarded, side-stepped, and countered.
    3. Stop and take a moment to test some of her abilities. You won’t have much of a chance, as you’re fighting against Nightmare in this battle. Nightmare himself is, well, a nightmare to fight. Having to learn a new character’s moveset while facing one of the deadliest AI opponents in Soul Calibur 5 won’t be easy.
    4. To start, get used to Pyrrha Omega’s forward-roll-B strike, or the Nemesis Step + Vertical attack input called Nemesis Strike. At close-range, her Back+K kick has Guard Impact properties, making it perfect for interrupting an incoming poke.
    5. Taking a step back, the Nemesis Step stance is exactly the same as Angel Step or Justice step, except for one factor. Quickly performing the roll twice will reward you with a Double Nemesis Step, adding additional power to your already powerful stance attacks.
    6. For aggressive players, this battle might actually be easier, thanks to Pyrrha Omega’s additional speed and power. If you catch Nightmare at his weakest, you can cream him with a series of attacks and end each battle with barely a scratch.
    7. Going back to the actual episode, Nightmare himself won’t play as aggressive as you’ll experience him in Arcade Mode, as one of the final bosses.
    8. Nightmare might be slow, but once he starts swinging he can be very difficult to stop. He deals mostly in attacking you when you’re most vulnerable, waiting for a player to create an opening and then exploiting it.
    9. Close-combat characters like Pyrrha will want to stay in close-range, otherwise Nightmare will have all the time he needs to wind-up his powerful strikes. Poke him to interrupt big attacks, then knock him down and throw him around with combinations.
    10. Nightmare’s biggest annoyance for close-range characters are his counter-Critical Edge and Guard Impact moves. Watch out for that green glow, and attempt to grab him instead of throwing multiple attack strings into his guard.

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