Soul Calibur 5 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Story Mode
  • Episode 13

    1. While ZWEI was obviously a unique character, this episode introduces a new version of Patroklos. Similar to Pyrrha Omega, Alpha Patroklos is a more advanced version of Patroklos, as well as being the main character for the remainder of Story Mode.
    2. Get some revenge against ZWEI and put in practice as Alpha Patroklos. Once again, you’ll have a full Critical Gauge to practice his close-range forward Critical Edge, which is another simple to use Critical Edge that’s best used in conjunction with combos.
    3. If you haven’t already, take a look at Alpha Patroklos’ movelist. Right away, you can see just how difficult his selection of moves can be without practice. If you haven’t unlocked Alpha Patroklos already, you will after this episode. ZWEI won’t fight too hard.
    4. Replacing the Justice Step is the Dawn Haze and Twilight Haze stances. Both are powerful, help avoid high attacks, and give you access to many of Alpha Patroklos’ most essential moves.
    5. One of the simplest attack strings available to Alpha Patroklos is a Back-Down-Diagonal:A:A:A combo, giving you a good option to punish your opponent during any situation. It hits low, making it perfect for when switching up your high/mid/low strikes.
    6. If you’re so inclined, Alpha Patroklos’ regular horizontal-throw is perfect for causing ring-outs when you’re near the edge of the arena. It’s always good to keep in mind.
    7. As for ZWEI, he’ll use every tool in his bag of tricks during this fight, but he won’t cause much trouble. Alpha Patroklos’ moves have built in mix-up properties, often switching between low/mid/high strikes, something the AI will have trouble guarding against for the remainder of Story Mode.
    8. Like original Patroklos, Alpha Patroklos is a close-combat fighter. Move in close, and enjoy the benefits of his enhanced speed with those poke attacks. ZWEI doesn’t have the dangerous range of Siegfried of Astaroth, but he does have EIN. Poke him before he can summon the wolf-monster.
    9. Fighting ZWEI is all about knowing when EIN will appear. After EIN vanishes, you’ll have a safe opening of attack. Alpha Patroklos, like Nightmare, is all about punishing mistakes and whiffs. Run in close and mangle ZWEI with fast strikes and mix-ups.

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