Soul Calibur 5 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Story Mode
  • Episode 15

    1. This fight is when things get tricky. Here, you’ll be fighting four actual opponents, each of whom has the AI to put up a fight. These aren’t custom made mooks. You’ll have to deal with four of the Asian-themed characters, in four fights, but you’ll only have to defeat each once. If you lose, you’ll only have to repeat the single particular fight you lost to, so you won’t have to re-fight everyone else if you get to Xiba.
    2. Here, you’ll be fighting Leixia, Natsu, Maxi, and Xiba – in that order. There’s no perfect way to fight this battle, just have patience and keep retrying if you fail. Take some time to recheck Alpha Patroklos’ moves and give yourself a refresher before heading into this fight.
    3. Leixia is a quick close-range fighter with a Chinese Sword. She isn’t especially powerful, but her combos can catch you easily, and she likes to move around the battlefield. Deploy horizontal attacks to deny her 8-way running coverage.
    4. If you remember the custom opponent in Episode 6, you remember Leixia. Xiba and Natsu were in Episode 5, while Maxi is your only new opponent if you’ve been sticking with the Story Mode.
    5. Natsu, just like Leixia, will try to circle-strafe around your attacks. Stop her running with a quick horizontal swing, or any of Patroklos’ own quick-step attacks, then follow-up with a cruel string of combinations.
    6. Maxi is the ultimate 8-way runner, and can be a real pain to fight in Quick Battle in the higher ranks. He ducks and weaves while unleashing long series of super-fast but low damage combos.
    7. The biggest fault in Maxi’s game are his lack of ranged attacks. Even his close-range combat must be especially close to be effective. Alpha Patroklos doesn’t quite have those limitations, making a fight at mid-range possible and almost preferable than trying to guess what Maxi’s next looping string of attacks will be.
    8. The ultimate annoyance of Maxi comes in the form of interrupts. He will almost always beat you to the draw in any series of attacks, and his horizontal game is pretty good too. Back off between attacks to give yourself some breathing room.
    9. As a last bit of advice, use Alpha Patroklos’ Dawn Step combinations at medium range to devastate Maxi, just give yourself some space and time to accomplish the attacks. With Maxi out of the picture, you just have Xiba.
    10. Obviously, Xiba’s AI is much improved over the last fight. He’ll guard more and punish you for your mistakes. But, with Alpha Patroklos, you should have no problem controlling the fight at close-range. Even if you do lose, just keep trying, you only have to manage a single victory against each of the four.

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