Soul Calibur 5 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Story Mode
  • Episode 18

    1. Story Mode is about to get a lot harder. If you haven’t had trouble yet, you’re about to have some problems now. This time, we’ll be dealing with two sets of battles. First, you’ll have to fight a set of three Malfested custom characters. After that, you’ll have to fight Nightmare at full strength.
    2. The three custom warriors are nothing to worry about. You only need to fight each for a single round. They won’t offer much resistance, and shouldn’t slow you down much.
    3. The real issue is Nightmare. He’s a killer in this battle. For this fight, you’ll be using Zwei, and you’ll issues with power and speed – Nightmare’s got you beat.
    4. The fight begins with a full Critical Gauge, use it up as soon as you can to get an early edge over Nightmare. Use ZWEI’s vertical-input Brave Edge throws for easy damage against Nightmare.
    5. The quick-witted Nightmare will take full advantage of your whiffs. This battle is all about careful use of your moves as ZWEI, and knowing his moveset carefully. Don’t throw out unnecessary moves that leave you open to attack, move in close and use effective guards.
    6. The 8-way run will save you from Nightmare’s many forward-thrusts. Side-step attacks will do extra damage and spin out Nightmare, giving ZWEI a moment to charge up EIN and land the extra damage he needs to put Nightmare on the defensive.
    7. At close-range, Nightmare loves using Guard Impacts and a deadly Critical Edge auto-Guard Impacts. Don’t attack carelessly, and annoy Nightmare with plenty of throws to avoid taking the Critical Edge on the chin.
    8. Nightmare has limited moves at close-range, and he’ll rely on those auto-Guard Impacts. Don’t go crazy with the attacks, or you’ll fall for his trap.
    9. Keep trying, Nightmare is a frustrating opponent that will punish your every mistake, and ZWEI has very few safely launched attacks. Take your time, carefully plan your moves, and just don’t whiff. Try, try again.

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