Soul Calibur 5 Walkthrough

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  • Story Mode
  • Story Mode

    1. Welcome to the Soul Calibur 5 text walkthrough. Before we get into the nitty gritty of Story Mode, let’s go over the basics of Soul Calibur’s fighting system.
    2. If you’re already familiar with these concepts – don’t worry, this won’t take long. Skip to the next page. First off, there are three types of attacks; the horizontal strike, the vertical strike, and the kick. Combining these attacks will perform a variety of special moves, you’ll find that the [L1/L2/R1/R2] or [LB/LT/RB/RT] buttons all work as quick-keys, activating certain combinations of the three attacks, or of guard.
    3. Guard stops you in place and allows your character to duck and jump. If you aren’t holding guard, you’ll enter into the 8-way run. Guard, combined with horizontal or vertical strikes, will produce a grab. Just stick near an enemy, and try to catch them when they least expect it. With every grab, you’ll see a golden glow. If you try a grab of your own during this glow, you’ll (Or your opponent) will break free. You don’t need to worry about throw-escapes with early from the AI, though.
    4. Another function of guard is the just-guard. You need performing timing, hitting guard then releasing just as an enemy lands a strike. This will allow you to make a counter-attack and stagger your opponent. Surprisingly, just-guards will also block any unblockable attacks.
    5. A major additional change to Soul Calibur 5 is the inclusion of the Critical Gauge. Once filled up halfway, you’ll see a large number ’1′ over the gauge, you can use special Brave Edge attacks. These are all unique to each character, you’ll have to hit the Training Room to practice these tricky moves.
    6. There are two other uses for the Critical Gauge. The Guard Impact and the Critical Edge attack. Guard Impact is simple, combine all three types of attacks and press forward to perform a Guard Impact. Use it just before an enemy’s attack, and they’ll be staggered, instantly becoming easy prey for one of your combo attacks.
    7. The Critical Edge is a special move that also ones half of your Critical Gauge – or one full bar. This move is shared, every character activates their Critical Edge attack the same way. Two down-to-forward quarter rolls combined with all three attack commands. Check out the move list for more details, but you’ll need to experiment with each character’s unique Critical Gauge, they all attack in special ways you’ll need to be mindful of.
    8. Now that you’re familiar with some of the basics of Soul Calibur 5, I recommend that you start your journey through Story Mode by jumping into the Training Mode, through the Offline Play option on the front menu. From there, you can begin to practice with Patroklos. He’ll be the first character you use in Story Mode, and also the one used most often.
    9. We’ll talk more about Patroklos during Episode 1, where you’ll start your first foray into Story Mode.
    10. For now, enjoy the Prologue! It’s just a cutscene, after it finishes, you’ll move on to Episode 1.

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