Soul Calibur 5 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Story Mode
  • Episode 20

    1. The final fight of Story Mode is a doozy. Using Alpha Patroklos, you’ll be up against Elysium – but, Elysium will exclusively use Pyrrha Omega’s fighting style.
    2. The only major difference between Pyrrha Omega and Elysium is her unique Critical Edge. This dangerous Critical Edge will hit you anywhere on the arena; standing, on the ground, or in the air. It deals out significant damage, but a guard will stop the entire string of damage.
    3. Elysium’s Critical Edge takes a moment to land, she’ll hop back one step. Most often, Elysium will try to use her CE after a combo while you’re completely vulnerable.
    4. The real trouble with Elysium is her capacity for punishment. If you screw up, she’ll take advantage and destroy you with a long string of combo attacks. You simply have to be more careful, guard, and side-step more often.
    5. Side-step attacks can completely dismantle Elysium. Mist Cutter of Shade Barrage can get you far, just go Up-Up-A-A, or Up-Up-B-A.
    6. Surprisingly, Alpha Patroklos’ simple A-A vertical two-strike combo is very effective against Elysium. Hold back, wait for one of Elysium’s mid strikes, then follow-up with an A-A combo. It won’t do damage, but you’ll be relatively safe.
    7. Don’t forget to punish Elysium when she’s down or in the air. Elysium has grabby hands, if you’re very close, always duck low, stand up, and throw her yourself.
    8. Save your Critical Gauge for the last round, as the arena will shrink in size and allow for ring outs. In general, Elysium will also fight harder in her last round, so a full Critical Gauge will always be helpful.
    9. Keep trying! Don’t be discouraged, and if you are tired of failure, go ahead and select the option to restart with a lower difficulty. There’s no penalty, and you can always go back and give this battle another try on the normal difficulty level.
    10. If you manage to win, congratulations! You’ve unlocked Legendary Souls Mode, which is far more difficult, and begun your journey into Soul Calibur V. Check out Quick Battle, keep gaining those levels, and keep learning about your favorite fighters.

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