Soul Calibur 5 Walkthrough

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  • Story Mode
  • Episode 1

    1. Starting the first real fight in Story Mode, and this should be a breeze for veterans and beginners alike. Take this time to become more familiar with Patroklos and his moveset. Your opponents won’t put up much of a fight at the standard difficulty level.
    2. If you’re a veteran, of just feeling brave, boost up the difficulty now. Every fight will net you extra points and you’ll increase your level faster. Leveling is mostly used to unlock customization options, but there are other rewards as well – such as opening new routes in Arcade Mode.
    3. If you’ve been practicing with Patroklos, here are some simple tips to keep in mind. First, Patroklos isn’t much of a horizontal fighter, most of his best combination attacks are vertical. Vertical moves give him good reach, but you’ll have to watch out for annoying quick fighters that use 8-way running to their advantage.
    4. One of Patroklos’ most basic and best vertical attacks is Forward B.B.B, if your opponent is guarding, make sure to end the string after two attacks and switch to something else. A+B Back is useful for a strike-and-fade approach, and Down A+B will break through a mid-guard with a low attack. Forward-Down B is a prime launching attack.
    5. Always watch your Critical Gauge. Patroklos’ Critical Edge is very useful and easy to land. You only need to be standing just out of grapple’s range to use. It cannot be guarded against by a standing opponent. Practice using it when you can to defeat the next three opponents. It’s best to save Critical Edge attacks during a combo of your own, or to interrupt an opponent’s combo. Just don’t let your opponent land a hit on you while performing, or it’ll break. That goes for every character.
    6. Expect to use Patroklos for most of the story episodes. There will be changes – the most daunting problem to overcome in Story Mode is always learning the various characters and their movesets. The opponents will start to put up a good fight eventually, but not anytime soon.
    7. Consider this a training fight. There’s one trick that can make this fight slightly more difficult than others – if you lose once, you’ll have to retry the fight.
    8. To the fight proper, you’ll be fighting a series of three rebels. Each of them will be using a different moveset from a different character. Don’t worry, they won’t make use of Critical Edges or even combination attacks. They’ll stick to single attacks. Be quick with your guards.
    9. The first of the rebels uses Hilde’s moves, the second rebel uses Astaroth’s, while the last uses Raphael’s. Each subsequent fight will ramp up the difficulty. The second rebel fights harder than the first, the third harder than the second.
    10. There’s no special strategy to these three – expect Astaroth to use his aggravating charge move that dodges high and mid attacks, so focus on low or vertical blows and practice your quick step.
    11. Each of these three rebels are likely to run directly toward you without using an attack, making them easy early prey for any combination you can pull out. They also like to run mindlessly into grappling distance, wait, and block. When they attempt to do that, it’s your chance to use a throw.
    12. If you’re having trouble, don’t feel bad about spamming throws. Just let these three come to you, don’t bother chasing after them. If you’re not ready, you might take an early hit if you’re too aggressive.
    13. Play it safe and win each fight, and save your Critical Edge attacks for last. The one benefit of fights against multiple opponents is that while you continue to gain Critical Gauge energy, your opponents do not.

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