Soul Calibur 5 Walkthrough

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  • Story Mode
  • Episode 3

    1. Back with Patroklos, you’ll be facing off against Voldo. A staple of the Soul Calibur series, Voldo is also a very strange character to fight. He doesn’t have much range, he isn’t fast, but his attacks come furiously. His dangerous stances can place him very low to the ground where mid or high attacks will miss and you’ll have to peg him with a low strike, all while he’s spinning his massive blades in every direction.
    2. This is an early fight, so don’t expect to see the worst that Voldo has to offer. Right away, Patroklos has an advantage, his Critical Gauge is half-full. No reason to squander that power, use a Critical Edge or a Brave Edge on him early before your gauge is full.
    3. One of Patroklos’ signature moves is his A+B vertical strike. It’s slow, but has long range – and one bonus, it has a Guard Impact property. Wait for an enemy to strike, then his A+B to stagger them and land this attack full-force.
    4. Like your previous opponents, Voldo really likes running directly at you and standing around. Use throws liberally when he makes himself vulnerable.
    5. Another aspect of Voldo you’ll want to watch out for – he can guard while turned away, and even has a series of special attacks connected with that stance. Most characters do have moves associated with a turned-around stance, but Voldo takes it to a new level. Beware of Voldo looking away, he can be more dangerous than when facing front.
    6. Otherwise, Voldo is an unwieldy and sluggish opponent when not used properly. He’ll spend just as much time standing in place and guarding as he will try to attack. While he’s guarding, move forward and hit him with something unblockable, or a simple low attack. Finish him off and move on to bigger and better things.

    Table of Contents

  • Story Mode
  • Episode 4

    1. Back at the Wind Fortress, Patroklos must face off against Siegfried and his giant sword. Siegfried is a slow opponent, but with some real range thanks to that blade of his.
    2. Siegfried is all about momentum. Don’t let him build up momentum, and he won’t be able to deal significant damage. Be prepared for vertical strike, his horizontal moves are slow but difficult to dodge.
    3. If you watch Siegfried, you’ll see that after most attacks, he’ll pause in a different stance. These stances lead to new branches of special attacks for Siegfried, and they’re his major strength. The AI here won’t press too terribly hard on your skills, so you can expect a second or try between each attack. While in his stances, Siegfried won’t be blocking. Take advantage of those vulnerable moments to demolish him.
    4. Your best bet is to diminish the benefits his extra range provides him. Rush in close and use quick combinations to stagger and break his attacks as they wind up.

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