Soul Calibur 5 Walkthrough

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  • Story Mode
  • Episode 5

    1. Taking a break from Patroklos, you’ll take the reigns of Pyrrha for the next few episodes. Pyrrha uses a similar sword and shield style as Patroklos, so the actual style of play will remain similar.
    2. Before beginning the next episode, it’s always important to overview a new character. Pyrrha’s short sword gives her limited range, but her shield affords her good defense and Guard Impact abilities. The best course of action as Pyrrha is to always move in close, stay close, and use guard effectively.
    3. Pyrrha is a fast attacker, able to dish out quick strikes at relatively close range. While fighting close, remember to look out for grabs. A horizontal throw (A+G) can be broken with the use of a horizontal attack while a gold-ish yellow light appears. The same works against vertical throws (B+G), except you’ll need to counter with a vertical attack instead. Put the input just as you’re grabbed and you’ll break free and have a chance to punish your opponent for their mistake.
    4. Some useful moves for Pyrrha are her A+B standard Guard Impact, followed by a Forward-Forward+B strike. A good way to close in on your enemies is using Pyrrha’s stance, the Angel Step. A quick quarter-roll forward will move her forward and dodge any high attacks. Follow Angel Step up with a two vertical swings to hit mid and high to confound your opponent’s blocking.
    5. Pyrrha’s best sidestep attack is her Plasma Blade. She has others, like Down-Down-B, but they can leave you vulnerable to counter-attacks if you miss.
    6. The Critical Edge for Pyrrha is another useful tool that isn’t easily dodged or blocked. It’s best used after launching your opponent, or to interrupt an incoming attack. Always save your Critical Edges for when your opponent is vulnerable, later in the Story Mode itself the AI will always see the Critical Edge coming if you don’t hit them when they literally cannot guard against it.
    7. Back to the actual episode. Here, you’re facing off against three random custom characters. None of them will put up much of a fight – consider this your training stage with Pyrrha. Try out some new attacks, and check out her Move List in the start menu.
    8. The first of the three is Xiba. Lucky for you, Xiba isn’t as fast as Pyrrha in close range. His staff is mostly used for mid-range combat, if you move in close and use Pyrrha’s effectiveness at close-range combat to your advantage, you’ll make short work of Xiba.
    9. Xiba’s biggest problem is his reliance on stances to attack, giving you a special edge at close-range as he has to prepare his next attack. Don’t let him.
    10. Second, you’ll be faced a custom Natsu. Unlike Xiba, Natsu is perfectly suited for close-range combat and is actually more of a purely offensive character than Pyrrha. Her combos and attacks come especially fast. Effective use of guarding will throw off most of Natsu’s combos.
    11. Natsu isn’t one to guard well, but you will need to look out for her fast movement. Don’t overreach and enter into combos just after one of her attack strings, focus yourself and pick at her health when he’s most vulnerable.
    12. The AI here isn’t as aggressive as a real Natsu player, and won’t use her most damaging or dangerous ninjitsu skills. Move in close and try to confound him with your sidestep move, and don’t forget to attack low while they’re on the ground.
    13. Last up is a custom Mitsurugi. He uses a very plain fighting style, mostly consisting of offensive and vertical attacks. Most of his range comes in the form of long thrusts that can be easily side-stepped. Pyrrha doesn’t have amazing horizontal control like certain characters, but she does well enough at close-range.
    14. Another weakness of Mitsurugi is his reliance on high blows. Use Pyrrha’s Angel Step to close the distance, dodge his high attacks, and hit him with a strike of your own. Mitsurugi is also weak to counter-attacks, is he whiffs with an attack, he has no easy escape.
    15. The AI for Mitsurugi here isn’t especially punishing, fight him as you normally would, make effective use of guards, move in, and strafe around him with horizontal attacks to escape his deadly forward-slashes. With him gone, you’ll move onto the next episode.

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