Soul Calibur 5 Walkthrough

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  • Story Mode
  • Episode 6

    1. Another set of three custom opponents block your path forward. While still relatively simple and unengaging, they’re still a step up from your previous fight. Take everything you’ve learned about Pyrrha and make good use of it, because these three might put up a fight if you’re not careful.
    2. First is a custom Siegfried. This guy is all about range and stances. It takes him time to wind up, but when he gets going he can be difficult to stop.
    3. This Siegfried won’t be especially dangerous, but you still have to watch out for his ranged attacks. Wait for him to whiff with an attack, then rush forward and go to town. Break his stances while he tries to wind-up an attack, and use grabs, the AI won’t stop you. Punish him while he’s on the ground, and you’ll move on.
    4. Siegfried plays defensive when close, and will try to use some of his fast single-strike attacks to know you back. Mix up your combos here, attack high, then low. Launch attacks will help put Siegfried on his back, anything like her diagonal-down-forward+B will do the trick.
    5. Your second opponent is Yan Leixia. Similar to Pyrrha she uses a short sword, but without the shield, she loses the defensive quality and relies purely on quick strikes and offensive, but at the same range.
    6. Leixia is fast, and will try to interrupt any close-range attacks with pokes of her own. Focus on low attacks, knock her back or off her feet, and use effective guards. If you can get the timing right, try to practice your Guard Impacts now. Lexia doesn’t have the annoying speed of Natsu, so you’ll have a better chance at effectively using Impact without getting yourself caught in a combo, if you’re a Soul Calibur beginner.
    7. Hilde’s bringing up the rear, coming at opponents with two weapons at once. Despite have two weapons suited for long-range and close-range, she’s not especially fast with either style of fighting.
    8. Like all long-range characters, you’ll need to close the distance with Pyrrha to really make use of her effective swordplay. With these AI opponents, you have two options. Wait for them to whiff an attack at the beginning of a fight, then rush forward, or use Pyrrha’s Angel Step. While Angel Step is very effective, it doesn’t guarantee a safe trip.
    9. The trick to fighting Hilde is patience. Don’t throw yourself at her right away, instead you’ll want to carefully manage your attacks and wait for openings. The AI here will carelessly launch himself at you, making your job that much easier.

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