Spec Ops: The Line – Collectible Intel Locations

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Surrounding the burning bodies and excessive violence of Spec Ops: The Line, you’ll find intel items to fill that shooter quota of required collectibles. Three achievements are linked to finding this surprisingly limited number of hidden items, but you’ll be rewarded with a deeper look into the events transpiring in Dubai with voice-over narrations. If you’re feeling up hearing more from these characters, check out the full list of intel items below and where to find them.

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Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

Intel Operative (50 points / Gold):
Recover all Intel Items.

Recon (25 points / Silver):
Recover 12 Intel Items.

Spotter (10 points / Bronze):
Recover one Intel Item.

Collectible Intel Locations

Chapter 1

  • Intel #1: When you find the soldier corpse in the open area, look for this intel taped onto the back of an oil truck.
  • Intel #2: You’ll find the crashed plane’s black box (orange in-game) at the bottom of the steps taking you into the passenger’s seating area.

Chapter 2

  • Intel #3: At the beginning of the chapter, you’ll be asked to jump down from a higher area. Instead of hopping down, look at the end of the walkway for a sitting area with a large umbrella set up.
  • Intel #4: Eventually you’ll reach an area with television cameras set up. Get yourself ahead of those cameras, and look in the sand for a buried videotape.

Chapter 3

  • Intel #5: Aftern overhearing Castavin, you’ll jump down from a ledge. Look left and on the ground after jumping down to find this intel.

Chapter 4

  • Intel #6: In the first hallway, before going up the stairs, run ahead and turn left to find a doll.
  • Intel #7: Entering Castavin’s safe house, look on his desk before taking the ropes out.

Chapter 5

  • Intel #8: At the Gym after crossing a bridge at the bottom floor, look for a room left of the bridge to find another piece of intel.
  • Intel #9: After crossing the metal bridge into the top floor apartment, run upstairs and look inside the bedroom for your intel.

Chapter 6

  • Intel #10: Entering “Camp Truth” you’ll find some bodies in a room. Look for a table with torture implements to find your intel.

Chapter 7

  • Intel #11: Before entering the evac point, look for your intel hanging from one of the nearby stop signs.
  • Intel #12: Leaving the storefront at the end of the plaza, look for intel near a sniper rifle.

Chapter 9

  • Intel #13: At the very beginning of the chapter you’ll be contacted by Konrad. Turn around from the start and look for a flag behind that can be collected for intel.

Chapter 10

  • Intel #14: At the evacuation, look for a medical tent that’s blocked by a metal stretcher. Vault over it to enter the large tent and find the intel on the table inside.
  • Intel #15: Later in the level, two enemies will burst through a door and Riggs will shoot them. Near the door is this easy to spot intel.

Chapter 12

  • Intel #16: After you zip-line into the apartment, you can find this tape on a military crate inside the apartment kitchen.
  • Intel #17: Entering the apartment of the Radioman himself, look inside his bathroom across the steps to find intel on the hanging armor vest.

Chapter 13

  • Intel #18: Right as you cross through the crashed airplane, turn left and look underneath the painting of a rainbow to find this intel.
  • Intel #19: Find the stairs that take you out of the camp and to the bridge — you can find a shrine on the left of the path before reaching the steps.

Chapter 14

  • Intel #20: Encountering your first turret of the chapter, look into the room on the left to find intel leaning against a chair inside.
  • Intel #21: After killing the heavily armored soldier with the auto-shotgun, you’ll find a shrine to lost soldiers with a hanging American flag. Collect the note taped to the flag for your intel.

Chapter 15

  • Intel #22: Entering the apartment up the stairs, look on a desk to find intel.
  • Intel #23: Inside the same apartment, look for the last intel near the fireplace.

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