Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Evacuation
  • Chapter 2: The Dune
  • Chapter 3: Underneath
  • Chapter 4: The Refugees
  • Chapter 5: The Edge
  • Chapter 6: The Pit
  • Chapter 7: The Battle
  • Chapter 8: The Gate
  • Chapter 9: The Road
  • Chapter 10: Riggs
  • Chapter 11: Alone
  • Chapter 12: The Rooftops
  • Chapter 13: Adams
  • Chapter 14: The Bridge
  • Chapter 15: Welcome
  • Chapter 10: Riggs

    1. After spending the night in a tube, riding out the sandstorm, the team sets off to head to the tallest tower in Dubai. Move forward by moving through the tents. Grab some intelligence on the desk in the final tent, then hop over the wall, toward the marker. Grab a sticky bomb before you exit by the chain-link gate.
    2. Head for the flare in the distance. You’ll hear some gunfire. Head up the stairs, and you’ll see some enemy soldiers ahead. One of them will be right ahead pointing an RPG. Take him out, then take out the enemies below as you provide protection for the other group inside the building. Might as well use that RPG that’s sitting there. When the coast the clear, drop down and head for the building.
    3. The group inside will throw a flare. Grab some ammo before you head in. From here, you’ll meet up with Riggs. He tells you about their plan to take out the water to cripple the 33rd. After the surprisingly short conversation, the enemy will toss a flashbang in the room. Riggs will defend himself, so take cover by the wall on the left and shoot down the room. You can hop into the bar on the left if you like.
    4. The room leads out into a courtyard where there are a lot of enemies including snipers. I’d recommend actually just staying inside and using the luggage for cover while you take out the enemies in the courtyard. Riggs will cover you up top. Eventually, you’ll have to deal with a heavy. When he approaches, put all your firepower on him until he goes down.
    5. When the heavy goes down, the area is clear. Grab some ammo, then head for the marker to meet Riggs in the kitchen. Follow the flares, then follow him through the rooms and hallways. The team will eventually reach a lobby and office. Take cover by the couch and take out the enemies through the glass. Head up the stairs on the left and enter the office. The team should take care of most of the enemies. If they don’t, shoot them dead.
    6. Follow Riggs and he’ll show you the Dubai Aquatic Colosseum where the water is stored. Riggs will explain that you’ll have to sneak in through the back. Unfortunately, the door that leads to the back, is locked temporarily. You’ll need to hold this position until Riggs can open it. Stay in cover and grab ammo when you need to. When the opportunity arises, tell your team to stun the enemy.
    7. Riggs finally opens the door as the remaining wave dies down. Head through the door as you watch Riggs take out an enemy. Drop down and head for the parking garage.
    8. Immediately take cover by the pillars adjacent to the railings, so you can get a view down the parking garage on both sides, left and right. Take the enemies out from a distance. Later on, you’ll have to fight a heavy, so take him out as soon as you see him.
    9. Keep pushing forward through the garage and you’ll come upon a turret mounted on a Humvee. Move from cover to cover until you get a clear shot at the gunner, then take him out. Move to the gate and Riggs will open the metal door for you. Grab some ammo by the gate if you need it.
    10. Head up the stairs into the Aquatic Colosseum. As you head through, you’ll hear the enemy radio in. Equip your suppressor and take out as many enemies as you can silently starting with the one above the stairs. Eventually, you’ll get spotted and a spotlight will shine down. Take cover by the balcony and tell Lugo to take out the snipers and anyone in the distance.
    11. If you look down the Colosseum, you’ll see the trucks you need to nab, which supplies the water. That’s your goal. You’ll need to move down floor by floor until you reach the bottom to secure the trucks. The only enemy you really need to worry about as you make your way down is a knifer, but it shouldn’t be too bad.
    12. When you reach the trucks, you’ll have to take out the enemy’s last stand, which includes a turret on a Humvee. When that group is gone, the trucks are all yours, but you still need to drive them out.
    13. During the cut-scene, Riggs hands you a grenade launcher as you hop on the side of one of the trucks. It’s time to shoot your way out.
    14. As the trucks move through the city, use that newly procured grenade launcher to rain down some fire on the enemies ahead. The trucks will stop once during this on-rails sequence requiring you to take out a turret. You’ll also need to take out a helicopter and a couple of Humvees. When the convoy moves again the 33rd will get aggressive.
    15. The trucks start to lose control and you’re tossed into a building as the truck crashes.

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