Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Evacuation
  • Chapter 2: The Dune
  • Chapter 3: Underneath
  • Chapter 4: The Refugees
  • Chapter 5: The Edge
  • Chapter 6: The Pit
  • Chapter 7: The Battle
  • Chapter 8: The Gate
  • Chapter 9: The Road
  • Chapter 10: Riggs
  • Chapter 11: Alone
  • Chapter 12: The Rooftops
  • Chapter 13: Adams
  • Chapter 14: The Bridge
  • Chapter 15: Welcome
  • Chapter 12: The Rooftops

    1. The squad begins to make their way to the radio tower. You’ll enter a bar with a sandy floor and a blue backdrop. Move forward through the broken window and you’ll catch sight of a helicopter. Lugo says you should head north across the rooftops.
    2. After the helicopter passes by, head left and continue dropping down the ledges until you hear some enemies having a conversation. You’ll be on their level once you hit a hallway with blinds in the distance. Enter the hallway quietly and use your suppressor to take out the enemy on the left standing on a ledge. Move forward down the hallway and take out two more enemies. They’ll soon be alerted so move from cover to cover as you progress down the hall.
    3. Grab some ammo and grenades before you head into the next area with the red walls and wavy line design. Look down this hallway when you reach it and aim down the corridor. Push forward and you’ll enter another office building with two adjacent rooms to the right and a meeting room on the left. I’d recommend taking the rooms on the right to keep the enemies ahead of you. Clear the enemies in the room underneath the skylight.
    4. Head toward the basketball hoop and take cover against the sandbags by the ledge that hangs out. You’ll see a group of snipers occupying the building ahead. Grab the sniper rifle to counter snipe. You can also use Lugo to take them out as well.
    5. When the snipers have been sniped head out to the ledge and zipline down to the building ahead. You’ll tackle an enemy, but Walker will think it’s Adams. Since you know it’s not Adams, execute the enemy. Before heading up the stairs, grab the intelligence by the fan and speakers next to the stairs.
    6. When you reach the top of the stairs, follow the rooms until you head back outside. Drop down the window, then head left, up the ramp. You’ll see the tower ahead. You’ll also see the zipline that will be used to zip across, but first you’ll need to take cover and snipe the enemies on the dance floor, including a turret on the right side and an eventual RPG.
    7. Be careful of taking cover by the small decorated walls. The cover will chip away until it’s gone, so change your cover from time to time. When all enemies have been eliminated head left, then take the zipline down and enter the bottom floor of the tower until you make it to the radioman.
    8. You’ll have a chat with the radioman when you reach the top. He’ll help you broadcast your message. But before you broadcast, Lugo shoots him, but there’s no time to waste. A helicopter and troops are on their way to secure the tower. It’s time to fight your way out again.
    9. Head back down the way you came as you shoot your way out. Adams will go with you, while Lugo provides overwatch. When you reach the exit, you’ll hear beeping. Take cover and wait for the enemies to blow the door open. When the door does finally blow open, neutralize the enemies looking to get in.
    10. When they’re down, head out and take cover as you head for the helicopter. Take the stairs on the left, then move from cover to cover amongst the crates. Watch out for the knifer that will appear. When it’s clear, Lugo will let you know. Make a mad dash for the helicopter. You’ll then control the turret on the helicopter. Protect Lugo from the enemies that try to take him out until he gets to the helicopter.
    11. When he gets on, Walker tells Adams to fly around to see what the turret can do. Shoot any enemies that move as you slowly take out the tower. This sequence will lead to the introduction of the game.
    12. Shoot all the helicopters down as you did before. The only difference this time is that some helicopters shoot missiles at you, so you’ll have to compensate for those as well. Now you’ll see what happens after the enemy helicopter crashes into yours.

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