Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Evacuation
  • Chapter 2: The Dune
  • Chapter 3: Underneath
  • Chapter 4: The Refugees
  • Chapter 5: The Edge
  • Chapter 6: The Pit
  • Chapter 7: The Battle
  • Chapter 8: The Gate
  • Chapter 9: The Road
  • Chapter 10: Riggs
  • Chapter 11: Alone
  • Chapter 12: The Rooftops
  • Chapter 13: Adams
  • Chapter 14: The Bridge
  • Chapter 15: Welcome
  • Chapter 1: The Evacuation

    1. Before Spec Ops: The Line actually begins, your team is under duress as they try to escape in a helicopter followed by other enemy helicopters. In this on-rails sequence, you’ll see the towering buildings of a ruined Dubai. You’ll be in control of a machine gun turret. As each helicopter tries to shoot you down, take them out.
    2. Eventually you’ll hit a sandstorm and one of the helicopters will seemingly smash into your helicopter, mid-air. The game instantly fades, then the story proper starts.
    3. After you get some background on Konrad and the mission he undertook, you’ll soon see your squad of three enter the outskirts of Dubai under a sandy, hazy, orange/brown, silhouette.
    4. Once you’re in control of Walker, move forward across the sand toward the wreckage. Press “W” to move forward. Tap “Spacebar” to sprint. It does not need to be held to continue sprinting. Move toward your teammates.
    5. You’ll see them take cover against the barriers. Press “Spacebar” to take cover as well. After you’ve got a feel for it, proceed forward, closer to the city. In standard third person shooter fare, hold the right mouse button to zoom your aim. Follow your squadmates until they reach the road. They will take in the view.
    6. Turn right along the road past the sandbags and wreckage. Hop over the sandbags and you and your team will see a pair of dead bodies alongside the road. Turn toward the ledge and you’ll see some metal beams jutting out. Attached to them are ropes. Press “Space” to rappel down.
    7. Move forward along the road inbetween the abandoned cars and wildlife. Eventually you’ll reach a bus. Enter it by vaulting over using “Left Shift”. Listen to the conversation as you move through the bus. When you reach the exit, press “Space” to drop down. You’ll also start hearing a broadcast from a radio in the distance.
    8. Duck underneath the next set of wreckage by pressing “Left Control”. As you move through the narrow path, Lugo finds the distress beacon while Adams finds a pool of blood coming from the door of a Humvee. After checking it out, you’ll soon find out you’re not completely alone.
    9. Enemies above the bus will get up and stand-off occurs. Both parties will try to calm the situation, but just in case it doesn’t end well, Adams suggests shooting the windows from the bus to let the sand sweep the enemies on top. Shoot the glass, then take care of the remaining enemies. Yeah, it doesn’t end well.
    10. When the enemies have been cleared, run past the distress beacon. Immediately take cover by the crates and take out the enemies that appear. Some will emerge from the dune to your left while the others will be on top of the bus to your right. Once they are clear, move ahead and you’ll be pinned down by a machine gun inside of a bus.
    11. Take cover by the green car, then tap the “Middle Mouse Button” to issue a flashbang. It will disorient your foes for easy pickings. Take out anyone moving. When it’s clear, hop over the railing, then enter the bus. Move through the bus to it’s backside and hop over to exit.
    12. As soon as you exit, you’ll see a thrown grenade. You’ll see the enemy who threw it on a billboard up above. Tell Lugo to take him out. To do this, hold the “Middle Mouse Button” this time and a red triangle will appear over the target. Lugo will take him out, as well as the billboard.
    13. Proceed a short distance and take cover by the cars. More enemies will emerge. Take aim and take them all out. More will run out of the crate ahead with the slightly open door. Move through the cargo container after the enemies have been taken care of, then press “Left Shift” to melee the door open. An enemy will be hit as soon as you smash it open, knocking him down. When he’s on the ground press “Left Shift” again to execute him. Having fun yet?
    14. You’ll see an explosion up ahead and Lugo picks up a distress call from Alpha Patrol. They’re under attack. It’s time to move. Run to the next piece of cover you see as a machine gun turret will be firing on you. Move from cover to cover as you flank the turret. Take out the gunner, then the squad behind him.
    15. After the firefight head toward the white marker, shaped like a diamond. Pick up some ammo or new guns if you need to. When you reach the marker, it’s time to rescue Alpha Patrol, who are holed up inside an airplane.
    16. As you approach the plane, you can take out as many of the enemies you can using your suppressor as you move ahead. Press “C” to equip a suppressor on your current gun. Move from cover to cover as you proceed to the underbelly of the plane. Watch out for the enemies on the wing as well as ones that appear after you near the underside of the wing.
    17. Head inside the plane. You can pick up some intelligence before you enter, encased in a red box. When you head inside, move backwards up the stairs to take out the enemies. Make a clean sweep of the plane and you’ll see someone from Alpha Patrol executed. One will be left alive.
    18. Before things get messy, shoot the enemy holding the pistol aimed at the hostage, then take out the rest. The soldier you rescued says to save McPherson and that he was taken to the Nest. It’s time to head north.

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