Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Evacuation
  • Chapter 2: The Dune
  • Chapter 3: Underneath
  • Chapter 4: The Refugees
  • Chapter 5: The Edge
  • Chapter 6: The Pit
  • Chapter 7: The Battle
  • Chapter 8: The Gate
  • Chapter 9: The Road
  • Chapter 10: Riggs
  • Chapter 11: Alone
  • Chapter 12: The Rooftops
  • Chapter 13: Adams
  • Chapter 14: The Bridge
  • Chapter 15: Welcome
  • Chapter 5: The Edge

    1. Move forward with your team along this lonely strip of desert. Drop down at the edge and move forward into the bright light ahead. You’ll be at the edge of a building walking on glass. Move toward the right side to follow the path. Use the zipline by pressing “Space” to slide down to the next building.
    2. Head down the stairs with the Dubai skyline in view. Eventually, you’ll hear two guards converse. You can take them out quietly by equipping your suppressor. Press “C” to do so, then take them out one by one. Keep moving down the stairs and take cover by the door. You’ll hear more enemies talking in the exercise room ahead. Take the group out when you’re ready. You can stay by the door or move behind the counter. There will also be another group that heads up.
    3. When the top is clear, move down the curving staircase. You can stay up top for a bit to take out the enemies that emerge from the floor below you, before you head out completely and take cover by the furniture. Head left when things are temporarily clear and take cover by the pillar with the TV mounted on it. Eliminate the wave of enemies that appear.
    4. Move past the bridge to grab some intel in the room on the left, then head out from the room. Make a left and head toward the windows. You’ll see some rope. Rappel down to the next level. When you reach the level below, Lugo mentions snipers ahead. Grab the sniper rifle propped against the wall, then make your way through the hallway and take cover when you see the snipers. You’ll have the height advantage. Shoot them all in the dome.
    5. When the rooftop is clear of snipers, drop down the walkway and you’ll hear a helicopter. After crossing the bridge, take cover underneath the undulating canopy, as a swarm of enemies will approach. There will be enemies that appear in the red building to your left as well as some long range ones in the distance past the ventilation units. Hold out here, until the enemies are gone, then move through the ventilation units, then up the stairs through the red double doors.
    6. Head through, then drop down and move past the blinds. Move through the room up the stairs. If you head down the stairs, you can grab some ammo. When you’re ready, head up the stairs and through the short hallway. It will lead outside. Hop over the railing and onto the sand. You’re actually on glass and the enemies will shoot it underneath your feet. It will shatter, triggering a slow motion moment where you hang and take out enemies below. Once you drop, take cover.
    7. You’ll face another wave of enemies, including a ninja-like knifer. When you see him, take him out. Push forward through the room. Watch out for enemies on the left side balcony as well as on the roof through the skylight. Keep pushing using the pillars for cover, until they’re gone, then move down through the broken windows and use the zipline.
    8. After using the zipline, head left onto the precarious makeshift bridge. Head up the stairs into the next building to grab some intel. Head back down through the doors. You’ll see spray paint on the wall with a sign that says “Liars Lair”. Kick the door open.
    9. Move through this deserted room, make a left into the short hallway, then make a right along the inclined hallway to the double doors ahead. When you open it, a sand avalanche will take you, Walker, down many, many stories.

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evil dan0

On July 21, 2012 at 2:14 pm

cool game but 1 day and that was it
finished the game story is great