Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Evacuation
  • Chapter 2: The Dune
  • Chapter 3: Underneath
  • Chapter 4: The Refugees
  • Chapter 5: The Edge
  • Chapter 6: The Pit
  • Chapter 7: The Battle
  • Chapter 8: The Gate
  • Chapter 9: The Road
  • Chapter 10: Riggs
  • Chapter 11: Alone
  • Chapter 12: The Rooftops
  • Chapter 13: Adams
  • Chapter 14: The Bridge
  • Chapter 15: Welcome
  • Chapter 6: The Pit

    1. After the rough landing, you’ll begin to wake up and realize, you’re separated from your team. You’ll roll into cover against a car as enemies search for you. Move along the right side of the car and you’ll see a grenade box next to the makeshift building ahead. Immediately head there, grab the grenades and the shotgun. Try to keep the enemies in front of you. If you decide to stay here, pump the enemies full of lead as you see them approach from both sides. Hold out until your team arrives.
    2. When you see Adams and Lugo, they’ll take care of the rest of the remaining enemies in the area. Eventually the path will be laid out for you as a bridge comes down for you to walk across. But first you’ll need to take care of the guys that lowered the bridge. When they’re gone, move along this vehicle graveyard toward the cargo container. Take cover as another group approaches. When you progress, a turret will start to fire.
    3. There’s a flanking route you can use against the turret on the right side past the ruined van. You’ll have to fight your way there though. Move through the alley and you’ll be on the turret’s left side. If the machine gunner is still alive, take him out, if not, Adams will try to open the door. It’s going to take a while, so you’ll have to defend the rear using the turret.
    4. Head up the ramp to take control of the turret and mow down the wave of enemies that enter. You can tell Lugo to take out the enemies in the distance. When the wave has come crashing down, head back to Adams. The door will be open. Drop down the hole and a foul stench is in the air.
    5. You’ll see the bodies of hundreds of civilians. Move through the massacre and follow the hallway. Grab some intel by the bodies propped in the chairs. Head up the stairs, make a right, and you’ll see some stairs bathed in white light, where a body is hanging upside down. It’s Daniels, but he’s definitely not alive.
    6. After the cut-scene, you’ll be in cover with a CIA operative Gould helping you out. He’ll give you path you need to cross to get out. Move from cover to cover along the left side. The room is circular so you’ll curve to the right. Take out the enemies as you head for the marker. Watch out for grenades.
    7. When you reach the marker, you’ll head into a hallway that leads into the museum. Take out the enemies barring your progress, then take cover by the pillar. You’ll see a huge skeleton ahead. The room hooks left, with a machine gun in the corner and more skeletons to admire. Take out the gunner, then keep moving past the skeletons as you keep taking out more enemies.
    8. When you reach the T-Rex skeleton, you’ll have a good field of view of the enemies down the hallway. Eventually a helicopter will harrass you. Run for it as you head toward the markers! The helicopter will fire a missile during the cut-scene as your team narrowly escapes.

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evil dan0

On July 21, 2012 at 2:14 pm

cool game but 1 day and that was it
finished the game story is great