Spider-Man: Edge of Time Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • The Prologue
  • Chapter One
  • Chapter Two
  • Chapter Three
  • Chapter Four
  • Chapter Five
  • Chapter Six
  • Chapter Seven
  • Chapter Eight
  • Chapter Nine
  • Chapter Ten
  • Chapter Eleven
  • Chapter Twelve
  • Chapter Thirteen
  • Chapter Fourteen
  • Chapter Fifteen
  • Chapter Sixteen
  • Chapter Eleven

    1. Hilariously, Peter is facing down something indescribably hideous, but we’re gonna play as Miguel for a while. Immediately you do something very dangerous. Beat up the shield generator, grab the orb, then head into the vents. When you reach the end, look for a blue orb and a Golden Spider before you drop into the hole indicated by your Spidey Sense.
    2. Follow your radar to activate the cart, and then prepare for the zombie critters. Follow your senses to a console, activate it, then protect the cart on its journey. Shove it into place when it gets to the end of the track.
    3. Follow the radar to another console. First, go behind it through a door and destroy the shield generator. Then release the cart and protect it. When it reaches the hold up, leap ahead to another console to let it continue. As it progresses, sentries will join the fight, and they’re armed. Once the cart is in place, you’ll need to give it a shove as well.
    4. You’ll have to repeat this process one more time, but the last time is a pain in the ass. The zombies come fast and thick. There are two consoles, the one releases the DNA cart, the other damages the zombies, but it’s a hard balance to reach. If you just get down on the floor level and defend the cart, there might be a couple of achievements for fisticuffs in it for you. When the cart is on its way out, a flying, shooting guard will show up just to make things interesting. Shove the last cart into place when you’re done.
    5. For the final leg, you’ll have to bide your time while the zombies pile up. Enjoy yourself if you like, on top of the platform, beating them as they come along. When the complete percentage reaches about 80, more random guards will show up. When the countdown is over, enter the room below you and hit the console.
    6. Achievement: For analyzing all the data, you get the Complete Data Diviner achievement for 10 more points.

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    2 Comments on Spider-Man: Edge of Time Walkthrough


    On February 15, 2012 at 9:44 am

    Man I’m having trouble on the jungle portion I have one room left n its t he one with all guards at the bottom of the screen but here’s the thing bit won’t lemme through the door it jus won’t let me walk right n I don’t have to start over from bthe beginning jus to get through that one part n all I need is this last battery or bomb please help


    On August 13, 2013 at 11:00 am

    how do you complete the part where you have to go thourg the tunnel