Splatterhouse (2010) Walkthrough

It’s been a number of years, but Splatterhouse is back, taking advantage of the power of modern consoles to deliver an experience that is as violent as it is gleefully gory. The basic plot is refreshingly straightforward: a mad scientists unleashes legions of stomach turning-monsters, using them to kidnap the protagonist’s sexy girlfriend and wounding him in the process. Our hero, Rick, finds a magical mask that imbues him with horror movie superpowers, and he sets off on a mission of revenge.

Namco Bandai is no stranger to the beat-em-up, and the over-the-top, combo-based gameplay is a blast. There are definitely challenges afoot, though, so take advantage of our full walkthrough. If you’re looking for hard data, like trophiesachievements, or lists of collectibles, you can check out our cheats page.

Table of Contents

The Walkthrough

Phase 1: Satan’s Masque

  1. Take this first battle as an opportunity to try to get used to the controls. Follow the prompts to see how you can put attacks together into combos. You can’t lose here, so just keep slicing away until all the enemies are dead.
  2. When you’re done, take the staircase on the right. You can smash various destructible objects in the room, but there’s no point. Follow the hallway when you get to the top until you hit a door that opens, and then keep moving until you’re locked into another room.
  3. Here you’ll be attacked by another wave of those little brown enemies. You’re short on powers right now, so get used to dodging away. You’ll also want to get versed in doing Splatterkills, as there are Achievements and Trophies tied to nailing a lot of those.
  4. GRAMOPHONE: One of the game‘s two sets of collectibles, a series of gramophones you can listen to, shows up in this room. When you’re done fighting, stand with your back to the two windows the enemies came through and look along the left wall. Activate the gramophone that’s beside a book case.
  5. PHOTO: You’ll find the first of the next set of collectibles, pieces of photographs, on the ground up ahead. Leave by the newly opened door and enter the next hallway. Look for a glowing white piece of paper on the ground a little to the right of the main path. Walk over it to pick it up.
  6. Go down the stairs and into the next room. You’ll trigger a quick cutscene, and then it’s off to fight with a bunch of easier-to-kill ghouls. These guys aren’t as big of a deal as their spikier compatriots that you’ve been dealing with up to now.
  7. It’ll only take two or three hits to put down any of these enemies, so use fast attacks to pop through them. After a few seconds of fighting, you’ll be ready to move on. Follow the hallway through until you’re stopped again.
  8. The room with the laughing animal heads on the wall has you fighting off a bunch of enemies for a set period of time. Keep blasting through them and get to know the Blood Siphon move in order to heal. Remember that tapping the prompted button gets you more health back than if you don’t tap.
  9. When you’ve killed a few of these guys, the fireplace will be cleared for a second. This is your chance to get through — if you wait, the fire will kick back on again and you’ll have to survive a few seconds longer before you can dash through. Keep an eye on the fireplace and pick your moment.
  10. Keep moving through the hallway. You’ll fight a few more ghouls along the way, and when you get to the doors at the end, you’ll have to pound through some boxes to get to them. These are filled with blood worms, and squashing them earns you extra blood. Look for them in destructible items throughout the game.
  11. GRAMOPHONE: When you kick through the next door, you’ll find a mostly empty room with just another door to go through. Immediately turn right and activate the Gramophone in the back corner of the room, beside your door, before moving on.
  12. Trying to kick open the next door gets you attacked by a huge demon enemy. You’ll get tossed into another room in the next cutscene.
  13. When you get control back, you’ll have a few options. First, pick up your arm off the ground and turn left, toward the doorway between the big tubes. Inside, ghouls will attack you, and you can use your arm as a weapon.
  14. ACHIEVEMENT/TROPHY: Kill any of these guys with your own arm to earn the “Morbid Dismemberment” Achievement or Trophy.
  15. GRAMOPHONE: Once you’ve cleared the room, activate the Gramophone in the back left corner. You’re free to leave when you’ve done that.
  16. The tubes back in the main room explode with new man-like zombie enemies when you go back through there. These guys are a little more resilient than the enemies you’ve faced up to now. Use the charge-up attack you’re prompted about to help whittle them down, and make use of Splatterkills to finish them off.
  17. ACHIEVEMENT: One of the Splatterkills against these guys is to rip off both their arms. If you pick up an arm once you’ve torn it off and kill a guy with it, it’s good for the “See You At The Party” Achievement. Rack up 150 kills with enemy arms for the “None More Dead” Achievement.
  18. PHOTO: Head to the other open doorway before you leave this area through the closed door. You’ll find the photo on the ground in the doorway.
  19. GRAMOPHONE: You’ll find this one in the back right corner of the room.
  20. Time to go. Kick the sealed door in and follow the hallway all the way up to another dead end. After a few seconds of dialogue, the game will prompt you to do a ground pound move to go downward. Hold off just a second.
  21. PHOTO: Check to the left of the glowing green floor for the third piece of photo before you leave.
  22. Now you’re clear to descend. Pound through the floor and you’ll wind up in another room filled with enemies — a mix of the tougher zombies and the smaller ghouls. In order to open the way forward, you’ll have to survive a few waves of these guys and kill enough to charge the emblem with blood.
  23. Not much to this. Keep pounding away and try to keep your blood meter filled so you can heal as necessary. When you’ve hit the right number of kills, you’ll be able to activate the emblem and create some stairs going down.
  24. At the bottom, grab that 2×4 from the middle of the room and have fun laying waste to the zombies that come out of the cages nearby.
  25. PHOTO: Check the cage on the right before you leave this room for Phase 1′s last photo piece. You’ll unlock the “Jen Smells of Rot…of the Grave” Achievement.
  26. Descend the stairs on the left. Through the closed door, after the cutscene, you’ll have another bunch of enemies to pound through. You should know what you’re doing pretty well here by now, but try to save some of your blood meter for what’s coming.
  27. After the first group of enemies, you’ll fight that big demon from before. He’s tough in the state you’re in now, but if you act fast, you’ll be okay.
  28. First, get to know the roll. The game prompts you about it, and you’ll want to use that keep try to keep clear of the demon’s attacks. Dodge his whip-like strikes and get in close to lay into him with your fists.
  29. The demon will get fairly staggered by your attacks, but once you get a combination or two off, it’ll strike back with an area attack that’ll knock you back. Counteract it with hit-and-run style strikes — get in close, punch away, then get clear when the demon stumbles.
  30. The other attack you need to avoid is the enemy’s charging attack, which will end with a sort of humping move that’ll send you flying and do a lot of damage. Your hit-and-run strategy should help avoid that, but keep an eye out for the monster to start running for you. When that happens, roll clear.
  31. Whittle the demon down until he’s in the red (charged-up heavy attacks work well) and get him with a Splatterkill. After that, you can leave by the door at the far end of the room to finish the level.
  32. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll get a quick tutorial about buying abilities when you finish the battle. The “Hunger Pangs” Achievement unlocks when you buy your first ability. I recommend you build Rick’s health up early — you’ll have an easier time, and it’s relatively inexpensive to grow your health bar quite a bit.

Phase 2: The Doll That Bled

  1. Head down the stairs. Toward the bottom, you’ll get in a one-on-one fight with a zombie guy, which should be relatively easy. Kick the door open at the bottom.
  2. In the next room, you’ll need to power the blood ciphers to open the door forward. To do that, go to the tubes on the left of the two statues and turn the valve in between them to kill the two subjects inside.
  3. Doing so activates the nearby cage door, releasing a bunch more zombies. You’ll have to fight through them to move on.
  4. PHOTO: Check the back of the room the zombies came out of to find your first photo of this phase.
  5. You can now activate one of the ciphers. Picking the wrong one means fighting through another squad of zombies to move on. You can find out which cipher is the right one by using the Blood Siphon movie and looking for red markings on the floor. Stand in front of the door the zombies came out of when you do it for a clear shot of one.
  6. After you open the staircase, you’ll descend into a 2D side-scrolling hallway. These come up from time to time. Grab that machete out of the body ahead and head forward to take on some ghoul enemies.
  7. You’ll have no trouble at all pounding through the first sets of ghouls. After that, make your way forward and crash through the boxes and other debris to get to the environmental traps. The game will prompt you to sprint over a few sets of spikes.
  8. Beyond those are some jumping traps. You’ll have to hop over some pits, but wait a second as you approach them for the huge spiky morning stars to swing past you.
  9. TIP: Rick is a terrible jumper. Make sure you get close to the edges of the pits before you jump, but be careful not to fall in. This portion can get a little frustrating.
  10. You’ll kill some more ghouls and hit a couple of fiery pits at the bottom of some stairs. Jump those carefully. Rick heads back up next, pounding through some more small enemies. After that, you’ll pass some more spike traps and then drop into another hallway.
  11. Follow the hall to the end, where you’ll find a chamber with a locked door. You can lift up the two big metal cage doors on the sides of the room to let some enemies out. Kill them to start the process of getting out of here.
  12. After you kill a few enemies, a statue shaped like a face will slide down the wall. Kill more guys and a big spike will come out of it. When that happens, you’ll need to grab an enemy and throw them toward the spike to impale them on it.
  13. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Bad Taste” Achievement unlocks for your first impalement kill.
  14. Repeat the process for a second impalement to open the door and get rid of the rest of the enemies.
  15. PHOTO: Check the cage to the left of the door for this photo. It’s hidden under some crates and barrels at the back of the room.
  16. Grab a machete from the middle of the hallway as you go forward. You’ll want it in the next big room, which has a similar setup to the one you just left, but includes one of those big demons.
  17. When you arrive, use the machete to make quick work of the smaller enemies, then bury it in the demon to do a lot of damage in one shot. Quickly combo him and then get back to avoid his attacks. You should be able to finish him off without struggling too much.
  18. Destroy the boxes here to get some bore worms and that should spill enough blood to lower the first face. Go open the other cage — inside, you’ll have enemies to impale, and you should find a 2×4 that will make the process easier.
  19. Line up your enemies in front of the spikes and go to work with the 2×4. You’ll use it as a bat, sending enemies flying into the spikes. Land two and the door opens.
  20. Proceed down the next hall. Be careful of the zombie along the way. At the end is yet another impalement locked door. Open the cage to the right and head for the lever you see there.
  21. Still got your 2×4, right? Put it to work on these zombies’ heads. Be careful as you walk down the hallway, as they like to pop out of the cells on the sides and get you from behind. Squash them all and then throw the lever. Grab the lead pipe from the ground to replace your 2×4.
  22. Backtrack and open the other cage. That releases enemies for you to impale. There are four spikes, but you only need to hit two.
  23. You’re clear all the way to the top of the stairs. There’s a fresh machete for you at the end of the next hallway.
  24. Kick through the door and the whole room will turn into a huge bloody mess. You need to just survive here for a bit, and that means killing a lot of ghouls (the little guys) and zombies (the bigger guys). Go to work with that machete and you’ll do okay.
  25. Be careful not to let the bigger zombie enemies grab you with a run attack — it’ll cause you to drop your weapon. Keep slicing away until the last one dies and the room will change back to its normal look, allowing you to move on.
  26. Another hallway. At the far end, you’ll enter a bedroom full of ghouls. Pound them. Check the box on the right side of the bed for a 2×4 to help.
  27. GRAMOPHONE: You should also check the right corner just beside the door you entered through.
  28. Head left out the open doors. You’ll encounter your first blue ghoul in the next hallway — these guys are tougher than the ghouls you’ve faced up to now, and they have some wicked slash moves that will dismember you instantly. Deal with him by timing a 2×4 strike right when he jumps at you. If you get hit, be sure to heal fast, or you could be killed pretty easily.
  29. Keep moving. At the dead end of the next hallway, you’ll find a switch on the ground. Ground pound it to activate it, opening the way forward, but also turning on some spike traps you’ll have to get by.
  30. These are easy to dodge: wait for them to retract, then sprint by. Try not to go too early, as you’ll be stunned if you touch the spikes even a little, and that usually results in your being crushed before you can escape.
  31. Move to the newly opened hallway and you’ll get more spikes to contend with. If you made it through the first set okay, you’ll do fine here. Just around the corner from those is a hallway filled with zombies. If you’ve got your 2×4 still, you’re lucky. Have at it. If not, try to focus on one enemy while keeping the others at bay to thin their numbers.
  32. GRAMOPHONE: Proceed to the next room at the top of the stairs and hit the gramophone on the table on the right wall.
  33. To move on, you’ll have to open two rooms here and kill the enemies inside. Start with the one to the right of the gramophone, which is filled with regular ghouls.
  34. GRAMOPHONE: There’s another gramophone here, in the back left corner.
  35. Backtrack out and kick open the left door. You’ll want to dodge backward and out of the way to start, to avoid the attack of the blue ghoul inside. Pound on him as he goes by. A quick way to dispatch him is with Rick’s grab move.
  36. PHOTO: There’s another photo piece where the blue ghoul was standing in the left room, at the back.

The Upside-down Room

  1. You should be free to keep moving. You’ll enter a hallway filled with ghouls, including one blue one around a bend, but you should be well equipped to handle just about anything now.
  2. Past that, Rick drops into a room that’s inverted. This is another “kill waves of enemies” room. You shouldn’t have much trouble with most of the little guys, although a blue ghoul shows up after you dispatch your first round, so keep an eye out.
  3. Eventually, the door forward will open. Head down hall; up ahead, you’ll see a few blue ghouls, but before you reach them, they get crushed by something. When you hit that bend in the hallway, you’ll see why — possessed furniture is rocketing down the hall toward you.
  4. This is actually pretty easy. Stick to the sides of the hallway and when something comes at you, just stop. Be sure to wait a second after it passes to make sure there’s not a second piece of furniture there.
  5. PHOTO: At the first point where the hallway opens up on the sides, grab the last photo from the right side. That should net you the “Call of Thule” Achievement as well.
  6. Move on down the hall, dodging the furniture that shows up, until you hit the doors at the end. Head to the end for your first big boss fight.

Boss Fight: The Living Doll

  1. This is a multi-stage boss fight, but it’s not that hard. First, the boss surrounds itself with debris. Watch for items to stop moving — that means they’re about to come flying at you. Keep moving from side to side to avoid getting hit.
  2. TIP: You may want to take 5,000 blood points and invest them in the “Unstoppa-bull” upgrade to Rick’s rolling. It turns him invincible whenever he rolls, which will help you dodge a lot of attacks here.
  3. After all the debris is expended, the boss will start to attack you. Its moves consist of pounding the ground in front of it, basically — you’ll want to quickly dash around the side of it and try to stay on its right or left for the rest of this section.
  4. The boss pounds the ground a couple of different ways: One, with the clock tower, which will root it in place for a second; and the other with the cylindrical arm that fires pressure at the ground in several bursts.
  5. For you, the damage will be less. Keep running around the side and hacking away at the foot. Try to get a feel for the timing of when the boss moves and you can dodge away, avoiding taking any damage from when the foot moves.
  6. Be careful that you don’t get stomped — the boss very occasionally uses that move — and keep pounding it. Before too long, you’ll do enough damage that a cutscene will activate and the floor will give way. Keep an eye out for a quicktime prompt.
  7. You’ll fall into a lower level, with the boss trapped halfway into a hole in the ground. When this happens, it’ll start to fire both its arms at you like a Stretch Armstrong. Dodge sideways as best you can to avoid them.
  8. The boss can’t be hurt here until something specific happens — it’ll pound the clock tower into the ground in front of it and get stuck. Dodge that move (the Terror Mask will generally announce it), then get in close and attack the clock.
  9. Watch also for the boss to sweep both arms sideways, covering the whole field in front of it. This move is why you wanted to be invincible while rolling. You should be able to dodge under the attack and escape getting hurt.
  10. A couple rounds of dishing damage to the clock will trigger a scene in which the boss bashes the floor. You’ll get another round of clock-attacking after that.
  11. After the second time you attack the clock when it’s stuck in the ground, you’ll have to follow a quicktime prompt to attack it during the next cutscene. Make sure you pay attention, and wail on the button you’re prompted. Otherwise, the boss could kill you and you’ll have to replay this middle portion again.
  12. Finish the quicktime part and the boss will smash through the floor, and you’ll be back to fighting it straight-up again. This is a repeat of the first stage, in which a bunch of furniture got thrown at you. Deal with it the same way here, by moving sideways.
  13. As soon as the debris is gone, quickly cut the distance between you and the boss and attack it the same way. It’s working in some new moves, making it more dangerous, but they’re limited to landing in front of it. The boss will pivot more now, but that’s about all you have to contend with.
  14. Get to one of the feet and try to stay behind and to the side of it. Land a few hits and get on the move again; keep this process going and make use of the roll if you get into trouble and find yourself stuck in front of the boss.
  15. That’s about all there is to it. When you hurt the boss enough, you’ll get one more quicktime trigger. Get through that, and that’s the end of the fight.
  16. ACHIEVEMENT: ”The Berserker” Achievement unlocks when you finish Phase 2.

Phase 3: In the Shadow of the Abyss

  1. Check behind your starting location for a lead pipe, then push on through the area. You’ll see a weird-looking enemy up ahead. Follow it, and a group will attack you.
  2. These little guys aren’t much hassle, and will actually dodge away from you rather than fight head-on. They get irritating when they climb up on things and launch themselves at you — look for a red target on the ground, and get clear of it. That’s where they’ll land.
  3. Lay into these guys with your pipe. You shouldn’t struggle much, and before long they’ll all die. One will open a path upward, which is where you’re headed in a second.
  4. PHOTO: First, though, go around the corner near where you first encountered the little dreadlock-wearing guys. There’s a wrecked crane there and a dead-end, as well as a photo right on the ground in the middle.
  5. Make your way up through the open container and around the outer edge of the area. You’ll get to a console you can break, which will make a walkway that will let you enter a nearby building. Follow the path inside.
  6. After a bit, you’ll drop down into a side-scrolling section filled with traps. Keep your eyes open — you need to run from the crushing thing behind you, while jumping over and rolling under saw blades that come out of the walls and floor.
  7. You’ll get this easily enough. Just keep looking for whether the traps are above or below and respond appropriately. When you hit ghouls toward the end, ignore them or jump over them. Fighting will slow you down, and you really don’t need to.
  8. At the end of that section, you’ll hit a spot where you can punch through the floor. That drops you into the sewers, where you’ll continue moving sideways. Dodge the streams of blood and fight through the enemies to more forward.
  9. Before too long, you’ll hit a section with catwalks that you have to jump to. Hang tight while the blood fountains spray, but don’t linger too long, or the platforms beneath you will fall.
  10. Once you clear those catwalks, it’s basically just punching your way through enemies to get to the end. Keep working through the tunnel until you hit a spot where you can drop down, and you’ll find yourself back outside.
  11. There’s a bus blocking your way, and two illuminated circles with spikes in the center on either side of it. When you go forward into this area, enemies will start rushing you. You’ll need to pick them up and throw them at the spikes in order to open the way forward.
  12. This might seem hard, but it’s not. Clear away the ghouls and go for the brown, monkey-type enemies. Try to throw them from a distance, as you’ll liquefy guys against the cement barriers if you’re too far away.
  13. Get your two good throws off to stop the flow of enemies and just finish off what’s left. If you do it quickly and carefully, you can get through here with almost no trouble at all.
  14. PHOTO: Right on the other side of the bus, turn right and bash through some barrels to get this photo off the ground.
  15. Follow the path until you hit a fence on your left, then drop through the hole in it to the other side. You’ll face a new brand of enemy, not unlike the zombies you’ve dealt with up to now. They’re fast and will grab you from behind, and are most dangerous when they have meat cleavers.
  16. Speaking of cleavers, look for one on the ground in the middle of all those white butcher guys. These guys can be tough the way other enemies of their type are tough, but if you can get ahold of a weapon, you’ll speed through this fight without issue.
  17. After you smash through a bunch of the butchers, a new one drops down with cleaver of his own. Just nail him with your weapon to take him out of the fight instantly.
  18. Once you’re done here, a new path opens up going forward. Drop down, and then jump to the hanging train car. You’ll automatically leap to the glowing white spots on the car.
  19. As soon as you touch the car, push up on your Analog Stick and jump again, until you get to the top and the whole car rotates toward the next roof. Then jump clear, before the whole car falls and you have to repeat this section.
  20. Once you hit the roof, start moving forward quickly. The whole thing will begin to collapse in a second, so you want to get moving. When a metal antenna falls down to make a bridge, jump onto it to cross to the next rooftop — then cut to the left.
  21. Follow the path around to the left as everything falls apart. You may need to sprint to avoid falling to your death. As you approach the far side, you’ll see a butcher standing around in an opening that leads to another building. Jump as you approach and Rick will throw himself at the enemy. Hit the prompt button to kill the guy as you land.
  22. Now that you’re back inside, head to the left. You’ll see some more guys, but they’ll get crushed by the collapsing ceiling. Cut back toward the butcher who just busted through the wall behind you — kill him and take his machete.
  23. PHOTO: When you go through that hole in the wall, turn right immediately to find photo No. 3.
  24. Keep moving forward. You’ll have to fight through a bunch of butchers, but with your machete, you’ll do just fine. Be careful you don’t get hit and lose a limb — if you do, quickly use Blood Siphon to keep from getting mauled and killed.
  25. You’ll hit an opening in the wall when you get through the butchers. Grab a new machete from the ground, then jump across the opening to make it to another building. Keep moving through, taking out any enemies that get in your way.
  26. Another crop of butchers waits ahead, but with a fresh machete you should have an easy time of it. If not, try to concentrate on and kill one, then take his weapon. A Splatterkill usually frees it up pretty easily. Get a fresh cleaver before you go.
  27. Hop across to the next building and follow the path as the floor collapses. When you get to the end, the platform you’re standing on will give way, and you’ll have to jump to the next rooftop. Shouldn’t be a problem — just wait for instructions to go from the mask.
  28. Now keep moving up the rooftop, and an antenna tower will fall to make a path for you. Walk across, and on the other side, you’ll be accosted by ghouls as you get into the building. Swing away with your cleaver to kill them, especially the blue ghoul coming for you.
  29. Pry open the doors and you’ll enter an elevator. Jump up to the glowing handhold above and use it to get to the top of the shaft. In the next room, you’ll kill a few more ghouls before moving on.
  30. Pretty straightforward moving on. You’ll hit a window-washing lift that you can lower to the rooftop below. Then jump across for a cutscene.
  31. You’re in another large battle. Watch out for the flying attacks of those dreadlock enemies. Look in the center of the room for a machete you can use against them. Kill them all and you’ll open the way forward.
  32. PHOTO: Before you take off, check under the overhanging section that has the tentacled Aegis monster on it for your last photo. It’s on the ground, about 10 feet left of the flaming barrel.
  33. Leave when the wall opens up. At the top of the ramp, you’ll face another largish battle, this time with the tentacled Aegis monster taking part. It has the ability to render other monsters in the area invincible, so you’ll have to take it out.
  34. To get the Aegis down to where you can kill it, you’ll need to destroy the two columns supporting its platform. Ignore the other enemies as best you can — although, keep an eye out for that bullseye on the ground — and hack away until the platform falls.
  35. When that happens, you can kill the Aegis, but it has a tendency to avoid your attacks. To beat it, follow the prompt to do Rick’s strong charge move by sprinting and hitting the heavy attack button. You’ll plow into the Aegis and it dies from almost no contact at all.
  36. With that done, hack into the last of the little guys until they’re gone. It’s pretty standard. The way will open forward when it’s time to leave, and you’ll watch a cutscene before jumping into another big battle.
  37. Fighting in front of the Statue of Liberty, at first you’ll be attacked by a wave of the little spiky enemies. You know how to handle this — just kill them for now.
  38. After you’ve deal with your first wave, you’ll have to fight another one, but this time, your task is to feed the little spiky guys to the big mouth in the statue. Do this by utilizing the same moves you would if you were throwing these guys to be impaled by spikes — grab them, aim at the mouth, and throw them.
  39. You’ll need to throw six or eight guys into the mouth to open the path. Keep hurling the little guys until they thin out, then turn your attention to the butchers. There are a few standard butchers and one with a cleaver — kill him and take his weapon if you can.
  40. You can also grab the butchers and kick them into the mouth, but it’s a bit of a pain. The easier method is to get the cleaver from the enemy and use it to cut apart all the other bigger guys. Drop the cleaver when you’re done and pick up any remaining spiky guys to throw into the mouth. When you’ve fed it enough, you’ll get a cutscene.

Phase 4: The Meat Factory

  1. Passing through the statue takes you into a slaughterhouse. Head through the halls and grab the 2×4 when you see it. Before long, you’ll wind up in a room filled with ghouls — seek out the blue ones and use your 2×4 to take them out fast.
  2. After you clear that room, you can head down a hallway, where there’s a machete. As soon as you get near it, a blue ghoul will drop down in front of you. Take it out fast, then get the one that’s eating as you head forward.
  3. Your next big stop will be a room that fills up with butchers. You shouldn’t have an issue if you’ve got your weapon — just go to town on them. You can also pick up spares off their bodies.
  4. Head out of the room and follow the hallway down. At the end, you’ll hit another big locked room, and another big fight. This time, you’ll face a big snail-looking guy with one big arm that he’ll try to crush you with.
  5. Fighting this guy is tough because your weaker attacks don’t really have much effect. You’ll need to charge up attacks if you want to do any real damage. Watch out for his two major attacks: a sweeping one, which has a wide area, and a overhead slam.
  6. You’re also at risk of being grabbed and thrown by the enemy, which can be problematic. If he grabs you, immediately start wailing on the A Button (X if you’re on PS3). You’re about to get a quicktime event trigger, and if you don’t hit the button fast enough, you’ll take considerable damage.
  7. For the most part, dodge around the sides and back of the enemy to get in close enough for a charged strike. Try to be attacking from behind whenever possible to avoid taking much damage in return. You’ll have to dance around some, but after inflicting some pain, you can go into a Splatterkill.
  8. TIP: The Splatterkill for this guy can be tough on harder difficulties because you don’t have much time to react. If it’s giving you trouble, just pound him to death.
  9. PHOTO: As you leave the room with the big snail guy, you’ll stumble on a new Jennifer photo right in the middle of the hallway.
  10. Keep moving. Your next stop is a big room with a bunch of brown spiky monsters. On the left side are three chairs with spikes coming out of them. As you might guess, your task is to grab the spiky monsters and stab them through on the chairs.
  11. This looks tough, but it’s not really. Grab one of the guys quickly and march him over to a chair. Put him down when prompted, then grab another and do it again. If you move fast, you can get all three impaled with no trouble at all, which opens the door.
  12. The next room is like a big microwave. Wait for it to glow white, then run through when the color returns to normal so you don’t get cooked.
  13. PHOTO: In the next hallway, hug the left wall to find the photo on the ground. It’s right before the piece of fence that’s lying on the ground with the sign that reads “Keep Out.”
  14. At the end of the hall, you’ll hit some ghouls that should cause you no trouble at all. Pry open the door to enter a new hallway with multiple paths. Start with the path to the right — walk to the end and wait for the furnace around the corner to spit fire at you. Once it’s done, you can step around the corner and grab a machete from next to the furnace, then back track and take the much longer hallway forward.
  15. Your next stop are a series of rooms like the microwave chamber you passed through before. There are three total — you need to fight off the enemies that flood each chamber until you hear a bell go off, signalling you to move forward to the next room. Stick around too long and you’ll get cooked.
  16. The first chamber will really only have ghouls in it. Keep pounding away until you hear the ding, then move to the center room. Behind you, a bunch of enemies will get cooked by the microwave, and you’ll face a combination of ghouls and spiky monsters.
  17. Note that you can kick the enemies into the microwave field to instantly kill them. You shouldn’t be too overmatched here if you just keep working and taking out anybody you can. Remember that you have the roll and the sprint charge move that can help get you out of danger.
  18. Keep working until the ding and move forward. The last room only has spiky monsters. Repeat the process until the last door opens and you can leave — you’ll fall down into a side-scrolling section below.
  19. Here, your chief concern is the environmental traps. Ahead you’ll face crushing implements on the conveyor belt, so move forward carefully each time you come to one. Don’t sprint — it’ll just make you overshoot your goal and kill yourself. The belt gives you speed enough to avoid getting crushed.
  20. Make sure you clear out the ghouls on the belt, in front and behind, before you go through the crusher things. If you’re attacked, you’ll be stunned just enough to get yourself killed.
  21. Past the crushers, you’ll jump off the conveyor belt and have to jump from platform to platform. Keep an eye out for moving gears on the tracks in between each platform, as they’ll take you out if you’re not careful.
  22. Beyond the platforms, you’ll have to time your way through some flame jets on the floor. It should be pretty easy. Once you’re through those, you’ll be back in regular space again. Look for a lead pipe, and use it to beat up on ghouls just ahead of where the lights turn on.
  23. The control room is just past that. Hit the switch on the console when you arrive, opening the door to the next room. Head left and grab the lead pipe off the ground, then hit the switch on the console.
  24. The switch activates some spikes and also releases enemies into the room. Use the pipe to bat the spiky monsters onto the spikes and get them impaled. Three fills up the tank halfway, so you’ll need six total.
  25. After your first batch of spiky monsters, three butchers show up. You can throw one or more of them at the spikes to impale them, but they all carry cleavers — best to just murder them with the pipe and use the easier little guys to fill your tank. Then backtrack and go to the other room, on the right.
  26. PHOTO: First, check the floor in the far corner across from you for your third photo piece.
  27. Now you can tear through the boxes in here for more blood and hit the switch to fill the last tank. You’ll just need to kill enemies to pass the time while the tank is filled, for the time being, at least.
  28. After a couple of seconds, one of those big Popeye-armed snail monsters shows up, while you’re still fighting spiky brown monsters. Use your lead pipe on the little guys if you still have it: you can also wind up and smash it against the big guy to do some serious damage.
  29. Try to focus on the big monster while fending off the little ones. Once you kill the big guy, the tank will be filled and everything else will die. The small monsters won’t stop coming until the big one is dead, either.
  30. Once you’ve finished, you’ll backtrack to the central control room, where the big door behind you is opened up. Step in and pull the lever to take the elevator. At the top, you’ll enter a room with lots of video monitors. Take one of the exits until you get to the big room on the other side.

The Killing Floor

  1. This room is a lot like the microwave chambers from before. Every so often, you’ll need to move from one section of the room to another, or you’ll die when the floor opens on a big fan beneath you.
  2. The first two sections just have you fighting standard ghouls. Listen for the Terror Mask to tell you when to go, then head for the nearest portion of closed floor.
  3. After two moves, you’ll have to start facing butchers. Kill one and get his cleaver, or just start grabbing them and kicking them into the fan. Either way, get ready to move backward one section when the time comes.
  4. Back to ghouls. You should mop these guys up without a problem. When you move forward again, it’s butchers once more. Get a cleaver and you’ll have a much easier time.
  5. When you make your final move, you’ll face one of the big-armed snail monsters again. If you have a cleaver (or two or three, if the butchers follow you to the last section), try using them on this thing to eventually hack its legs off. It’ll still crawl after you (and it can still hurt you), but a quick hit on the ground will put it down for good.
  6. Keep moving. You’ll go down a long hallway and exit into a room with enemies in cages. Grab the shotgun from the body of Ash from Evil Dead II (clearly) and turn it on some of the caged monsters. When you do, the rest of the cages will open. The shotgun should handle everything, no problem. If not, there are plenty more weapons scattered about.
  7. PHOTO: After you’ve killed everything but before you leave, face the exit door and check the middle cage on the left side for the final Jen photo.
  8. Time to go. Head to the elevator, where you’ll get a new shotgun. You’ll want it momentarily.

Boss Fight: Chainsaw Psycho

  1. A cutscene shows you what you’re up against — a huge monster with chainsaws for arms. You’ve got the shotgun, though, which will be handy in this opening segment.
  2. When you exit the elevator, you’ll be  in a side-scrolling battle with the freak. Be careful about your shots — you only have so many, and you really want to kill finish this guy in this section with the shotgun instead of melee fighting. Make sure to hit him, and wait a second right at the outset, as he seems to be invincible just then for some reason.
  3. Plug all your shots into the psycho and he should go down. If not, wait for him to attack, then get in close and punch him with heavy attacks until he goes down (I found jumping and hitting him staggered him more consistently than attacking regularly).
  4. Do enough damage and you’ll drop down into an arena below, where you’ll fight in three dimensions again. This time, you’ll need to keep one finger on the roll button at all times — the psycho has some wide-reaching chainsaw attacks and you need to stay clear of them or you will get owned.
  5. You’ll want to adopt a strategy of dodging an attack, getting in close for a few combo hits, and then rolling clear. The boss’ movement is pretty limited in this first phase of the fight, so as long as you move fast, you should get out of reach pretty effectively.
  6. Watch out for a leg-sweep style attack out in front of the boss, as well as a two-hit combo that will devastate you. For the most part, land three strong hits and then get the hell back to avoid getting murdered.
  7. If you linger too close to the boss, he’ll slam the chainsaws into the ground and zap you, stunning you. If that happens, the lights will go out and you’ll have to dodge three sneak attacks — just go nuts with toggling your Analog Stick back and forth to dodge, don’t wait to be prompted.
  8. Try to save up your Berserker power for the next phase of the battle, if you can. Keep pounding away at the boss and staying well back when you’re not swinging away. When you knock him down low enough, you can snag him for a quicktime event, but the lights will go out. When they come back on, quickly get out of the way before you get run over.
  9. This marks the second phase of the battle. Now the boss will implement more spinning-type attacks to strike the area around him, and he’ll also dash for you. This is the key — stay back and try to get him to run at you, then roll clear and hit him in the back.
  10. If you saved up your blood for Berserker, now’s the time. Switch it on and go to town. You should easily deplete the boss’ health. When that happens, activate the quicktime event and you’ll tear off one of his chainsaw arms to use against him.
  11. All the moves you saw in the last iteration of the boss are still valid, and the same strategy applies: get him to rush you, then attack him in his back. While you carry the chainsaw, you can’t roll or sprint, so keep that in mind. Attack the boss in the back but remember to move clear after each successful few swings.
  12. With the chainsaw in hand, you only need to be smarter than the boss, which isn’t hard. Keep strafing around him and he’ll keep dashing at you, leaving himself totally exposed. Lay into him until he’s out of health and finish him with the Splatterkill.
  13. ACHIEVEMENT: Completing Phase 4 gets you the “Be Garbage of Cesspool” Achievement.

Phase 5: The Corpse That Wouldn’t Die

  1. You know the drill — the nearby eyeball Blood Cipher means you need to kill a lot of things. Sit tight, zombies are on their way to accost you and charge up the Cipher.
  2. Fight through the zombies until you’re ready to move on. Hit the Cipher and then take the stairs it provides.
  3. PHOTO: Your first Jen shot is immediately to the left of the top of the stairs.
  4. Follow the path around until you find the chainsaw, and grab it. As soon as you have it in-hand, you can leave by the door that opens behind you. Hold down the sprint button and you can just run forward, slicing up anything in your way.
  5. At the end of the hallway, you’ll enter a crypt with glowing red zombies. These guys hurt you if you touch them, so use the chainsaw on them quickly. They’ll be joined by regular zombies after a moment — saw them all up.
  6. Finish those guys, and two big one-armed snail monsters join the show. If you’ve still got the chainsaw, you should be able to slice up one of them at least before it runs out. Deal with the other one the way you know how: strong, charged attacks, strategic rolling, and a Splatterkill finisher.
  7. After a short bit of dialogue, you’ll be able to leave through one of the crypts. The next room is full of bore worms, so stock up on blood if you need it before going on.
  8. At the end of the next hall, you’ll hit a big room with a big eye in the back. You need to kill the eye basically by punching it until you can pull it free. There are some zombies that are meant to slow you down in the meantime, though, so kill them first.
  9. After clearing the room, you can deal with the eye. Wait until it opens, then run up and start pounding it. Try to get clear before it shuts again (see if you can’t learn the timing by observation), as the eyelids are sharp and will cleave an arm off.
  10. If you happen to lose an arm, though, pick it up and use it against the eye — it’s highly effective. Once you’ve weakened it enough, you can initiate a Splatterkill on the eye and yank it out. Then head through the socket.
  11. PHOTO: As you move into the next hallway, you’ll climb some stairs, and there will be a small, closet-sized room on the left. Bash through the boxes. The photo is on the ground beneath them.
  12. Keep moving along the hallway until you bash through a wood wall. You’ll have to do some platforming here — jump forward off the ledge ahead of you (or you’ll die) to the first handhold, and keep jumping back and forth across the chasm before the handholds fall away.
  13. You’ll hit solid ground on the far side, but it’s starting to crumble. Head to the far end and wait for a post with a handhold to drop to the left of you. A jump to that, and one more, should put you on another piece of the bridge.
  14. This section is falling away as well. Go to the end and wait for a big black rock to fall in front of the piece of bridge you’re standing on, then jump to the next platform. Wait again — one more big rock falls, and it’s slightly delayed — and then jump again to get clear.
  15. Drop down into the big room below. It’s another Blood Cipher door you need to get through, and this time, you’re facing a new brand of the little spiky guys. These ones aren’t much different, although they do have an uppercut move that packs quite a punch and will send you flying.
  16. These guys are also backed by the octopus-shaped Aegis, which renders them invincible. To deal with it quickly, check the sides of the room for 2×4′s. Grab one, then catch the Aegis with a charged-up bull charge move. You should kill it in one or two gos that way.
  17. Next, punch the big button in the center of the floor, which activates two mouths on either side of the Blood Cipher. Go grab the second 2×4 and start batting enemies into the mouth to quickly charge the Cipher. You should be out of here in no time.
  18. PHOTO: Pry the door open and start down the hall. You’ll hit Jenny’s photo right in the middle, as you break through some boxes.
  19. The hallway ends with another big room, and three big monsters to fight — two of the one-armed snail things, and one demon. Luckily, these guys have the courtesy to attack one at a time, at least at first.
  20. Still got that 2×4? Bury it in the snail monster that comes from the left to do some significant damage. Hammer away at him with charged strong attacks, then finish him with a Splatterkill. Nothing you haven’t seen before.
  21. With that snail dead, grab its head and use it to attack the second snail monster. That’ll hurt it pretty bad. When the demon comes down, he’ll charge the snail up with his yell, which will make him more aggressive. At that point, you might want to back off a bit.
  22. Keep the snail between you and the demon while you work on it. You shouldn’t struggle much if you’re good at dodging. Kill it with a Splatterkill to get another head, which you can use against the demon.
  23. Fighting the demon alone should be easy for you at this point. Get in close, hurt it, then get out of the way of its area attack and charge. With the damage you did with the enemy head, it shouldn’t take long for you to best this last guy.
  24. Time to move on. Ahead is yet another locked room filled with enemies. This one has a trick, however. Right before you enter, you’ll find a cleaver, and the room fills with tons of little spiky guys. A swing of your weapon slices off their heads, which is important.
  25. PHOTO: To get the last photo of the phase, use the cleaver to slice off heads, then drop the cleaver on the ground. There are four pedestals with spikes on them, and one has a head impaled. Grab one of the heads you cut off and run over to one of the pedestals. Hit the button when prompted to impale the skull. Repeat the process, and a door opens on the side of the room to reveal your photo. There’s a machete on the left side of the room if you need it.
  26. Kill your way clear of this room and you can drop down through the hole cleared by a Cipher.

Boss Fight: Giant Worm

  1. That thing that’s been following you for this entire level pops out of the ground here, but it’s scarier looking than it is to fight. Stay well back for the time being.
  2. First off, kill all the ghouls that appear in the room to come get you. Stay as far into the foreground as possible — the worm’s only has two moves, an area attack with its tongue and a big slam with its head. You want to avoid both for a second.
  3. Kill the ghouls and charge up your blood meter. You may not have noticed, but you should have been granted your first Mask attack, the Splatter Slash. It’s hugely powerful and can be activated with by holding the Left Trigger and hitting weak punch.
  4. Clear the room of annoying small guys, then look to the worm. When its tongue comes out, that means it’s about to do the area attack. That one’s harder to avoid, so stay back from it.
  5. Move up and try to coax the worm into trying to slam you with its head. When that happens, it’s vulnerable — get in close as the Berserker, or use the Splatter Slash, or just pound on it. Stay in front, though, as it moves sideways to retreat and will damage you.
  6. Do your damage, then pull back when it reels itself in. A few rounds of serious damage will finish the worm and finish the phase.

Phase 6: Beast with a Human Heart

  1. You’ll start in a side-scrolling section, but the first portion of it is pretty simple. Get down to the lever to open the door and enter the more difficult section.
  2. The first thing you have to contend with are rotating grinders. Slip underneath them as they come by and move forward to avoid getting hurt.
  3. You’ll push down a little further. When you come to a big baby hanging from the ceiling, get in close and pummel it, or it’ll spit up gunk all over you repeatedly, which hurts.
  4. Past that, you’ll jump over some spikes. In between them, hold back your jump and wait for some kind of flying head monster to go past you. If you jump into it, it can knock you into the spikes and instant death.
  5. Proceed on to the elevator. At the top, watch out for the zombie attack. Fight him off and grab the lead pipe that’s waiting for you there. Wade through the enemies until you get to the raised platform.
  6. Time your way through the slicing traps. You’ll wade through some more ghouls and hit another huge baby. Watch out for its swinging kicks — wail it with your pipe.
  7. Drop down and you’ll punch your way through some more ghouls before you come to some traps that look like fan blades. Again, just time your way through with careful movements.
  8. Past those, you’ll see a switch on the ground that’s deactivated, and a number of stopped traps. Roll under them and push through the enemies to the lever at the far end.
  9. Now you have to navigate your way back. This is actually easier than it looks — the traps are slightly faster, so you can run at full speed instead of throttling back. Jump over the slicing trap that rises from the floor, and time your way back to the spinning grinders. Through them, just hit the switch and you can move up.
  10. When the lift is done rising, you’ll have to jump to different handholds. Just watch the tentacle things above each spot for when their spikes come out, and jump when they retract. It’s easy all the way up, although there’s one spot where the spike goes straight at the handhold, so be careful. At the top, you’re clear all the way to the exit door.
  11. PHOTO: Follow the hallway past the heart until you get to the sealed door. Punch the boxes to the left of it to reveal the photo on the ground.
  12. Through the next door, you’ll hit a room with another Guardian mouth. This looks more difficult than it is (or maybe it doesn’t even look difficult). Snag the spiky guys and throw them into the mouth. Knock the ghouls back if they give you trouble. Shouldn’t take long.
  13. Through the mouth, you’ll hit a cutscene. The next room has a series of doors and switches, all of which you need to activate to advance. Start with the one on the right, in the corner behind the main door at the center of the room.
  14. PHOTO: When you pry open these doors, you’ll see the photo at the end of the hallway. You’ll also probably hear growling — that’s the sound of a blue ghoul, and it’ll try to ambush you as you enter. Stay back and catch it on your terms. Then run down and get the photo.
  15. Backtrack to the main room and go to the opposite door, the one on the left of the sealed door. Pry that open and follow the hallway all the way back down to the room at the end, which has a lever you need to activate.
  16. GRAMOPHONE: Also, check the back left corner of the room as you enter, to the left of the door, for this gramophone.
  17. Backtrack again. Facing the back of the room, there are two more doors to pry open. Start on the left — inside, there’s another lever.
  18. GRAMOPHONE: Don’t miss the gramophone immediately to the left of the door as you enter, as well.
  19. That’s actually the last door. You can pry open the final one, but there’s nothing actually behind it. Head to the sealed door and it’ll open before you. As you head into the next room, notice that there are four spikes to impale enemies on. Hit the switch in the middle.
  20. That starts the room filling with spiky guys. Start with the impaling as you see fit — just be sure you don’t get killed while you’re doing it.
  21. Once you have two guys on spikes, a demon will burst through the wall to challenge you. You can fight it or go on with your impalings, since you need four total, but you’ll have to do both eventually.
  22. A powerful way to deal with the demon is to start a combo on it with regular attacks, and work in the Splatter Slash for massive damage. It’s best used while the enemy is staggered from your other punches, because he’ll dodge it otherwise.
  23. You shouldn’t have too hard a time dealing with this guy. When he’s dead and your impalements are made, hit the switch in the center of the room again to start all the bodies on fire. That’ll open the door for you.
  24. PHOTO: Move to the end of the next hall and pry open the door. the photo is waiting in the center of the elevator. Hit the lever when you’ve got it.
  25. When you’re on the elevator, you’ll be fighting ghouls and other enemies but with a different goal than usual. Rather than attack you directly, many of the enemies will ignore you and go for the winches on either side of the elevator. If those sustain too much damage (from either them, or you), the elevator will fall and you’ll die.
  26. So your job here is actually to defend the winches. The elevator will stop every so often, and you’ll be inundated with ghouls and a zombie at the first stop. The ghouls are meant to attack the winches — the zombie is meant to slow you down.
  27. TIP: Deal with enemies without damaging the winches with the grab move, which pretty much instantly annihilates ghouls.
  28. Kill the first group and hit the lever again. You’ll get two zombies and a flood of ghouls the second time you stop, and it’s going to be a tougher win. Do your best to kill the ghouls fast so they can’t do much damage.
  29. The third and final stop sees three zombies to start, plus one more later on, and a bunch of ghouls. Again, the ghouls are your priority, so try to knock the zombies back while you deal with them. When everything is dead, the elevator will rise to the top and stop.
  30. At the end of the hallway, you’ll find a big open room with a console to smash. Breaking it starts a protracted fight with several of the butcher type enemies. They come out in waves from the various tubes scattered around the room, along with ghouls.
  31. You won’t struggle too hard here, at least at first. You’ll fight a pair of butchers, then three, then four until they’re all dead, and ghouls will be mixed in. You know how to handle them — just keep pummeling away until all are dead.
  32. The door opens and two of the big-armed snail monsters show up. These guys are also well within your ability to handle by now, but one neat trick is to get them to bunch up and then activate the Splatter Slash to deal a ton of damage to both at once. Then you can separate and kill them. Exit by the door when you’re done.
  33. PHOTO: Immediately after you go through the door, you’ll be in a room with some tanks that are broken on the left. Check the left corner behind the door, immediately to the left of when you enter the room, for this phase’s last photo.
  34. GRAMOPHONE: Now do the same thing, only opposite — check the right back corner for your next gramophone. It’s behind some boxes.
  35. There’s nothing more to do. Follow the hallway all the way to the end, breaking boxes to get to boreworms as you go. At the end, you’ll have the Phase-ending boss fight.

Boss Fight: Giant Gorilla Monster

  1. Like the living doll a while back, this enemy is all about frontal attacks, which means you’ll want to be getting around the side of it to kill it. Specifically, it seems the best place to be is the right side (the big hammer-hand side), and the best time to attack is right after the boss makes a swing with its’ non-hammer hand.
  2. What you want to do is try to get the monster to swing its hammer hand in a wide arc toward you, and roll when it does so to the right. Roll twice to get in close, and the boss should swing with its other hand, then slam it down. This is when you want to attack with strong punches or Splatter Slash moves (though you should save your blood).
  3. Keep up this pattern, but make sure you move fast. The boss will sometime slam the hammer straight down, which is a powerful move, so you’ll want to get used to rolling and then rolling again to keep ahead of him.
  4. If you get too far behind him, though, expect to get slapped with his regular hand as it arcs all the way back to you. It’s a pain of a move to fight off, so be careful where you position yourself.
  5. Pound the boss some and you’ll trigger a quicktime event. During it, you’ll do some serious damage as you tear out one of the capacitors from its back. After that, the boss will have some new moves.
  6. Specifically, now the boss will charge you if you’re far away, and it has a move that sends a burst of energy across the room toward you when it slams its hammer down.
  7. Both of these things can suck, but you don’t actually have to contend with them much — instead, just keep doing what you’ve been doing. Get to the right side of the boss, get a few hits in, and dodge him the same way you have been up to now.
  8. Hammer away and you’ll pull out a second capacitor in another quicktime event, but this time, you get to keep it as a weapon. It won’t take much more to finish the gorilla.
  9. In order to finish it up, though, you’ll need to get in close, and in addition to its other moves, the boss adds an electrical area attack. Watch for it to slam the hammer down to activate it, and get clear.
  10. Try to get in close, slap the boss around for a second, and bail again before you get hit. You’ll need to avoid the burst move from earlier as well, but it shouldn’t require too many hits from here forward.
  11. After you bludgeon the enemy with the capacitor, one last quicktime event finishes the fight and the phase.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Experiment 765″ Achievement unlocks when you wrap up Phase 6.

Phase 7: Scream Park

  1. There’s nothing going on just yet in this mission, so enjoy the time off. You can crush the various boxes and booths as you smash through the front gate, but the only thing you’ll get are boreworms.
  2. PHOTO: Move forward until you see the big statue of the dog. There’s a booth behind that statue on the left. Crush it to find the photo beneath.
  3. Keep moving until you reach a big area with a carousel in the center. Look around in the various booths and so on for a 2×4 — you’ll want that — and then go to the lit tent in the corner and pull the lever.
  4. Time for a protracted fight with this phase’s version of zombies — clowns. They breath fire, do spin kicks, and are generally annoying. Prepare yourself.
  5. Try to go through the clown door and you’ll activate the fight. Every time you approach the clown door to leave, more zombies will show up to attack you, for a total of three waves.
  6. That 2×4 you found will come in handy here — by the third wave, you’ll be dealing with lots of clowns at once — and if you need another one, check in the other booths around the edge of the arena.
  7. While these are a new enemy type, you’ll be able to handle them pretty easily. They still fight and handle just like other zombies, you just have to stay back from them when they breathe fire and try to dodge the leg kicks, which are good for several hits at once.
  8. When you’ve gotten through the third wave of clowns, you can head out to the next area. You’ll see spikes to impale enemies — three sets, with a door beside each one.
  9. Going from right to left, the first two doors unlock weapons, although the center door also releases a demon enemy. This guy is the key — once you’ve defeated him, you can move on and enemies stop spawning in this room. But you’ll want to wait to do that.
  10. PHOTO: Your second photo is behind the door furthest to the left. When enemies start spawning, grab one and throw carry him to the spike set all the way at the end, and throw him to open the door on the photo. If you kill the demon before you open the door with the photo, you won’t be able to get to it.
  11. Basically, start grabbing guys and impaling them. You can skip the two outer doors (if you have the photo in the left one) and just impale a guy on the center set to release the demon. Once he’s out, ignore the other guys and lay into him, preferably with a weapon if you’ve got one from the right or center doors.
  12. You have access to the Splatter Smash move, which is activated the same way as the Splatter Slash but with your heavy attack button, so use that if you need to get the little enemies off you. Kill the demon and the door to move forward opens.
  13. If there’s a weapon left, grab it before you head onward. Keep moving along the path until you hit the room with the Strength Tester midway game. You’ll need to impale enemies on it, then use a heavy attack to hit the button to send the enemy up to hit the bell.
  14. Use your weapon (there’s a bat on the ground in the middle of this area) to knock enemies into the spike, then send them up the strength tester. Do that three times to create a bridge to move forward. Enemies will spawn unendingly until you’ve done so.
  15. PHOTO: You’ll move forward into a defunct Tunnel of Love. Along the way, you’ll pick up photo No. 3 as you’re walking along.
  16. A little further on, you’ll hit a room with another giant snake boss from the last phase. This fight is actually stupidly easy at this point, especially if you employ your special Terror Mask moves. Wait for the snake to smash its head down, then take it out.
  17. Hop down into the hole cleared by the snake next. You’ll enter the Hell House — cross the bridge ahead of you to trigger a fight with clowns before you can move on.
  18. After a second, the clowns give way to a big-armed snail monster. He’s a pain only because you’ll be facing him alongside some of the clowns, but if you make use of your Splatter Slash or Smash moves, you can clear out lots of enemies and do a lot of damage in one go.
  19. With those guys dead, you can cross the bridge. Don’t worry about the apparent smashing traps on the other side, because they’re just part of the ride. Past them, you’ll hit a room with cardboard fire on one side. Approach the Dandy Dog doorway to trigger a fight.
  20. These little guys you face first aren’t a big deal, but they will explode when you hit them. Try using Splatter Slash or Splatter Smash to kill them without being tossed all over the room. Clear them out and a demon comes after you, but you know what to do there.
  21. PHOTO: When you’ve opened the door forward, follow the tunnel until you see Jenny run away down it (there will be a branch on your left that you’re ignoring for now). Follow the tunnel as it loops to the right and find the photo on the ground, but DO NOT GO FORWARD past the photo. You’ll end up back at the beginning of the Hell House and have to fight another irritating clown battle to get back to where you were.
  22. Instead, backtrack and take that side tunnel once you have the fourth photo. Once you start down that path, you can’t backtrack, so be careful. At the end, you’ll see a spot where you’ll need to drop down and fight some clowns. Grab the bat near the edge before you go.
  23. With the bat, you should have a fair time wading through these enemies. The batch of clowns isn’t so bad, but try to keep your health and blood count up, because you’re about to need it.
  24. After dispatching the clown troupe, a series of new monsters pop out of the nearby lake — they look like creatures from the Black Lagoon, and they’re nasty. These guys have the ability to teleport through the ground and attack you in a multi-slash wave, and also to spit acid at you. Get used to rolling.
  25. TIP: This fight sucks without a weapon. Get yours by heading to the back right corner of the area — you’ll have to go around a bend to get there. The 2×4 is secreted under a booth you can destroy.
  26. You may want to use some Berserker or Mask moves here, because these lagoon creatures are a handful. Try to keep them all on the screen at once. If one jumps into the air, get ready to do two quick rolls to avoid its spit, which comes in a double-shot.
  27. If you see a creature dive into the ground, he’s about to come back up and then launch himself at you in a slashing frenzy. It’s annoying and does a lot of damage, so do your best to see it coming and roll clear.
  28. It’ll be a while before you pound through all these guys, and your job’s not done when you do, so try to keep your health up. Once you’ve made it through all the lagoon creatures, it’s time to face the Phase’s miniboss — a giant frog-dog monster.
  29. Here’s another situation that seems worse than it is. The frog-dog’s main move is to catch you doing something dumb, like attacking it head-on. If you do that, it’ll hit you hard, or try to eat you, which will kill you if you don’t hit the prompted button fast enough.
  30. But when you’re far away from the frog-dog, it has only one recourse — charge straight at you. When that happens, all you have to do is roll clear and let it run into something and stun itself. Then approach from the side or front (not behind) and pound it some.
  31. If you get it from behind, when the monster recovers, it’ll give you a hard kick. In front, you can punch it in the face to stagger it substantially, which is a good indicator of when you need to run away.
  32. Be careful to time your dodge carefully when the monster charges you. Getting gored by it hurts badly, and you can only stand up to a couple of attacks that way before you die. It’s not too hard to get clear, but you might need to practice.
  33. Keep repeating the dodge and punch process until you get your quicktime event to finish the thing off. Remember how you handled this guy for the future, as he shows up often, especially toward the game’s end.
  34. Head up the stairs to access the next phase.

Phase 8: Reflections in Blood

  1. PHOTO: First thing, destroy those two blue concessions booths on the left side of the entrance way. You’ll find a photo beneath them.
  2. Follow the path and you’ll hit a place with three rings on the ground, each with a different weapon. Picking one will put you in different situations — the chainsaw, for example, has you slicing up a mess of clowns, while the shotgun lets you face a lot of bigger enemies like demons. I recommend the chainsaw.
  3. When you pick a weapon, you’ll have to kill a bunch of enemies with it. It’s pretty straight-forward and nothing you haven’t done before. Upon finishing, three Blood Cipher eyes will open, each with a different symbol.
  4. Use Blood Siphon and look at the circles on the ground to see which symbol opens the door. Choose wrong and you’ll have to pick a weapon and fight again.
  5. PHOTO: Your second photo will be on the path ahead, right before the door to the fun house that you need to kick down.
  6. At the end of the hall, you’ll enter the fun house proper, and it sucks in there, so get ready. Each room you enter will have three mirrors. One mirror covers the exit; the other two are false and get you stuck in fights with Jennifer ghouls. If you take too long, a squad of ghouls will attack you and you’ll likely die.
  7. In the first room, hit the left mirror to move on. In the second room, it’s the middle mirror.
  8. PHOTO: In the second room, once you’ve broken down the middle mirror and stopped the clock, go back and hit the one on the right. Kill the Jen ghoul inside (the best way is with a grab move followed by pummeling), then get the photo that was hidden behind the glass.
  9. Hit the mirror on the right in the third room and in the fourth. That’ll get you through the mirror maze section and into another side-scrolling hallway.
  10. PHOTO: Your fourth photo for this phase is on the ground when you hit the side-scrolling section. You’ll get it automatically, unlocking the “Creepy Show” Achievement when you do. Keep moving and you’ll hit the phase’s boss fight — Mirror version of Rick.

Boss Fight: Mirror Ricks

  1. You’ll fight a series of enemy Ricks in this battle, each with different power-up abilities from the mask. The first is regular Rick, and so shouldn’t be too tough. His greatest power is speed — try to avoid getting caught up in his combos.
  2. Regular Rick also has a pretty powerful and irritating charge move, which he’ll implement any time you get out of his range. It’s hard to dodge because he’s really fast, so try to keep him from doing it by staying close and rolling sideways a lot.
  3. Keep hammering away at Rick and try to block or otherwise avoid taking too many hits. You can steamroll him pretty easily if you start to implement Terror Mask moves, but be aware that blood will be at a premium later on when you fight tougher versions of yourself. Still, killing Regular Rick will get you quite a few points in return.
  4. After you fight one-on-one with a tough Regular Rick, you’ll be attacked by several more weaker ones, all at once. These guys die in just a few hits, but they attack fast and can be tough. This is a good time to employ Mask moves to take hurt them all at once, and to restore your health.
  5. In total, you’ll fight maybe seven Regular Rick knock-offs. The next enemy through the mirror will have your Mask moves, and you’ll face him in another one-on-one fight.
  6. This is where you need to employ some of the blood you saved. Hit Mask Move Rick with a combo of punches, then work in a Splatter Smash or Splatter Slash to seriously hurt him. Dodge clear of his Splatter moves — they hurt quite a bit.
  7. Mask Move Rick is tough, but with a concerted effort, you should actually take him out a little easier than the Regular Rick you fought first. Don’t go nuts using up all your blood to do it (you’ll want Berserker Mode in a second), but expend some to deal with him more quickly. With powerful moves, he’ll die pretty quickly.
  8. One more big fight — this time, the mirror Rick uses Berserker to take you on. So you should do the same: activate Berserker and beat him and the Regular Ricks that come to his aid to a pulp.
  9. With Berserker enabled, you’ll have no problem. You’re invulnerable, and the Mirror Rick’s Berserker power will actually expire before long, leaving you to just devastate him for a bit. Finish him with a Splatterkill to end the phase.
  10. ACHIEVEMENT: For your trouble with the Mirror Ricks, you’ll unlock the “Shattered Narcissus” Achievement.

Phase 9: The Ruinted Heart

  1. You start in a big fight. As you advance into the foyer of the West Mansion again, two big-armed snail monsters accost you. At this point, however, you have quite a few great moves for dealing with them.
  2. For handling both these guys at once, consider the Splatter Smash. You’ll probably have to fight them without it for a few seconds to get some blood together, but it’s capable of effectively hurting both enemies at once, and you can charge it.
  3. Hammer these two down and Splatterkill them. When they’re both dead, a third, black snail monster shows up to fight you.
  4. This guy is only different in that he can combo his moves together. Instead of dodging one attack and going in for the counter, you now have to dodge two. But you should be full of blood, so feel free to waste him with more powerful attacks. Either way, it’s not much of a challenge.
  5. PHOTO: When the battles are over, go up the staircase on the right and follow it around until you find the first photo on a small overhang balcony, facing toward the center of the room.
  6. Backtrack and take the left stairs, which are connected to the walkway above by a bunch of pink, gross flesh. You’ll find the way forward at the top of the stairs.
  7. Through the door, follow the hallway until you come on a 2×4. Grab it and enter the next room, in which you’ll face three demons at once. Bash one with the charged-up 2×4, and use Mask moves to soften them all up.
  8. Focus your energy on one demon at a time, as much as possible, and try to finish it with a Splitterkill or Mask move. With a Splatterkill, you can use the demon’s head as a weapon, but Mask moves usually damage other enemies, which is fine as well.
  9. By this point, you should be well-equipped to deal with these enemies. Finish them up and listen to Dr. West’s journal before the door opens.
  10. GRAMOPHONE: Also, tag the gramophone on the left side of the exit door before you leave.
  11. As soon as you go through the door into the next hallway, look to the for a vase you can destroy. Behind it is a shotgun, which will come in handy shortly. Move to the next door and go through to a sort of mini-boss mash-up fight.
  12. First, you’ll have to deal with one of those frog-dogs. Just stand your ground and lay into it with the shotgun — you shouldn’t even need to the Splatterkill, just blast it when you know you’ll hit it and it’ll die.
  13. Immediately following the big frog-dog thing, a snake will appear at the far end of the room. Try to get to one of the corners to avoid its tongue attacks, since the room is too small to avoid it otherwise.
  14. When the snake smashes its head down, use any remaining shotgun shells on it, or just fire off a few Mask moves to kill it. Shouldn’t be too difficult at all.
  15. PHOTO: Right after you finish fighting, check the left side of the room, near the exit door, for your second Jen photo for this phase.
  16. Keep moving until you get to the bedroom, where you’ll face two more demons. Try to beat them with conventional attacks and save your blood here, because you’re going to want it in a second.
  17. If that’s your strategy, then straight-up pummeling will have to do the job. Try to keep both demons together so you can watch them for counter-attacks and roll clear. If you can focus on one to do a Splatterkill, you’ll be in good shape to use the head against the other.
  18. GRAMOPHONE: As soon as you kill these two guys, run to the left side of the room (left of the big mouth) and hit the gramophone. That should be your twelfth and final gramophone, netting you the “Audiophile” Achievement.
  19. Next, you’ll be forced to deal with a bunch of the zombies that hurt you when you touch them, which effectively renders you unable to fight with anything but Mask moves. this is a pain, but you can deal with it because you saved your blood, right?
  20. Kill the first group of zombies by letting them bunch up together, then taking them down with one Splatter Slash or Smash move. Once they’re all dead, more enemies will start to fill the room — spiky guys as well as more zombies. You’ll need to avoid the zombies to grab the little guys and throw them into the mouth.
  21. You can kill the zombies still if you have the blood for it, and things will get difficult if you let too many pile up, but your real goal is just to throw six or so guys into the mouth. That’ll finish off everyone that’s left. Avoid damage as much as possible until you’re done.
  22. You’re on a huge sort of toothy bridge walkway. Up ahead, the game will show you a chainsaw you can pick up, but you’ll have to dodge around the glowing red ember zombies to get it.
  23. Snag the saw and go back and kill the zombies. As you move along the bridge, you’ll have to continue to saw up enemies all the way until the end, and you can’t move forward until everything is dead.
  24. At the end of the bridge is an eye. Hit it with the saw if you have any left, then pummel it until you can yank it out to advance. You’ll enter a big arena full of ghouls next.
  25. PHOTO: Immediately cut right when you enter the arena and grab the third piece of this phase’s photo, which is near the wall.
  26. Kill the ghouls to bring up your blood count. Don’t start hacking into any of the destructible bodies around the arena yet — you’ll want those boreworms later in case you need the fuel.
  27. Next, the room will fill with red ember zombies, the ones that hurt you when you touch them. Use your Mask moves to take them out in a cluster.
  28. One more battle: this time, with two black big-armed snail monsters. Again, try to group them together for maximum Mask move damage, then separate them for pummeling and Splatterkills.
  29. Dropping both those guys opens a hole in the floor you can drop through. You’ll fall into a 2D side-scrolling portion. Fight through the enemies and be careful of the tentacles that come from the floor and ceiling as you push forward.
  30. You’ll hit a lift next. Stand in the middle and get the roll button ready — as you rise, from each side of the wall, a tentacle will spring forward and slap you. It alternates for three, until two in a row are on the right. Just watch for movement and roll clear until you hit the top.
  31. Keep moving forward until you hit a spike pit: you’ll have to scale upward using various jump points. At the top, time your way through some smashing machines and other traps. You’ll eventually find another hole to drop another hole.
  32. PHOTO: You’re in the heart chamber, which is going to fill with ghouls. First, quickly run to the left of the heart and get to the corner beside it for your final Jen photo of the phase.
  33. Now start killing. Kill all the ghouls, then take on the two black big-armed snail monsters. You know how by now.
  34. The next boss-type enemy is a frog-dog, the huge charging monster. This one should be easy — remember to bait it like a bull, roll clear, and pound it while it’s stunned. Shouldn’t be a problem.
  35. You’ve spilled enough blood to make the heart descend, but bone columns rise up in front of it. You need to use Mask moves to destroy the columns. If you have the blood, just go to Berserker and finish them off, no problem.
  36. If not, you can fight through the many spiky enemies that start spawning all around you to provide you with blood. They’re more of an irritation than anything, so if you can cut the battle short, you may just want to.
  37. Destroy all the bone columns and you can get to the heart. Follow the prompt to kill it and trigger a cutscene, finishing the phase.

Phase 10: The Wicker Bride

  1. PHOTO: You’re on the clock in this one, but quickly take a second to turn left from your starting position and run over to the wall there. You’ll see three crates — destroy them to discover the photo beneath.
  2. Enemies show up in front of you as you head through the grounds, but you can avoid them for the most part to save time. Kick down the first gate and just run. Pass the zombies that are spawning, kick down a second gate, and hurry on until you hit a spot where the way forward is sealed.
  3. You have to fight here to gain enough blood to continue forward. Do some pummeling and try to use Mask moves to kill several enemies at once. And be careful of the blue ghouls — they’ll make your life very difficult if they start shearing off your limbs.
  4. PHOTO: Directly across from the door that you’re trying to unlock is a crate in the corner. Destroy it to get your second photo.
  5. Keep fighting, killing enemies as fast as you can. When enough are dead, a portal will activate behind the locked gate, allowing you to jump through. As you’re falling, avoid debris in your way — you’re actually racking up time on your time right now, and hitting things slows you down, gaining you less time to get to the sacrifice.
  6. When you land, run forward quickly and you’ll be engaged by a frog-dog. In the interest of time, use your basic tactics on this guy, then hit it with Mask moves or a straight-up Berserker. You won’t need the blood in any fights just yet anyway, so go nuts.
  7. Kill the monster and move on. Run until you’re stopped by a cutscene in which the angry mob is transformed into monsters. When that happens, a bunch of lagoon creatures will appear all around you.
  8. PHOTO: As soon as you get control back, turn around and head to the back corner of the area. It’s the back right corner from where you were facing when you got control back. It’s also the only one with crates — break them and get your third photo piece.
  9. Now run. Ignore all the fighting and just go. Sprint past the sections of the walkway where you go up stairs and there are alcoves on either side of you just before gates and wider areas — generally, lagoon monsters are waiting for you here to slow you down.
  10. PHOTO: Right before you kick through the gate with the portal in the courtyard above it, turn right into the alcove. You’ll be facing two lagoon monsters, one from either side: ignore them. Break the crates against the right wall and grab your last piece of the photo. This might slow you down so much that you have to repeat this section, but once you have all the photo pieces, you don’t have to stop for them again.
  11. The courtyard with the portal plays host to three black big-armed snail monsters. Don’t bother trying to finesse these guys. Beat on them in order to raise your blood meter to the Berserker level, then turn it on and go nuts. Do your best to thrash them fast.
  12. Killing these three monsters allows you to get into another portal, where more dodging of debris can net you more time to do your fighting. You’ll hit the ground at the wicker man right afterward.
  13. The area around the wickerman is teeming with lagoon creature monsters. Again, don’t bother with finesse. Make use of Mask moves to take out lots of enemies at once, and Berserker to thrash all of them if you can.
  14. Immediately after you finish with that and there are no more enemies, you can climb the wicker man using various jump points on the legs. Keep moving up and you’ll trigger a cutscene. Follow the quicktime prompts and you’ll finish off the phase.
  15. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Pyre for the Damned” Achievement is yours for your speed.

Phase 11: Blood Eclipse

  1. PHOTO: First off, spin around and head up the stairs behind you. Go to the right to find some pots and stuff. Break them open and you’ll find the photo underneath.
  2. Go back down the first flight of stairs and turn left. You should be able to go around a corner, where you’ll find a little alcove in the wall with a crate in it. Smash that crate and get the meat cleaver underneath.
  3. Now head down all the way to the courtyard below. Kick open the iron gate on the left side.
  4. Use the meat cleaver to quickly dispatch the two blue ghouls that are coming for you. Head to the corner on the left or right to dodge the big snake monster’s tongue attack.
  5. You know how to handle this — run up and bury your cleaver in the snake’s head when it comes down, then use a Mask attack or regular pummeling and finish it off.
  6. Right after you kill that one, a second snake monster appears, flanked by two demons. You’ll have to kill the pair before you can fell the snake.
  7. You know what to do here, too. Use your Mask moves and fighting abilities to focus attention on a single enemy and Splatterkill it. Use the corner on the right of the area to avoid the snake’s tongue until you’re done fighting the demons, then turn your attention on it.
  8. When you’ve finished, falling debris will make a bridge that will get you back to the staircase. Use it to go back around to the metal gate and kick it open, then head to the next big area.
  9. After the meteor falls behind you, head away from the mausoleum, which is the big, gold structure to your right (if you’re facing where you came in). Instead, go left, where you’ll find an opening in the wall and a staircase going up. If you go to the right, you won’t be able to do all this cool stuff we’re about to do.
  10. PHOTO: Up the steps, you’ll eventually find a shotgun in a crate along the left wall. Snag it and then hop back down. Head toward the mausoleum and check the walls on the left, near where you entered. You’ll find crypt doors you can kick down, revealing boreworms, and one that’s locked. Shoot the lock with the shotgun and kick it down to find the photo.
  11. Now you can approach the mausoleum, which triggers a big fight, in three waves. The first features a demon enemy and two big-armed snail guys. You have the shotgun, so use it on the demon first, as he can energize the other two. Use up your shotgun thinning out the health of all three.
  12. You shouldn’t struggle finish these guys — you might even have shotgun shells left over when you’re done. You’ll want them, as the second wave features something like six or seven demons together. Let them bunch up and trounce them with the shotgun, or Mask moves. Berserker works well, too.
  13. If you don’t have the blood you need, use regular attacks to separate the demons from one another and Splatterkill them to raise your meter. Once you’ve finished of all of them, the third wave begins, which features two of those huge frog-dog enemies.
  14. If you have the blood and haven’t used Berserker, now’s the time. You can quickly dispatch one or both of these enemies without a lot of hassle. If not, use the regular bullfight tactics. Try to keep both on the screen so you can effectively dodge their attacks.
  15. Two of these guys isn’t really that hard, and you should do okay if you focus on one and then the other. Defeat them and your way will be opened into the mausoleum, finally.
  16. Keep moving inside. Eventually, you’ll come to a locked door with two staircases heading down on either side of it. Take the right side, where you’ll find a cleaver along the way, and head outside.
  17. There are five Blood Ciphers out here. You need to activate two of them. First, charge them up by fighting the various butchers that appear momentarily. You’ll have to kill the tentacled Aegis first, however.
  18. Your cleaver should mean if you do a charged-up bull charge at the Aegis, you’ll kill it in one hit. That’s good. Finish it off and then head to the back left corner of the room (if your back is to the Blood Ciphers) to find a crate with a lead pipe. Snag that.
  19. Start wailing on the enemies in the room. You’ll fight them in two waves, but you shouldn’t have a problem given all the weapons on hand. Use your pipe until it’s gone, then grab a cleaver off your enemies.
  20. After all the enemies are dead, the eyes on the Ciphers will open. Stand close to the front three and use Blood Siphon — you’ll see a big symbol in the middle of the room on the ground. Match it to the three eyes and punch it to unlock the first lock.
  21. Use Siphon again near the two Ciphers that are on either staircase to illuminate the second symbol. Punch the appropriate eye to open the door behind you; bring a spare cleaver and backtrack up to it and go through.
  22. Across the bridge, you’ll stumble back outside and get grabbed by one of those red ember zombies. Slice it up with your cleaver and head down the stairs. If you need a weapon, check the crates on the right side of the first landing. As you round the corner up ahead, you can turn left and open a crate to get a chainsaw as well.
  23. Keep moving until you have to open a door. There’s a portal right ahead of you, which spews a few zombies and a demon. You brought the chainsaw, right? Because that’ll make this easy.
  24. Don’t even bother with tactics — slice everyone up. All done, move forward.
  25. As soon as you kick open the door, you’ll fall victim to a meteor shower, and Rick will start running toward the camera automatically trying to dodge the holes they leave. Immediately cut to the right. Your job here is to steer more than anything.
  26. Go around the hole on the right, then cut back to the left, then move right and stay right until you see a gate. Right after that, you’ll have to do some quicktime prompts, which include activating Berserker mode and rapidly tapping a button. Move on after that to the closed door.
  27. This is a big fight, and you’re without blood after the meteor incident, so be careful. No matter what difficulty you’re set at, you’re going to struggle here — you’re dealing with a few ghouls, two blue ghouls and a demon, but those blue ghouls are worst, most lethal enemies.
  28. You need to deal with the blue ghouls first and foremost, because they have the ability to seriously dismember you, and that will probably mean death here. Try to squash them as quickly as possible, but keep your head on a swivel and get the hell out of the way if one is attacking you. It’s going to be a second before you can heal.
  29. Once you’ve gotten rid of the blue ghouls, mop up the little guys and take on the demon. Alone, he shouldn’t be a problem, but with the group, you might struggle. Either way, try to get a Splatterkill to get your blood level up.
  30. With the demon down, more ghouls will appear, including several blue ones. Use the demon’s head if you have it to quickly dispatch the blue ones — you’ll be thankful you did. Mop up, and after a bit of dialogue two black big-armed snail monsters will show up.
  31. You know how to fight these two, so go ahead and handle it your way. After them, a big frog-dog monster will drop into the fight, which will only be difficult to face because of the tight quarters. You also know how to handle that.

Into the Gooey Underground

  1. Killing the frog-dog sends Rick falling down the shaft below. Use the Analog Stick to dodge the structures beneath you as you go. You’ll hit the bottom before long.
  2. Kill the big eye and go through. Do it quickly, though, as the walls in this room are slowly closing on you.
  3. Ahead of you, you’ll see a portal, guarded by four demons and an Aegis making them invincible. The ground is also giving way on the bridge as you go, so you need to step on it to get through here.
  4. You’ve got to dodge past the demons to take on the Aegis with a bullcharge, although you can push enemies off the front of the bridge as well, but it’s riskier.
  5. Let’s be honest, your best option is probably to Berserk out and kill the Aegis while you can’t be stopped, because these demons will seriously make life difficult. You have to kill it first, however, and once you’ve done that, you can turn your attention to the others.
  6. Killing everything is your only option, so you’ll definitely want Berserker at least after the Aegis is dead so you can destroy everything without the demons grabbing you and making you fall off the bridge. When you’re done, jump into the portal.
  7. Upon landing, you’ll be in a side-scrolling section. Watch out for lagoon creatures, and grab the lead pipe out of the first crate you see, right next to where you land. You’ll want that.
  8. PHOTO: Push to the left right after you fall until you come to a hole. Go around it to snag your picture, which is as far left as you can go.
  9. Now head back to the right. Fight through the lagoon monsters and just keep moving. You’ll spend some time just following the path until you hit a pair of staircases. Take them up and open the door beyond.
  10. Another big fight. You’ll have to fight a pair of Berserker Ricks here, but there’s one good way to handle it — flip on Berserker mode an annihilate them your way. You probably won’t be able to find a better way to handle this fight, and Berserker makes it easy.
  11. Kill these two guys and three doors become open to you — two on either side, and one at the front of the area. The center door is your destination, but you can get some blood if you go to the sides.
  12. PHOTO: Kick open the gate on the right of the room and follow the path all the way to the end. You’ll find some pots there — break them to snag your final photo for the phase. You can also kick open the crypts for some boreworms.
  13. Head through the big doors and then up the steps to trigger a cutscene and wrap up this phase.

Phase 12: The Devil Made Flesh

  1. Your one job here is to protect Jen from various enemies that come trying to kill her. Run back to the altar first thing and kill the enemies that are attacking her.
  2. You’ll want to set up camp right here to finish off anything that comes after Jenny. Try to execute enemies as best you can, as quickly as you can. Splatterkills are helpful to keep your blood up.
  3. You need your blood high to execute Mask moves, which help to execute a lot of guys at once. Expect to have a hard time, and don’t be stingy with blood — lots of enemies are coming for Jen, and she dies fast, no matter what difficulty you’re set to.
  4. Keep hammering away. You only have to let Jen survive for a set amount of time — basically, until the huge Corrupted giant gets to the altar itself. Keep slicing away and cutting down enemies until that happens.
  5. When the Corrupted finally does make it to the altar, you’ll have to do a quicktime event to stop it. First, you’ll be activating Berserker mode to catch its foot as it stomps down on you.
  6. Follow the prompts to defeat the giant, finishing the phase and the game. Congratulations.
  7. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll snag the “Bride of the Corrupted” Achievement just for finishing, plus the “I Walk with Death” Achievement if you did so on Savage (medium) difficulty, and “Dreams of the Dead” if you won on Brutal (the unlockable hardest) difficulty.

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thanks for putting the photos in this man. really appreciate it. lemme know when youve got phases 5 and 6 up as well.