Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Mission Footprint Zero Guide [Video]

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Become a ghost with Game Front’s Mission Footprint Zero achievement guide, showing you how to sneak through a mission unnoticed in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

The next entry into the sneaky series puts even more emphasis on stealth — if that’s how you want to play. Earn some quick cash bonuses and an achievement with our video guide above, or keep scrolling for a few simple text tips to get you started.

For a deeper look into the campaign, check out the Splinter Cell: Blacklist walkthrough for step-by-step instructions. Or browse the Blacklist cheats list to find more secrets, unlockables, and guides like this.

Mission Footprint Zero Achievement Guide

  • Recommended Gadgets: Proximity Shocker, Sleeping Gas, and Sticky Noisemaker.
  • The achievement can be completed on any mission, on any difficulty.
  • Start on the Benghazi mission for an early mission that won’t be too difficult.
  • The recommended gadgets aren’t available at the start of the game. Earn them later in the game, then come back and replay the mission to earn this achievement. It won’t take long.
  • To complete a mission undetected, Sam can still knock out guards — as long as other guards don’t discover the bodies and become alarmed.
  • First Encounter: Use a noisemaker from the shadows on the left of the truck, then take out both guards silently while their backs are turned.
  • In the building, circle around the room with the guards by going through the hallway to the right.
  • Second Encounter: Up the stairs, turn out the lights to attract both guards. If they both approach, use a sleeping gas grenade. If only one approaches, knock him out, then silently sneak up behind the second.
  • Go to the right ahead and jump out the window to shimmy along the ledge to a balcony with a single guard. Wait for him to go inside, then continue to move along the ledge to the far corner of the building. Climb up and move to the center window to quietly take out another guard.
  • Jump into the apartment and wait for the second guard to investigate the noise. Use a melee takedown, then move into the living room and take out the guard waiting behind the couch.
  • Third Encounter: In the room with the hostage, use Mark & Execute to mark the three guards in the back. Use a melee takedown from cover on the nearest guard before moving left and using the window into the room to execute Sam’s marks.

Get the idea? Check out the full video walkthrough for earning this tricky achievement above.

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