Splinter Cell: Blacklist Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Andersen Airbase
  • Benghazi Safehouse
  • Insurgent Stronghold
  • Side Missions
  • American Consumption
  • Private Estate
  • Gone Dark
  • Abandoned Mill
  • American Freedom
  • Transit Yards
  • Detention Center
  • Airstrip
  • American Fuel
  • LNG Terminal
  • Site F

  • Insurgent Stronghold

  • Now we’re getting somewhere! The game recommends that you load out with smoke and sticky cams. If you haven’t spent some money updating your equipment yet, now would be the time. Better bullets, sights, armor, you name it, start shopping.
  • Briefly you’ll play as Briggs on overwatch. Use the left shoulder to zoom, then pick off your targets. Hit the two guys at the elevated position on the right, then the one guy up and to the left. There will be three guys central, wait for two to move into the rocks before taking out the guy in back, then take out the two in the rocks when they can’t see each other. There’s one more group of three, take out the guy to the right most, then the one in the middle, then the one on the left. If any terrorist says one of their own drop, you’re busted.
  • Head up the stream into the small village. When Grim tells you she sees enemies, there will be two terrorists hanging around a pickup. Mark them both, wait till one leaves, then draw the remaining guy in and off him. Wait for the second guy to come around again, or attract him. Remember, you have to remain undetected, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the drop on them.
  • Flying the tri-rotor is fun and easy. Get it in through the gap above the gate, follow the marker, and do as you’re told. Mark targets while you’re at it so you can keep track of the bad guys.
  • Now on to the old fashioned way. Enter the door, go up the stairs to your left. Now you have to Assassin’s Creed it. Climb over the railing and shimmy around the inside of the room. Climb the ladder, head to the left and find a window. Below you will be a laptop to hack and a Heavy Infantry guard. Do an aerial drop on him then hack the computer.
  • In the next room is your waypoint and a cutscene.
  • Head through the hole in the floor and now you’ll do a bunch of climbing. Once you’re under the bridge, you have to get past five guys to reach the next waypoint. Move forward, restock, and enter the raised entry you come to. Move to your right, then climb up above the door. Shimmy to the left and WAIT until a guard shows up. Take him out. Get onto the landing, shoot the guy on the bridge to your left, and then it’s you and the two guards between you and your marker. Distract them with noise, go around, or shoot them. Your choice.
  • There will be a guard with his back to you in the next area. Take him out, go through the cave, and you’ll reach your next big checkpoint. From here, head to the left instead of straight ahead to avoid a dog. Look for an HVT and another guard. Take out the HVT and then the other guy. Hide the bodies. Continue to hug the wall to the right through an alley, into a corner. There will be at least one more sentry to take out or evade. Keep following the wall till you reach a well then drop in. Honestly, it’s WAY easier in this bit to take them out one at a time than try to Ghost it.
  • Follow the path to the next big mission area. There are about six guys here, but lots of places to hide, so they’re easy to take out one at a time. And no dogs! Head into the ground again, and you’ll pop up at the compound.
  • Now it’s a cutscene, a running sequence, and you’re one step closer to shutting the bad guys down.
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