Splinter Cell: Blacklist Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Andersen Airbase
  • Benghazi Safehouse
  • Insurgent Stronghold
  • Side Missions
  • American Consumption
  • Private Estate
  • Gone Dark
  • Abandoned Mill
  • American Freedom
  • Transit Yards
  • Detention Center
  • Airstrip
  • American Fuel
  • LNG Terminal
  • Site F

  • American Consumption

  • Now it’s time for your first real showdown with the Engineers. Don’t forget to upgrade your stuff, and if you haven’t upgraded your basic guns with accuracy mods, better ammo, etc, now would be the time. Depending on your play style, you may want to do some side missions to upgrade your suits and gadgets.
  • The door says Employees Only, but it’s the only way in. There is a TON of cover in the festival hall, and lots of shadows to dump corpses. Unfortunately, the catwalk you start out on doesn’t cover the whole area, so you have to get down on the floor and avoid the guards instead of staying over them. Exit out the far side.
  • There is a reload box at the bottom of the stairs. The tunnels are helpful, but your strategy is up to you. There are three guys in this section, two in the bathroom and one roaming. Beyond them is the boiler room with four more guards. Taking out the lights will help you stay on top of the situation.
  • This next section is very challenging. I recommend dying a few times to get the feel of where the guys hang out and where you can hide. There are pipes to hang from in the ceiling, and lots of nice dark corners, especially when you put the lights out. There are seven guys, one is an HVT and one is heavily armored. If you wanna Ghost it, subterfuge, luring, and patience are key.
  • You know tips about drones you keep seeing? Well here they are. Charlie gives you a great tip. There are three soldiers in here, and two drones, and the last soldier, all the way at the end of the tunnel, is the drone operator. He’s the one you need to take out, even if you want to avoid all the others.
  • Grab some ammo when you break out into open air, and then start taking out lightbulbs, cuz this place is bright. There are three guards around, including in the lobby. You’ll also find a laptop in the lobby.
  • Choose to go right first, it makes things easier later. There are three guards and one armored guy on each side. The armored guy is protecting your goal. The pipes and railings make ghosting pretty easy here, but reinforcements will come if you blow it. They’ll direct you to a crawlspace under the central building to make it easier to get to the other side to do the second half of the task.
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