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Mission 9 – The Bathhouse

  1. Choose Stealth as your tactical approach to this mission.
  2. Move around the corner ahead to the left and enter the next area, then take out the lamp above and make your way to the right. Approach the blinking red lights and tap the phone lines, then turn around and move right through the darkened alley.
  3. Continue towards the enemies underneath the lights and move into the nook on the right, then wait until the guards finish their conversation and walk away. Take out the lamp above and creep forward along the wall to the right, then climb down the ladder in the corner to enter the sewer.
  4. Make a left when you reach the ground and follow the corridor around to climb another ladder, then open the grating above to return to street level. Move forward and make a right through the hole in the wall, then grab the guard by the doorway to interrogate him.
  5. Knock out the enemy and move through the doorway he was guarding, then follow the hallway around to reach the next room. Hug the wall on the right while moving forward to avoid the security system within, then disable the auto-gun and make your way up the steps in the corner of the room.
  6. Follow the hallway around to the next door and open it to enter the room ahead, then move right around the corner in front of you and take cover by the potted plant. Wait for an enemy to walk by you, then disable the lights in the corner and knock him out from behind.
  7. Drag the enemy into the darkness and whistle to draw another nearby guard towards you, then knock him out from behind and drag him into the darkness as well. Move through the circular entryway on the left and detach the curtains, then enter the hallway ahead and make a right.
  8. Knock out the guard patrolling nearby and detach the curtains in the next room, then carry the body into the darkness and open the glass doors in this area. Make your way left and turn right at the rear of the truck, then climb up the pipe to reach the ledge above and shimmy across it to the right.
  9. Climb up on to the ledge move right, then jump up to grab the cable and zip-line over to the building across the street. Shimmy across the ledge to the left and climb into the building through the window above when the guard gets into bed.
  10. Make your way to the door and use your optic cable to watch for the guard to walk by to the right, then exit into the hallway and knock him out. Carry the body into the darkness and continue to the right down the hall, then hack the keypad ahead and enter the next room.
  11. Use the computer and select the files you bring up, then search the cabinet and move into the corner of the room beside the computer. Climb into the crawl space above and move through the shaft to reach the bunk bed area.
  12. Drop into the shadows and scan the computer on the left, then select the files you pull up and turn right. Scan the other computer in the room and select the files you pull up, then jump up to re-enter the crawl space.
  13. Return to the office and exit the room, then make a right down the hall and follow it around to reach the next set of steps. Take out the camera in the upper corner and move down the stairs, then make your way through the curtained doorway ahead and follow the hall into the next room.
  14. Enter the lit hallway in the back left corner of the room and follow it around to reach locker area, then move left immediately to avoid the guard and stay in the shadows. Move into the corner and make a right to take cover behind the middle row of lockers, then grab the guard when he walks by and drag him into the shadows while executing an interrogation.
  15. Knock out the guard and enter the bathroom ahead, then move forward into the hallway on your left and turn left again towards the sheet of plastic. Break through the cautionary tape and cut a slit into the plastic, then move forward into the next area and enter the room on the right.
  16. Take out the light above and move forward while hugging the wall to the right, then climb up the ladder when you reach the wall and make your way across the scaffolding ahead. Pause to let the guards below pass by, then continue forward and take out the light on the wall ahead.
  17. Wait for the guards below to move ahead of you, then drop to the ground and knock them out from behind. Tap the phone lines in the corner ahead, then exit the room through the door to your right and take out the light in the hall.
  18. Make your way down the corridor to reach the bathhouse, then wait outside the door until two of the enemies inside enter into a conversation. Afterwards, whistle when the guards split up again and one of them moves near you to draw him into the hall.
  19. Gran the guard from behind and drag him into the shadows before executing an interrogation, then knock him out and approach the other enemy in the room when his back is turned. Drag the guard into the shadows and knock him out, then exit the room through the doorway in the back left corner.
  20. Move through the hallway to reach the next bathhouse area, then wait outside the door and take out the light nearby. Whistle to draw the guard into the corridor and knock him out, then enter the next room and move along the left wall to stay hidden in the steam.
  21. Climb over the wooden partition and and take out the outgun in the corner, then move through the doorway in the same corner to enter the next hallway. Move through the corridor to reach the reception desk and move behind it, then tap the phone lines on the wall and return to the nearby hall.
  22. Hug the wall to the right to stay behind the partition and avoid being seen by the guard coming around the corner, then grab him when he turns his back to execute a knock out in the darkness. Continue moving down the hall by taking the next doorway on the left, then follow it to approach the crawl space ahead and wait in the darkness nearby to knock out the patrolling guard.
  23. Enter the crawl space and move through it to reach the next room, then creep forward through the water so as not to be detected by the guard above and climb up onto the ledge when he walks away. Grab the enemy and interrogate him before executing a knockout, then exit the room through the crawl space by the line of plants.
  24. Move through the crawl space to reach the grate that leads into the next room, then wait for the bald man to kill the other enemies in the room and scan the laptop left behind after he retreats. Open the Chaos Theory file you bring up, then begin backing up down the ventilation shaft to return to the previous room.
  25. Drop back into the water and re-enter the crawl space ahead, then move through it to reach the hallway where everything is now on fire. Run down the corridor in front of you and make a left into the next hall, then enter the bathroom ahead and exit through the other end.
  26. Move forward through the corridor and around the corner, then run through the doorways across from you to enter the next room and avoid the enemy on the left. Make your way into the doorway on the left and pick up the ammo on the table by the window, then exit the room to return to the previous area and enter the next corridor in front of you.
  27. Disable the wall mine to your left and approach the next doorway ahead, then use a flash grenade to disorient the enemies within the room and enter to knock them out. Exit the room through the doorway in the corner and move through the hall, then disable the wall to your left and continue forward.
  28. Enter the area enclosed in a chain link fence and break the lock on the door to your right, then move into the room to the left of the steps and turn left again. Move forward and crouch beneath the pipes, then disable the bombs you find and exit the area.
  29. Eliminate the guards who approach and climb up the nearby stairs, then follow the walkway around to the first lit corner and climb over the railing ahead. Drop to the ground and disarm the bomb, then climb up the pipe in the corner and shimmy along the ledge to the right.
  30. Climb up onto the ledge and take out any enemies you see below with one of your weapons, then drop back onto the walkway and follow it around to reach the stack of white bags. Jump towards the blinking red lights across from you to disable the third bomb, then get back to the walkway and move through the doorway in the far corner.
  31. Disable the guard on the other side of the door and move into the next corridor, then follow it around to reach the ladder and climb to the next door above. Open the door to begin your stand off with Shetland and wait until you have the ability to fire your gun again.
  32. Wait until Shetland attacks, then counter him to activate the cut scene and complete the mission.
  33. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Cleaning Duty (Silver): Complete the Bathhouse mission.
  34. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Price of Betrayal (Bronze): Eliminate Douglas Shetland.

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