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Mission 10 -Kokubo Sosho

  1. Choose Stealth as your tactical approach to completing this mission.
  2. Move onto the path to the right and make your way towards the shutter ahead, then use the panel on the left wall to open the door. Enter the corridor ahead and turn off the light switch on the right wall, then stay in the shadows as you approach the guards patrolling in front of you.
  3. Make your first available right and pick the door’s lock to enter the room, then climb the ladder in the back and cross the bridge to reach the opposite side of the area. Enter the crawl space and make your way through it to reach the bathroom ahead, then move to the right of the stall ahead and wait for the enemy to emerge.
  4. Grab the guard from behind when he stops to wash his hands, then drag him into the darkness and execute an interrogation. Knock the enemy out, then exit through the doorway in the corner and move forward down the two corridors ahead.
  5. Enter the office area and scan the laptop in the room to the left, then hack the security system and check the files you pull up. Creep past the guard sitting at the desk and make a left at the wall, then climb up the staircase ahead and get off at the next floor you reach.
  6. Stay in the shadows and eliminate the guard who comes down the stairs, then move down the corridor to the right of the stairwell and call upon the elevator on the right. Enter the elevator that arises and use the control panel to ascend, then take out the light above and exit at the next floor above.
  7. Make your way down the hallway to the left and follow it around to reach the crawl space above, then jump to climb into it and drop to the shadowy ground on the other side. Move to the wall on right side of the room to stay in the darkness, then make your way towards the two hostages standing guard ahead.
  8. Take out the camera above just before reaching the two hostages, then talk to the nearest one. Afterwards, return to the previous crawl space and use it to exit the room.
  9. Make your way back down the hallway and return to the stairwell, then go back down the steps to reach the ground floor and make a between the metal detectors ahead. Move to the top of incline and wait for the guards at the bottom to split up, then hide in the shadows as one of the enemies approaches you and knock him when he walks by.
  10. Move down the incline and take out another guard in the room below, then make your way around the corner to the left and make another left to enter the next hallway. Take cover behind the wall and interrogate the enemy that walks nearby through the previous area, then drag the body into the darkness and exit back out of the hallway.
  11. Turn right and return to the room at the bottom of the incline, then exit through the other side of the area and move down the steps. Hack the retinal scanner on the wall and continue forward, then follow the hallway around to approach the door in the corner.
  12. Scan the computer through the door’s window and hack the security system, then check the files you pull up and turn around. Approach the door on the right and hack the keypad, then enter the server room and take out the ceiling camera so you can creep up to the blue monitor screen. If you set off the alarm you can bring the computers back up by hacking the retinal scanner in the corner.
  13. Use the computer and check the files you pull up, then exit the room and make a left. Return to the room at the bottom of the incline and make a right just before reaching it, then approach the door on the back wall and move through it.
  14. Approach the corner on the right and wait for the next guard ahead to turn around, then disable the camera on the ceiling above and grab him to execute a knockout. Drop the body in the darkness and eliminate the enemy around the corner to the left, then approach the double doors and turn right.
  15. Jump to climb onto the ledge above and enter the crawl space on the left, then move through it to reach the grating and watch the scene that unfolds. Afterwards, scan the laptop below when instructed by Grimm to do so and check the files you pull up.
  16. Watch another scene unfold in the war room, then back up to exit the crawl space and drop back to the floor below. Make your back down the previous side of the area and disable the camera above, then exit through the back of the room and call on the elevator in front of you.
  17. Use the elevator controls to descend to the next floor below, then open the trap door in the floor of the car and climb down through it. Shimmy around the edge of the trap door so that you are facing the rear of the elevator, then drop down six times to reach the ground floor of the shaft.
  18. Climb up into the next room and make a left around the corner, then stop just behind the enemy and shoot the wall mine in front of him to clear the area ahead. Enter the next doorway on the right and move forward up the corridor, then disable the turret that drops down through the ceiling and make your way into the next room ahead.
  19. Once inside the war room, disable the turrets moving back and forth across the ceiling and climb over the railing to the right. Hug the wall to avoid the guards while moving forward, then make a left after passing the red board and vault over the railing ahead.
  20. Eliminate the enemies within the darkness and approach the steps in the back of the room, then climb over the railing in front of the stairs and use the computer on the left. Hack the security system and download the ISDF data, then place charges on the servers next to you and turn around.
  21. Move to the opposite side of the room from the explosives you just planted, then detonate them and take out the nearby light above. Creep down the steps and turn around to the left, then climb onto the ledge by the wall and move right.
  22. Jump over the railing on the opposite side of the room and exit up the steps to your right, then approach the glass wall on your left to interact with Otomo and enter the glass room behind you after he stabs himself. Drop down through the opening in the floor on the right and follow the tunnel around to climb up into the next room.
  23. Approach Otomo and stabilize him, then carry the body over to the window at the back of the room and place the charges. Back away from the window and take cover at the opposite end of the area, then watch as water explodes into the room to complete the game.
  24. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Bushido (Bronze): Save and Capture Otomo.
  25. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Star in the East (Silver): Complete the Kokubo Shosho mission.

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