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Mission 1 – The Lighthouse

  1. Choose Stealth as your tactical approach to this mission.
  2. Move the shoreline and turn towards the first lamp you see on your left, then continue forward through the light and climb up the smaller rocks against the wall to reach the ledge above.
  3. Move to the right of the lantern to make your way through the narrow passage, then crawl underneath the opening ahead to reach the next area. Jump to pull yourself onto the ledge above, then continue climbing up the rocks and make a left along the cliff face when you reach the top.
  4. Run quickly along the cliff’s ledge and enter the cave on the left before the guards begin patrolling the bridge above. Climb the ladder and stay in the shadows until the guard on your left moves forward past the doorway, then scan the crate on your right and move forward through the darkness.
  5. Make your way through the entryway ahead, then move onto the darkened area of the next set of steps and wait for the guard patrolling above to pass by. Move forward and scan the crate slightly to your left, then climb the stairs ahead before the guard beside you turns around.
  6. Open the door stealthily to see the shadow of someone being tortured, then move down the stairs quickly to alert both guards and hide in the shadows to the right of the crate below. Wait until the two guards begin walking up the steps, then move behind their backs into the area where the man was being electrocuted.
  7. Move past the prisoner and into the darkened corner to receive your orders, then move through dungeon area beside you to reach the next door. Break the lock and make your next left behind the tent, then wait at the corner until the two guards move away before moving into the room diagonally across from you.
  8. Take a right to return to the darkness and move through the corridor into the next open area. Move forward onto the raised area to your right and wait in the shadows by the brick wall until the patrolling guard appears.
  9. Move around the corner to your right when the guard walks by and move into the back corner by hugging the wall beside you. Turn left when you are behind the large stack of crates and enter the room ahead on the right without alerting the nearby guard.
  10. Climb the stairs and follow the corridor around into the next room, then move left and hug the wall beside you to make your way behind the guard sitting the chair. Pass through the curtain ahead and cross the bridge as quietly as possible without disturbing the guards below, then stop before you reach the light by the next entrance.
  11. Turn left to keep an eye on the guards below and wait for them both to walk away, then continue forward into the building ahead and make a left around the corner. Creep behind the guard looking out the windows and knock him out, then use the computer to your left and perform the necessary tasks before exiting out of it.
  12. Move through the curtain in the corner of the room and wait by the doorway for the guards ahead to pass by, then exit the building and move down the steps to your left. Hugging the wall beside you, move left around the corner and go down the stairs.
  13. Creep past the guard on your right and follow the pathway down until you approach the enemy patrolling near the lighthouse. Back up slowly in the darkness if he comes towards you, then knock him out the next time he stops and turns around.
  14. Cross the bridge and move around to the back of the lighthouse without disturbing the guard inside, then open the door stealthily and creep into the darkness at the base of the stairs. Scan the radio equipment to receive your next objective and equip your SC Pistol, then climb the spiral staircase and move up the ladder at the top.
  15. Stop climbing when you reach the top rung and look around above you for the patrolling guard, then wait for him to turn his back and climb into the room above. Quickly pull out your SC Pistol to take out the guard out with a single head shot, then flip the switch by the exit to turn off the light.
  16. Move onto the balcony area and call for extraction to complete the mission.
  17. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Out of the Spotlight (Silver): Complete the Lighthouse mission.
  18. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Dead Man Hanging (Bronze): Leave Morgenholt hanging .

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