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Mission 3 – The Bank

  1. Choose Redding’s Recommendation as your tactical approach to this mission.
  2. Move left in front of the palm trees to approach the bank and creep past the guards nearby, then move around the side of the building and press the switch on the wall to shut off the power. Return to the front corner of the bank and make a left towards the entrance, then knock out any approaching guards who move past you.
  3. Eliminate the other guards patrolling the front area, then move around to the other side of the building and climb the ladder beside the door ahead. Move left when you reach the stop and head towards the steps in the opposite corner of the roof, then approach the generator room around the corner and break the lock to move through the door.
  4. Shut off the generator in front of you, then exit the room and return to the domed shaped skylights. Approach the one that’s open and climb down the rope, then enter EMF vision and turn right.
  5. Scan the monitor to deactivate the lasers, then exit the area behind the front desk and approach the door on the right to hack the retinal scan. After hacking the system, stealthily open the door ahead and move through the hall, then allow a guard to move past you and approach the next keypad you see.
  6. Punch in the provided code and enter the office, closing the door behind you. Approach the computer behind the desk, then access a sound file and hack the security system to send a fake email. Search the cabinet and move right to activate the small panel on the wall.
  7. Exit the office through the crawl space to the left of the panel you just accessed, then move down the stairs to the right when you reach the new area. Approach the guard patrolling below and grab him from behind, then interrogate him for information before executing a knock-out.
  8. Move back up the steps and enter the provided code into the keypad, then enter the building stealthily and make a left. Stop by the corner of the corridor separating you from the control room ahead, then use a whistle to lure the enemies out into the open.
  9. Take out each of the enemies one at a time as they exit the control room, then wait for any others coming down the hall before moving through the door. Access the computer in the control room, then hack the security system and upload a fake email.
  10. Shut down the computer and exit the control room, then move around the corner and pick the lock on the door to the right past the book case. Enter the crawl space to your left and move forward to the reach a bathroom, then exit the through door and move through the one in the corner to your right.
  11. Creep past the security room and make a left to climb the staircase, then approach the doorway at the top and wait for the guard to move towards. Follow behind the guard when he walks away and continue tailing him until he reaches the hall around the corner, then knock him out and move into the darkened corner across from the room ahead to the right.
  12. Wait for the next guard to move into the doorway ahead, then eliminate him with a headshot and carry the body across the room to deactivate the laser field. Move into the hallway in the back left corner and drop the body, then continue ahead through the corridor and make a right in front of the room encased in glass.
  13. Turn left at the wall so that you are facing the door to the glass room, then whistle to draw out the guards and take them out one by one. Hack the keypad to open the door, then enter the room and approach the computer in front of you.
  14. Hack the security system to send a fake email and deactivate the fan, then move to the computer on your left and disable the cameras. Activate the panel beside the exit and leave the room, then make a left around the corner and use the provided code on the keypad beside you to enter the office.
  15. Move to the door and pick the lock, then enter the next room and approach the computer on the desk to use it. Hack the security system to send a fake email, then access the sound file and back out of the screen.
  16. Move left and activate the panel on the wall, then exit the office back into the hallway. Return to the first area where the guard had a signal that deactivated lasers and use his body to reach the reception desk on the left.
  17. Hack the security system on the computer to send a fake email, then move back down the staircase ahead and into the dark area just before the security room window. Whistle to draw the guards out of the room, then eliminate them one by one with head shots.
  18. Exit the hallway and hack the keypad ahead to enter the security room, then approach the computers and hack the security system to send a fake email. Exit and return to the main lobby, then move around the cubicles in the middle and pass through the doors at the front of the bank.
  19. Take the hallway to your right and move around the corner to eliminate the guard behind the desk, then hack the computer’s security system to send a fake email and return to the main lobby. Move back into the corridor by the sleeping guard and make your next turn to pass in front of the security room window
  20. Continue forward through the glass entryway and make your next right. Use the zoom on your googles to find box 1024 in the back left corner, then open it and pick up the gear.
  21. Enter the lit area to your right and use the computer to access the files, then exit the room and make a right down the steps. Move forward through the hallway and approach the vault, then place a telemetric pick on the lock to your left and approach the lock to your right.
  22. Follow the instructions to successfully pick the lock, then approach the vault’s door and place the charges on it. Turn around and run into the darkened hallway, then detonate the charges and enter the vault.
  23. Approach the computer at the back of the vault and hack the security to send a fake email, then activate all three vault functions and turn around. Move forward down the right walkway and pick up the barabonds in the cabinet to your left, then exit the vault and return to the main lobby to climb up the rope you used earlier.
  24. Once you reach the roof, move down the ladder to reach the ground and head towards the front of the building. Turn right around the corner to move across the front of the bank and climb up the pole ahead to zip-line down the wire, then move to the wall on the opposite of the front gate and exfiltrate over it to complete the mission.
  25. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Money matters (Silver): Complete the Bank mission.

Mission 3 – The Bank

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