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Mission 4 – The Penthouse

  1. Choose Stealth as your tactical approach to this mission.
  2. Move left to the edge of the dumpster and wait for the enemy to walk away, then follow him forward and step behind the metal steps to the left. After the enemy has turned around and moved past you in the opposite direction, creep over towards the pile of trash on the other side of the alley and climb up the ladder against the wall.
  3. Move up the fire escape stairs until you come to a pile of white boxes blocking the path, then climb on top of them and jump to grab the ledge above. While hanging from the ledge, shimmy across the building to your left and move around the corner ahead.
  4. When you reach the drain pipe, grab onto it and slide all the way to the ground of the darkened alley below. Whistle to draw in the nearby enemy and move around behind him in the dark, then drag him into the narrow space beside the pipe and execute a choke hold.
  5. Creep back out into the open and whistle to draw in the next nearby enemy, then drag him into the narrow space as well and execute another choke hold. Move through the doorway on your right where the car is parked and whistle to draw in and knock out another nearby enemy.
  6. Make your way up the steps that lead into the building, then continue forward through the hallway with black and white checkered tiles. Sneak up behind the enemy working on the elevator and drag him back into the darkened hallway, then knock him out and enter the shaft under repair.
  7. Jump to climb through the opening above, then make your way up the ladder until the power is restored and the elevator car rises up underneath you. Ride the car to the top, then drop down through the hole in its roof and activate the panel to open the doors.
  8. Head right to enter the shadows down the hall and move against the wall on your left when you reach the crates. Wait for the enemy to move past you, then sneak up behind him and drag him back into the darkness for a choke hold.
  9. Move to the back of the room and climb the steps, then open the door at the top with stealth and make a left across the roof. Make a left when you reach the pipes ahead and flip the switch against the wall to shut off the lights, then go right around the corner and make your way towards the helicopter.
  10. Continue forward towards the helicopter while hugging the wall to your left to avoid the approaching guards, then move right around the back of the landing pad. Approach the shadows past the steps leading up to the helipad when the nearby guards have their back turned, then make a left towards the building nearby and climb the ladder in the corner.
  11. Move right to get beneath the zip line, then jump up to ride over to the next building across the street. Slide down the pole and move right across the front of the billboard, then jump over the railing around the corner to reach the next rooftop.
  12. Grab the guard patrolling nearby from behind and interrogate him, then apply the choke hold and enter the next room. Take cover behind the boxes on the left, then wait until the enemy by the elevator manages to get the doors open and whistle to draw him towards you.
  13. Take out the enemy with a choke hold, then wait until the other guard exits the room again before approaching the elevator. Enter the car and jump to climb through the opening above, then face the area guarded by the camera and move into the overhead crawl space.
  14. Move forward and drop into the laundry room, then open the glass door with stealth after the enemy outside walks by and close it behind you. Approach the guard to your left and grab him from behind, then drag him into the darkness to execute a choke hold.
  15. Whistle to draw in the enemy sitting on the stool and put him down with a choke hold as well, then tap the camera by the entrance area and use the cover to the right of the camera in the next room to tap it as well. Move back towards the laundry room and pass by it to reach the room on the opposite side of the house, then whistle to draw in guard on the other side of the sliding glass door and take him down with a choke hold.
  16. Move outside through the sliding glass door with stealth and turn right to tap the camera above, then move back towards the left and wait for the camera to rotate away from you. Run forward through the glass door ahead and make a right down the hall, then whistle from the corner to draw in the guard.
  17. Back up towards the sliding glass door and take out the enemy with a choke hold when he turns back on you, then enter the room ahead and move through the door in the back right corner to reach the outside.
  18. Turn right and jump over the railing to drop down to ground below, then move forward to tap the camera and turn around to climb up the staircase when the camera rotates to the right.
  19. Climb the staircase by the laundry room and enter the next hall on the left, then move around the corner ahead and enter the bathroom beside you. Use stealth to push the door open again and keep an eye on the security camera above.
  20. When the camera rotates to the right, exit the bathroom and move quickly to the left. Enter the area to the right of the changing divider and tap the camera before moving forward towards the opposite wall, then make your last available right and use the switch nearby to turn off the lights before checking under the door ahead with the optic device.
  21. After the guards’ conversation, back away down the hall and wait in the far corner. Approach the guard who enters the hallway when he turns his back to you and take him down with a choke hold.
  22. Return to the previous door and use it to stealthily enter the room, then move left and tap the camera. Exit the room and move back through the hallway, then make your way behind the changing divider to the right of the couch and enter through the door ahead.
  23. Move forward through the corridor and open the door on your right, then use the computers to open the mag-locks and exit the room. Return to the top of the staircase in the area where you tapped the fourth camera, then enter the nearby room and move through the next door ahead.
  24. Enter the shadows by the crates and wait for the enemy nearby to pass across the area to the left, then follow him out of range of the guards in the windows above and execute a choke hold. Return to the previous area and move against the wall beneath the guards above, then enter the next door in the corner and continue around to the hallway to find the exit.
  25. Bash the door down to take out the guard on the other side, then make a left around the corner and punch the provided code into the keypad to enter the next room. Move around the tables in the back to reach the fabric wall, then cut through it approach the man looking at the chessboard from behind.
  26. Talk with the old man twice, then follow him to the back of the room and speak with him two more times. After you get your next objective, talk with the old man once by the chess board and move into the back of the room when you’re done.
  27. Start the main server and move to the three towers against the wall on your left, then switch the object on whatever tower begins to glow and smoke excessively to keep them all under control. Afterwards, collect the output on the opposite side of the room in the corner and exit the area.
  28. Return to the penthouse and move around the changing divider, then move past the camera beam to the computers in the corner and use them to access the files. Afterwards make your way back to the elevator and drop inside the car, then activate the extraction to complete the mission.
  29. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Apple Pie (Silver): Complete the Penthouse mission.

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