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Mission 5 – The Displace

  1. Choose Redding’s Recommendation as your tactical approach to this mission.
  2. Move through the narrow opening on the right and take cover behind the air conditioning unit ahead, then wait until one of the guards comes towards you and move up behind him when he turns his back.
  3. Grab the enemy and drag him into the darkness for a knock out, then make your way forward into the shadows that lead up to the fence and whistle. Execute a choke hold when the other guard approaches and move into the area he was just patrolling, then activate the switch marked with a triangular symbol to stop the fan.
  4. Return to the enormous fan and climb onto it, then pick the trap door and drop into the circular shaft below. Enter the nearby shaft, then make a left to eventually drop into the area below and approach the vent in the middle of the room ahead.
  5. Use the optic cable to observe the men underneath you, then open the trap door after they both exit and drop into the room below. With your back to the table, turn right to turn off the lights and turn left to activate the doors.
  6. Activate the laptop on the table and continue pressing the switch until the slideshow is over, then exit the room stealthily and move forward into the room at the opposite end of the walkway. Make a left and move around the corner, then approach the next computer ahead and hack the security system to upload the tracer.
  7. Move right along the walkway and jump over the railing to your left when you reach the wall, then hack the security system of the computer nearby and check the items. Return to the area above and make your way back through the hallway, then move towards the projector room ahead and jump over the railing to the right.
  8. Drop down behind the guard and move forward, then turn left before the water cooler and enter the corridor. Exit through the doorway ahead and make a right, then hack the keypad and move into the room at the end of the hall.
  9. Climb the staircase on your left and move into the corner by the potted plant, then use your goggles to zoom in and scan the laptop the enemy ahead is holding. Hack the security system and wait for the enemies to pass by, then move across the walkway towards the guard desk ahead and enter the door in the back left corner.
  10. Move through the hall and wait until the guard in the next room walks away, then move forward and turn around to enter the doorway in the corner to your right. Jump over the railing ahead to land behind the guard sitting in the chair and creep forward to move past him.
  11. Use the computer against the wall and hack the security system to upload the tracer, then check the files and exit the room through the doorway you used previously. Make a left between the benches and enter the crawl space ahead on the right, then move forward through the vent to reach the next area and wait until the nearby guards split apart.
  12. Creep forward to follow the guard walking across to the other side of the room, then make a left in the next area you enter and stand against the corner in front of you. Wait until the guard on the other side of the room approaches the one sitting in the chair, then jump to climb onto the metal staircase beside you.
  13. Move forward up the steps and hack the nearby keypad to enter the next room, then hack the computer’s security system and check the files. Exit the room through the crawl space on your right,and stand up when you reach the narrow corridor.
  14. Turn right and grab the rope ahead, then climb down it and use the algorithm on the tower beside you to reveal the computer. Hit the switch to use the computer and climb back up the rope before the guard arrives, then wait until he starts typing and slide back down.
  15. Enter the room behind you and move right to reach the darkened corner, then make a left through the two narrow openings and head left again when you reach the opposite wall. Move through the two automatic doors on your right and hack the keypad ahead, then enter the next room and wait for the guard in front of you to pass behind the wall.
  16. Move forward and call the first elevator you reach on the right, then enter the car and use the control panel to ascend to next level above. Exit the elevator when it stops at the top and move right into the hallway across from you, then make another right to enter the next area.
  17. Turn towards the wall where the conversation is emitting from and use your goggles to record it until Redding congratulates you. Enter the next hallway ahead and make your way forward to the opposite wall, then turn right when the area is clear and hack the door in front of you.
  18. Move into the darkened hallway and turn left, then hack the keypad ahead to enter the next room and get behind the desk beside you to use the computer. Acquire the information, then exit the room and return to the darkened corridor.
  19. Make a right and use the optic cable on the last door ahead to check for guards, then move forward through the door and make a left down the hallway ahead. Hack the keypad on the right and to enter the next room, then climb the staircase beside you and choose extraction to complete the mission.
  20. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Displacement (Silver): Complete the Displace mission.

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