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Mission 6 – Hokkaido

  1. Choose Stealth as your tactical approach to completing this mission.
  2. Move forward and turn right towards the rocky pathway beside you, then use your SC-20K Launcher to take out the guard looking down from above. Make your way uphill towards the body and turn left to climb onto the ledge beside the lantern above. Turn right to climb over the rocks ahead, then drop down by the plant and move around the corner to approach the house above.
  3. Make your way up the steps to the right and enter the building, then move left to exit the area and alert the guard beside you. Turn right and creep behind the enemy’s back to make your way across the room, then climb out the window in the darkened corner ahead and scan the nearby car’s license plate.
  4. Creep across the darkened area in front of the guard leaning against the vehicle, then climb onto the parch and make a left. Climb through the first window on your right and enter the crawl space ahead, then move forward to reach the next area.
  5. Move down the hall on your left and through the doorway ahead, then press yourself against the wall on the right to let the approaching enemy pass by. Wait in the shadows until the enemy comes back and leaves the area, then vault over the opening beside you and interrogate the nearby guard.
  6. Execute a choke hold and drag the body into the shadows, then disable the mic by the potted plant and exit through the opposite side of the room. Stay in the shadows by the corner to avoid the patrolling guard, then follow him back down the hall when he moves away and cut through the fabric on the left just before the turn ahead.
  7. Move into the next room and stay behind the wall beside you until the guard patrolling the hallway to the right turns around and exits the area. Creep into the hallway ahead when the guard in front of you walks back to the left, then enter the next area through the red curtain and take out the enemy from behind.
  8. Enter the cooking area ahead and move through the hallway in the back corner, then exit the building and make a right. Head towards the entrance in the back left corner and wait for the two guards inside to split up, then choke out the one who exits the building and drag him further back into the shadows.
  9. Jump through one of the windows to enter the building and choke out the guard, then drag him into the shadows and disable the mic on the other side of the wall next to the bathroom. Move to the left of the door with the small rectangular window and enter the hallway in the corner, then make your next right and turn off the lights in the kitchen.
  10. Approach the door with a tree pattern and open it, then creep into the next room ahead and move forward through the shadows to avoid the surrounding guards. Drop off the porch and make a right in front of the lamp, then move past the nearby guard and make a left along the strip of shadows that end at the opposite wall.
  11. Move through the entrance on your right and follow the hallway around to reach the room with a golden statue in it. Turn right and move through the doorway in the back left corner, then turn into the next room ahead and disable the mic in the back right corner.
  12. Exit both rooms and make a left in front of the golden statue area, then pass through the red curtains and make your way down the hall to reach the opposite wall. Turn around and enter the crawl space to the right of the door, then move forward and listen to the enemies converse.
  13. After two enemies exit the room beside you, continue forward to reach the outside shadows and take out the guard beside you when he turns around. Drag the body into the darkness and approach the entrance imprinted with palm trees, then move into the corner on your right and grab the enemy through the wall,
  14. Interrogate the enemy and choke him out, then move back through the previous crawl space and return to the red curtains. Move towards the opposite wall, passing by the enemy in the room to your right, and climb up into the crawl space.
  15. Crawl forward and drop into the next area ahead, then move to your left and climb up the pipe on the right. Move to the edge of the area that overlooks the room beneath you, then drop down behind the enemy below when he passes by.
  16. Choke out the guard and drag him into the shadows, then move through the narrow doorway in the corner and make a right. Make your next left and move into the room ahead on your right, then hide in the shadows and take out the guard who eventually enters.
  17. Return to the previous hallway and move left behind the enemy watching television, then enter the next room on your left and disable the mic in front of you. Move towards the enemy sitting on the couch and disable another mic on the wall behind him before executing a choke hold.
  18. Turn around and exit the television area, then make a left down the hall and flip off the lights when you reach the room at the end. Slide open the glass door ahead and move into the shadows on the left side of the staircase, then climb up the pipe next to the door beside you and shimmy across the ledge to the right.
  19. Climb up and over the railing above and wait for a guard to exit the room by the plants to your right. Knock out this enemy and approach the guard standing in the doorway bathed in red light, then choke him out when he turns around and move down the next set of stairs ahead.
  20. Turn around and move towards the symbols on the wall, then disable the mic and climb back up the staircase to reach the darkened room again. Enter the room in the back corner by the plants and make a left, then pass through the next red curtains ahead and make your way into the crawl space beneath the medkit.
  21. Move forward to reach the next area and watch the silhouettes of the two men on your right. After the murder, run down the rooftop ahead and use a silenced weapon to take out the patrolling guard before dropping to the ground below.
  22. Approach the white panels on the building ahead and open the door, then move inside and enter the room in the back right corner. Take a left and duck through the small opening in the wall, then make a right after dropping into the alley and stop just behind the guard standing at the corner.
  23. Move forward past the guard by staying in the shadows and turn around to eliminate him with a silenced weapon, then move towards the next enemy on your right and take him out as well. Approach the remaining enemy in the area from behind to choke him out, then move into the building with the cars parked out front and exit through the back left corner.
  24. Return to the rocky area that you started from and move down to the bottom of the hill, then make a left towards the sunset and execute the extraction to complete the mission.
  25. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Way of the Echelon (Silver): Complete the Hokkaido mission.

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