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Mission 8 – Seoul

  1. Choose Assault as your tactical approach to completing this mission.
  2. Move through the door in the back left corner of the room and take a right when you reach the fire, then rappel over the side of the building ahead. When you touch down on the streets, turn around and enter the the alley in the back left corner of the area.
  3. Disable the wall mine ahead, then jump up to grab the top of the metal wall at the end of the alley and drop down on the other side. Move forward through the darkened alleyway and wait at the next corner on your right for the guards to split up, then grab the one that moves near you and interrogate him for information before knocking him out.
  4. Wait for the other guard to move out nearby you as well, then take him out from behind and move down the alley in the opposite direction of the curtained entrance. Approach the outlet on the right to bypass the circuit and continue down the corridor, then move to the left side of the large metal doors and climb up the pipe embedded in the wall.
  5. Climb up onto the fire escape to the right and make your way down the ladder ahead, then move to the opposite wall beside you and turn left towards the open area where a truck is parked. Climb onto the metal scaffolding against the wall and use it to reach the balcony above, then disable the patrolling guard and climb up the nearby pipe.
  6. Use the cable above as a zip-line to cross the street and drop onto the truck beneath you, then wait until the coast is clear below before dropping down and eliminating any nearby enemies. Afterwards, enter the surveillance room in the back of the truck and use the computer within to upload the tap.
  7. Exit the truck and move to the passenger’s side of the cab, then bypass the circuit on the wall behind the umbrella and move into the alleyway that’s lit up with fire. Climb up the ladder on the wall beside the metal box and bypass the circuit to the left when you reach the top, then enter the crawl space next to you and use it to reach the next area.
  8. Climb down the ladder within the ventilation shaft and open the trap door when you reach the bottom, then drop into the computer room and use the monitor with the scrolling text on it. Get the drives and take cover in anticipation of the enemies breaching the room as well, then wait until the guards have entered the room and creep out the exit they’ve just created for you.
  9. Move into the right corner ahead as you exit the room and jump to grab the ledge above, then wait for the guard to exit the hallway above before climbing up over the rail. Move into the hall ahead, after the enemy has passed, and make a left around the corner.
  10. Enter the first door on your right and wait in one of the darkened stalls until an enemy passes across the doorway outside, then exit the room and make a right. Creep past the guard to enter the elevator behind him and use the buttons to reach the next floor.
  11. After the cut scene, move forward and make your first left down the steps. Approach the guard on the next staircase in the back right corner and knock him out, then move down the steps and turn around towards the area lit in blue.
  12. Use the computer set up on the crates to disable the radar, then move to the right beneath the walkway in front of the sign and jump to grab the zip-line above. After you reach the fence, climb over the top to get behind it and make your way to the grind below.
  13. Turn left and move around the corner ahead into the next alleyway, then disable the wall mine to the right and make another left around the corner. Hug the left wall and jump to grab the pipes embedded in it above, then climb forward and drop down on the next rooftop ahead.
  14. Climb on top of the nearby structure to evade the patrolling guards and knock them out when they’re close, then move to the opposite end of this area and make your way up the ladder in the corner. Disable the guard patrolling above and use the computer to disable the radar, then move to the opposite end of the walkway and climb onto the ledge to your right.
  15. Drop down over the next ledge to your left and again into the building in front of you, then make a right and interrogate the guard around the corner before disabling him. Make a left around the next corner ahead and open the door on your left as well, then move to the opposite wall and drop over the ledge to your right.
  16. Drop to the floor below and move left, then drop to the next floor below when you reach the toilet and jump across to the ledge across from you. Use the computer to disable the radar and eliminate any guard who enters the area, then move through the next doorway ahead and take a right in the kitchen.
  17. Move through the hallway ahead to exit this room and reach the opposite corner of the area by creeping carefully along the edge of the hole in the floor. Drop through the hole to reach the floor below, then enter the nearby room and approach the collapsed section of wall in the corner.
  18. Look down through the hole in each of the floors to find the enemies below, then wait for them to evacuate the area before jumping down the remaining ledges and land on the ground level. Make your way behind the desk in the corner of the room and use the darkness to hide from patrolling enemies.
  19. Eliminate any patrolling guards as they pass by and through the rounded hole in the wall beside you, then enter the back room and use the computer to acquire information on the UAVs. Exit the room through the door in the back right corner and make a left into the alleyway, then use whistles to draw in patrolling guards and disable them.
  20. Move into the back right corner of the area and climb up the chain link fence, then drop down on the other side and make a right into the next alleyway. Disable the wall mine on your left and continue forward through the alley, then make a right around the corner in front of the truck when the enemies have moved away.
  21. Turn left when you reach the last crate in the line and cross the street, then enter the alleyway in front of you and climb the nearby ladder. Follow the walkway around to the front of the building and stop at the sign that blocks the ledge, then toss a couple of smoke grenades into the area between the two sides of the firefight.
  22. After the smoke has created a wall of cover, drop down into the area below and move up the street by sticking to the sidewalk on the left. Take cover behind the overturned car and throw another smoke grenade at the enemies ahead, then move forward to get behind the rear end of the tank and climb the ladder on the nearby wall.
  23. Use the computer at the top of the ladder and disable the radar, then turn around and move towards the hole in the floor. Drop into the room below and climb through the window to your left, then climb over the railing in front of you and drop down to the next story.
  24. Drop to the ground below and move around the front of the truck beside you, then continue forward underneath the awning and eliminate the enemy ahead. Take out the other enemy sitting at a table nearby and enter the truck beside him, then use the computer to upload the tap and exit the vehicle.
  25. Make a left around the side of the truck towards its front end and enter the alleyway in the corner nearby, then move through the hole in the far wall and turn left. Move into the next open area and wait for the two enemies on your left to be distracted, then run right towards the plane crash to get your next objective.
  26. Return to the entrance of the alleyway you just emerged from and climb up the ladder beside it, then continue climbing up the scaffolding until you reach the neon sign. Turn around to face the plane wreck and designate is for the air strike to complete the mission.
  27. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Cold Duty (Bronze): Sacrifice the Pilots as per order.
  28. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Plight of Neighbors (Silver): Complete the Seoul mission.

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