Spore Character Creator Busted for Boobies

After the large amount of Spore creatures created yesterday featuring disturbing and hilarious forms of male genitalia surfaced on the net, one Spore creator decided to make hers a bit “boobalicious” – only to be sent a letter from none other than EA themselves.

PC Gamer’s very own Kristen Salvatore’s creation, “Boobalicious” was flagged as inappropriate and was sent the following:

Your Electronic Arts account has been flagged for violating the Electronic Arts Inc Terms of Service. We believe that the violation or behaviour is serious enough to bring to your attention as it may impact your future access to the service.

Violation: Inappropriate Content –Creature
Violation Type: Nudity
Asset Name:Boobalicious

Understanding the EA Terms of Service is extremely important, should you have any general questions or concerns please review the Terms of Service. Should you then need additional assistance, or wish to appeal a violation, you can contact us.

Customer Support
Electronic Arts, Inc.
EA.com Customer Relations

I guess this means that the phallic fun for gamers everywhere is indeed over. I don’t know whether to lament this or not. It is always funny seeing perversions acted out in the gaming world, just as long as no one under age gets to see it, but I believe it is past that point now.

Via: Games Radar

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4 Comments on Spore Character Creator Busted for Boobies


On July 21, 2008 at 1:03 pm


Censorship is wrong.

Sure, many users will play with boobage and whatnot, but it you ignore it they grow out of it. Its when you make a big deal out of it that people become fixated and then your society really warps to the kinky side.

In societies where anyone can see boobs any time of day and no one says anything, kids grow up healthy and no one becomes twisted by denials.

When we hide boobage and act like its a crime, of course kids will get the wrong message and become confused.

Opression of impulse leads to obsession.

Guilt and shame have broken more lives than all the perversity in the world.

So the next time someone says we need more laws, more rules, more social strictures, find a way to vote for the other guys.


On July 21, 2008 at 1:06 pm




Davn Kincade

On July 21, 2008 at 1:24 pm


It’s EA’s rules and they can do what they wish, censorship has nothing to do with violating extremely specific guidelines…she broke the rules and EA took the appropriate steps, end of story.


On September 9, 2008 at 12:59 pm

OK, first of all it’s a FRACKIN’ game !!
Where in this mixed up scene, of which we choose to call reality, is there any last bastion of unconsequential irresponsibility for us as a race to indulge in?


No matter what you do or where you go (within reason) there are always REAL consequences to your actions and potentially thoughts. This is the age we live in.
With the digital world taking rise ever so steadily, we have discovered a place where a dancing barbarian can look like he’s skull fracking a praying cleric,
where torturing a n00b by killing him every 5 seconds is considered guild initiation,
and where defamation of public community property is considered MAXIMUM PWNAGE !!. All thing aside, these acts are done in the name of comedy where the most intellectually creative are praised for their works. Instead of censorship, we should create a hall of infamy, and sell our merchandise on cafepress.com where true creativity is NEVER shamed.