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Square Enix Explains Why Crisis Core is on PSP, Not DS

crisis-core.jpgOne of the many obvious questions that I think anyone would want to ask Square Enix with regards to Crisis Core would be why the game is on PSP and not DS. (And also what the hell is up with the DMW.) If you look at the re-releases of Final Fantasy games, you’ve got the first two on PSP, the next two on DS, Tactics on GBA and PSP… so why did Crisis Core end up on PSP and not the DS and its larger install base?

As it happens, the timing of the PSP’s release in Japan played a big part. Around that time, it had been decided that a new Compilation title was going to be made, and the developers were looking to make something for the PSP.

That isn’t the only reason, though; the eventual product ultimately became a much heftier experience than the more handheld-style game they were originally going for.

At a press conference with producer Hideki Imaizumi and executive producer Yoshinori Kitase, they explained what happened. “[W]hen we originally came up with the concept it wasn’t supposed to be what it has become. It was supposed to have been a much more compact, light experience in general, so you were able to just pick it up and play for a few minutes. But then it just kept getting bigger and bigger and then it just came to be this size. Initially you were meant to be able to play these chapters for thirty minutes and they would never take longer than that, but when you considered the magnitude of the story it became not enough to do it that way. It just turned into a much larger project than expected.

“As we were developing, we just discovered more and more potential for the PSP – we were able to do a lot more than we thought so that’s why we decided to add all this extra content and make it larger than we were expecting.”

Even if they had the foresight to know how huge the DS was going to become, they wouldn’t have opted to develop on Nintendo’s handheld instead. “The DS was already out at the time we came up with the concept of Crisis Core. It really wasn’t an option to begin with and it wasn’t something we regretted later because whereas, yes, there are a lot of DSs out there – but does that mean that our products sell in relation to that? That our sales grow with how many DSs or PSPs there are out there?

“It’s not really the case. How much the product sells really depends on the game itself, who it’s targeted to and all sorts of different factors. It’s not really always about the hardware. Especially in terms of this game where the demographic was higher teens to young adults as opposed to small children. The PSP seemed closer to that demographic than DS in general. So we feel we really made the right choice.”

As for the DMW, critics’ disdain for its randomness were never really addressed. The two explained that they were great fans of Pachinko slots, and that equated to the DMW. Even as a fan of Pachinko, the DMW makes me want to smash my PSP every time it comes up.

You can check out my impressions of Crisis Core here.

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